[Eng Subs] Lu Chen's card magic - Kang Xi (07-21-2010)

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Can I get you two to come over here? (Yes.)
Do you guys think it's annoying that I keep asking you guys to come over?
- No, we respect you a lot. - No, we're quite scared of you...
(after the spoon trick.) I was a little mad in the beginning.
Poker cards.
Take a look.
Take a look. They're normal cards, one of every kind.
Yes, they're all there.
Pick one, any one.
ANY one is fine.
This one?
Let the camera see, don't let me see it. I'll turn around.
I'm going over there. I won't look at it.
- The camera saw it. - Done?
Let the guests see, don't let me see.
- Okay. Yes... - Done?
Hold it for me.
To prove that it's one of a kind, I'm going to tear a corner off.
I've ripped it.
A lot of people sign it, but I'm ripping the corner instead
because ripping it definitely cannot be replicated exactly. (Yes.)
I'm going to put the remainder of the card in here.
I'll find the card again in a bit, but I'm not going to be the one.
Which part of the body does a magician use most?
- Hands? - Hands.
What do you mean "hands?" It IS hands. What else could it be?
I will use feet to find the card. (SERIOUSLY?)
And it's not my foot.
It's your foot.
Okay, please stand over here.
Does he need to take off his shoes?
Right foot or left foot? Pick one.
- Right foot. - Pick randomly.
Right foot. Please lift your right foot.
Lift it like this.
We didn't conspire this together, right? (No.)
You picked the card. We didn't conspire this together, right? (Right.)
- Are you tired? - He must be doing this on purpose.
- Yeah, are you doing this to him on purpose? - Stand still, don't move.
It's in your shoe.
- How is that possible? - In his shoe?!
It's in your shoe.
- How is that possible? - In his shoe?!
That can't be possible.
- WHERE? - In your left shoe.
The left or the right?
The left. The one he's standing on.
- MINE?! (Yes.) - In the shoe?!
Are you serious?!
Wait, let me make it clear first...
Xiao S, you're still holding the corner piece, right?
- Yes, I'm still holding it. - Let's see it...
Show the camera...
If this is a success, the card missing the corner is in your shoe.
- Inside my shoe? - Yes...
Inside the shoe?..
- You're saying it's in my shoe? - It should be if I succeeded.
Inside the shoe?!
Really? Is it really there?
That's impossible.
- Are you serious? - It's there?!
How can that be?
Oh my goodness...
- Why did you plot this with him? - I really didn't.
Listen, I really thought he was joking.
You helped him, right?
When he told me to take off my shoe, I thought he was joking.
- Kang Yong Ge, don't lie... - Match the corner...
That's amazing!
It's the same card!
That's incredible! (Thank you.)
I want to see your magic show! I want to go!
How can this be? You must know his secret!
What's the secret?
Listen, when he said it was in my shoe, I didn't feel a thing.
It wasn't like how you felt the pitcher shook.
I didn't feel a thing! And it was really in my shoe!
Do you feel like crying?
No, I feel that all these years of studying at school have gone to waste.
Your left foot...was assaulted!
I didn't even know that I had a card in my left shoe.
- Yeah, Kang Yong Ge. - How can this be?
Could there be a lot of cards in my shoe?
Or could there...
Where else do you have cards? Pour them out, pour them out...
Where else do you have hidden tricks in your jacket?
Can you spray water or something?