Dendi roams in the enemy forest Interview (DOTA 2)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on May 5, 2012

- You are filming! It’s not honest!
- Let’s go here.
It’s just what we need.
- Stop, are you already filming?
Don’t come close to me!
Keep the distance, dude!
Help, he’s a maniac!
- Is it enough dark for you?
- Don’t follow me.
Keep the distance.
You remind me of Puppey.
Come on.
Keep the distance.
Ask me. Ask me.
I’ll answer all of your questions.
- The question is…
what do you think of Darer’s performance on the tournament?
- I think the guys played quite well,
as they didn’t have a practice.
- Did you play praccs against them?
- No, we didn’t.
We didn’t play praccs against them!
- Do you like DotA 2 interface?
It was changed during the tournament.
Did it affect the game?
- It did.
Previously you could do one microclick
to check the items.
You could see everything what the enemy possessed
in half a sec and estimate the situation.
And now you have to press…
stop following me…
People are staring at you!
You changed the direction!
No, no.
you have to go like this.
God, you don’t understand me.
We speak about items, yep?
- Yep.
- So now you have to aim
at every item with your mouse,
as you have no clue what the hell this item is about.
One item has a picture of a beetle.
The other one has a head of Puppey.
And it's called Buriza, for example.
Stop following me.
I found how to escape.
- XBOCT promised to surprise everybody on this very tournament.
What shell we wait for?
- Did he?
- Yep.
- It’s a very interesting piece of news.
You can wait for Morphling running with 300 hp
and dying to any hero's ultimate spell.
- How do you feel before the final?
- Awesome.
- Has M5 any chances?
- Despite the fact that you’re haunting for me
somewhere in the forest…
it the enemy’s forest…
it’s full of wards…
I feel awesome.
I don’t think that the enemy has a chance.
My spirit is stronger than it was during the International.
No one could destroy me during the International.
- Rumors spread that…
- We are somewhere far…
let’s go back.
- I have the information that the International
will take place in the end of August.
Have you heard anything?
- To be honest,
I don’t know anything about the International.
I don’t know the exact date.
- Are you ready to rock The International 2?
- Yes, I am.
I’ve been practicing since November.
- Ok.
How long did it take you to learn to play the piano?
- It was a long time ago.
Five years I guess.
- Does this skill help you in DotA?
- I don’t think so.
- Long fingers…
- What for do I need long fingers in DotA?
- Palmistry…
- I went to the piano studio
not because of the long fingers…
when I was a kid, they were not long.
You follow me to fast.
Please, keep the distance.
Are you getting at something?
- No-no, please don’t get me wrong.
- Oh really?
Look at your crazy smile.
I see people on this side.
It’s a river.
Let’s go back.
Runa is there.
- What do I need for a good Invoker?
- Plenty of things.
- The next question is…
why did Puppey stop picking SF and Pudge for you?
- I don’t know.
I beg him before each game to pick SF and Pudge for me.
He always agrees and then… Invoker.
And do whatever you want.
What should I do?
I tell him, and he doesn’t listen.
Let’s move to the other side.
See, how I screwed you.