Gönülçelen )) Episode 37 - Part 2/2 [English Subtitles]

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How are you?
I'm looking at Hasret's pictues
trying to pick some for the Album cover
are you at the studio?
I'm at the office
what happened?
Is Hasret at the studio now?
They are recording the last song
is something the matter?
I was going to take my student to the studio
It is good for them to see how an album is made
Of course, if there is no problem for you
I don't mind
Ok.. you can go
see you later
get ready
sir are we going somewhere?
come on.. come on
of course.. of course dear
sorry Mrs. Nesrin.. Sorry
of course.. of course.. I'll let him know.. see you
talk to you soon.. bye
yes we're gonna repeat these steps 10 times
we bend and place our legs on the ball while breathing right
- Breath in, out, in, out - one, two, three, four
a river made of blue light
a swing in the shadow
and if only we were both left
under the stars
a river made of blue light
a swing in the shadow
and if only we were both left
under the stars
I don't burn, if the heart burns
even if the fate takes me
even if my eyes close
under the stars
I don't burn, if the heart burns
even if the fate takes me
even if my eyes close
under the stars
some musicians have been loved and followed so much
that newer musicians have been influenced by their style
Muzeyyen Senar, Mounir Nour Eldyn are singers
who have their own style of singing
Zeki Muren was influenced by Muzeyyen Senar
And in Hasret's voice you can hear Seyhan Hanim's voice
because her dad loved her songs
she grew up listening to her dad's old records
and this influenced her voice
welcome Hasret
hello everyone
I wanted the students to see how a recording is done in a studio
We are not interrupting?
No. you came at the right moment
we were about to take a break anyway
Great.. maybe your friends would like to ask you questions
of course..
I can answer their questions as best to my capacity
is Mr. Levent not here?
I think he meant you could ask questions about MUSIC?
try to maintain equilibrium over the ball
your tommy on the ball.. hands on the floor
we should feel safe in this position
first leg then the second one
try to maintain equilibrium
see you later
thanks for coming
come to school
I wish you success
see you!
I have to tell you before you go
you are using the accent wrong
The “da” and “da” bits in the song shouldn't be connected
they should be separate
you're not going anywhere.. I need to talk to you
ok. You don't have to be mad
I won't criticize your recording
you know I'm not angry about that
were the students rude?
why did you bring her along?
Bahar is my assistant Hasret
I didn't bring her specially
yeah and you buy her presents too..
and that's because she is not special right?
why is this your concern?
It doesn't concern me?
well good day then
I saw the necklace you bought for Bahar on your mom
I know you did not buy that necklace for Bahar
well face it..
The necklace does suit my mom
you have blown it again Hasret!
Oh my God
shall we continue recording?
can you give me 10 more minutes
Hasret are you ok?
did you know Murat and his class was coming?
yes.. what happened?
why didn't you warn me?
I didn't think it would bother you
Murat called and asked if they could come. And I said they could
And I thought you'll feel better if you see your classmates
yeah it was ok
did Murat say something bad?
ok then??
I don't know. I was stressed out anyway..
I was going to start the song, and they suddenly appeared…
when I saw the whole class in front of me I couldn't concentrate
you are right. I shouldn't have accepted them to come
You can continue recording tomorrow
No I want it get it over with now
Dear N,
Even though you are not near me
In my mind I wake up with you and sleep thinking of you
I pretend you are having breakfast with me when I wake up
I put 2 plates, 2 glasses and 2 forks on my table
I can't wait to meet you in person and talk to you..
Mrs Nesrin. I think I am falling in love..
12. The broken street lamps will be changed
13. The cemetery area will be cleaned by the people
14. A traditional festival will be organized
and our neighborhood will be introduced to the public
(Sunflower Seeds Festival)
No, his list will not come to an end
These are my activities.. Of course they will not finish.. look
15. A soccer match among the streets will be arranged
and the house rent of the winner will be paid
50. You will go to the doctor with Gulnaz tomorrow
What 50?
I said it for 50 times.. We've to go to the doctor tomorrow
I've much work to do
You go with Balcicek, and take Jafer, too
why not???
We have to go there – you and me
He doesn't understand, you see
There will be order in the neighborhood
- you candidate for the mayor post, Nizamettin Karanphil - What is going on there?
here you are
What is that?
what are you doing here?
What am I like to do?
Don't play me foul.. Take your car and go away
I'm going nowhere. Is it you father's way?
Oh! God
Go away
I'm not going.. Take my car if you can
Cobra, leave him.. Don't pay attention to him
Stop it Cobra, you'll go in jail because of this stupid one again
Cobra, he is not worthy.. Leave him
you think about your children
I'm not touching you now
but you will go away yourself after the elections
leave him
He is not worthy
The child is pissing on your car
How is this?
I think that is OK.. It is classy, and not so official
I don't know mom, what shall I wear?
You have started making an artist's whims too early
Don't make fun of me.. I can't decide
Why are you making it an issue? Everything suits you anyway
I've to choose shoes and jewelry.. Is it possible if I don't go there?
It is possible
I'll say you couldn't come for you didn't choose proper dress
and sent me instead.. And Levent will faint
Ayy, Levent is coming to take me to the hairdresser
Have you already chosen your dress?
long time ago
Don't miss anyone
Tell me whom you couldn't call and I'll do it instead..OK
I checked the list thoroughly.. Don't worry
I'm waiting for two people to get back. I called all the rest from the list
Look, everything must be perfect, Ok?
Let us check it again and again
Bring me the list after you're done with it and I'll see it again
As you wish
What happened?
We did a lot of work before.. But
I have never seen you so excited
Come on Sevgi
How are you?
Fine.. You?
Me too
are you busy tonight?
Don’t know
I've a lesson and don't know when it'll finish
I wanna have a party to celebrate Hasret's album
I just want to let you know.. I'll be waiting for you
I'll try to come, but I don’t promise
Ok. We will be at the office.. I'll be glad if you come
I wish my best.. Let's talk later
See you
don't run! Stop..
Catch him.. Nice bloke.. catch the boy
why are you running like a sissy!
Is this how you thank me?
why the hell should I thank you
You couldn't even catch a little boy
I didn't understand a thing
I did not think you could
You go on of to your fancy neighborhood
look at me..
the man who cannot run.. I am speaking to you!!
what's up? You sulked all night
Did you not like my voice?
Sorry we did not study in Europe
maybe that is why you thought my voice was weird
No.. it wasn't weird.. You have a nice voice
but you do not know how to use it
you can train your voice. You can even be a good singer
if you study hard. You can earn money. You have a nice voice
If you know how to use it your voice sounds so pure
it has an untouched side..
what do you mean pure untouched.. are you hitting on me huh?
stop stop stop.. I was only talking about your voice
don't talk about my voice. Or me
If you did not like it you do not have to listen to it. Get lost!
Stop filming! Aaa!!!
Has she gone mad?
Levent will love your dress
only Levent?
you will dazzle all the guest Hasret
Levent says there will be no strangers, but
he has got many friends.. I'm sure it will be crowded tonight
there will be lots of reporters
will Murat come too?
I don't know
He is Levent’s best firend.. Levent must have called him
Let me call and ask my sister to come too
Look, I'll give you some posters
you know the streets very well
You will paste it in every empty street
If you see Nizam's poster, paste mine over his
Go on
I rely on you. Don't say I got tired or bored.. go on
welcome Murat hoca
thanks Kadir
Where is Hasan and Veysi?
well they are not here and the equipment is not here
I still can't believe Hasret is releasing an album
why not?
I'm much more talented in singing than her that's why
get lost!
maybe there will be a problem in the last minute
maybe she can't release that album..
Kadriye aunt say something Nice or positive for once!
where are you going tonight then?
to Levent's office
I would have invited you over too but not everyone is invited
I'm going to stab you with this comb in a minute
what did I say to upset you?
shut up!
Cobra is pretty serious about being the mayor?
as if he can do anything but promises and stories?
Sun Flower Festival and I don't know what!!
If I was the mayor I would have done better stuff
what would you have done?
A lot of service Aunt Kadriye
I would've sent cleaning agency to all the houses weekly
- really girl? - yes of course
I would've sent the women free to the hairdressers once a week
I would've had a radio or tv station opened in our neighborhood
We would've played and sang all day on the channel
I would've improved the infrastructure for the subway..
what subway?
I will take you on our way back from the hairdresser's
Ok I'll get ready now
Ok, see you
I invited my sister
I wish you had asked me before you invited them
why? Are you angry?
No. I'm not angry
We won't have guests tonight
Only reporters.. You me and your mom
but I already invited them I can't call them
and ask them not to come
oh its ok.. what's done is done
so is no one else coming?
I invited Murat but I'm not sure if he will come or not
you came all this way for nothing..
all the equipment are at the coffee shop
nevermind we will have an off day today
can I buy you a tea at the shop?
It will be crowded there now
It is.. Cobra keeps giving speeches
My sister's album is being released
see now you have an example in front of you
a good example? Or a bad example?
I know you don't approve of her style about this album
she went and chose the other one...
I meant the other style...
I think she made a mistake
We can't judge Kadir
everyone chooses to live their life however they want
what are you doing here?
I spilled it of…
I got bored inside, and decided to go out
It is very nice here. I decided to sit here a little
But it is so cold.. You will catch a cold
I will catch a cold for sure if it goes on so
How is this one?
Nice. That is what you always wear anyway
But it's important
There are a lot of reporters there now. We will meet the media.
Cobra, why do you want to become a mayor
To serve the people
What service?
Why are you asking?
You understand nothing about it
You just support me, and that is enough
I'll kick Nizam out of this neighborhood
Can there be a better service?
Sir, I want to make a complaint
A person called Cobra
is managing a coffee shop as a restaurant without permission
And they are distributing political propaganda at their place
And as a citizen
I thought you should know about it
Let me give you the full address
what will I say to the reporters?
just say I think I made a great album
I hope everyone listens to it and likes it
don't worry.. Anyway I have arranged everything
The news will be all over the place
Hasret, you are shaking
a little. Oh but you are shaking too.
Ok, don't be scared your album is great..
the reporters are here
Are you ready?
Ok, Sevgi, call them in
this restaurant issue is much profitable for Gulnaz
she never cooks, Jafer cooks and she eats
Look at her, as if she has cooked a dish for her life
who do you think has cooked this spinach?
yes I did
Has she cooked it?
I was thinking what a meal it is, not tasty.. It's full of sand
but you at it
leave her alone girl..
I was eating for I was hungry. I thought Jafer cooked it
Jafer, watch the place. We are going
Ok cobra
they made me nervous
I think this album bill be talked of a lot this year
There was a huge void and Hasret will fill that void with her voice
thank you
Are you Hasret's sister?
No I am her mother
Unbelievable. You look much younger
that's nice of you.. thank you
you're welcome.. excuse me
careful Mrs. Saime.. there are lots of casanova's here
Don't worry.. I know how to defend myself
Will you have some?
I am going out. I may be back late
ok dear
I think he is going to hasret's album party
Levent has invited him, too
yes he can go so what
nothing to it..
that's what interest me.. there is nothing
I saw it yesterday night
there's nothing between Murat and Hasret anymore
They were like two friends
I would not be so sure if I were you
Is there something you know and you are not telling me?
No.. I don't know anything
I am sure that chapter is closed. THANK GOD!
Here you are
Have you made bean salad?
I thought you loved it
I wanted to eat some. Thank you very much
Good evening
What would you like to have?
Spinach, meatballs, sour meatballs
We didn't come to eat.. We came to check
Give me all the documents you have
I don't know what documents we have
Who is the owner?
Cobra, but he is not here.. He left
We should've taken some posters and given them to the reporters…
never spoil my sister's party
what happened, are you closing the shop?
what happened, Cobra?
they are sealing the shop
We have to prevent them
do you feel better?
Gülnaz and Cobra did not come
I don't know
maybe they had to do something else
Murat did not come either
I guess everyone is here by now
I will make the announcement in a minute.. OK?
welcome Mr. Murat
thank you brother Jawaher
Look, we didn't do anything wrong
Everything is very clean here
I wash everything for five times at least
yes, he washes
We have nothing to do
If there is no permission we have to lock it
Sir, I'm the manager
can't we solve it in a peaceful way
Nothing to do, guys.. We have sealed it
What are we going to do now? Why did you seal it?
he put the seal and went away
What shall we do now?
they closed the shop
do something..
you reported, didn't you? You did it…
I told you not to meddle in my business
And now you see
I will show you. Let me…
dear guests can I have a minute of your time?
As you all know we are celebrating Hasret's album tonight
We have worked really hard and meticulously
As you know I have a lot of experience in this business
and based on my experience
I can tell you that this album will be a hit
I am sure you will give the value this album deserves..
I won't talk for long.. please enjoy your time
you are alone tonight?
are upset or I'm mistaken?
you are right, Jawaher
I am experienced
I have told you before
if you ask me if this experience taught me anything
I say NO
But I can say time is of essence.. I know it will hurt you a lot
will we come here again?
we will
look if you don't bring me here again
I'll give the address of your secret place to everyone I know
we will definitely come
but you won't tell anyone about my secret place
Ok.. I won't tell
thank you.. Thank you for coming.
thanks mom
I won't calll him Nizam El-Dyn from now on
we will call him Nizam Bittin (dead)
you wait and see Gulnaz.. I will call him to account
You call yourself to account first Cobra
You see our state. What are we going to do?
What will we eat and drink, and how will we live?
Ok, the place is close, but it will be opened
See, it is good that I've put my candidacy
The mayor's post will save us
he is still talking about the mayor's post?
it's our way out
You don’t understand me now but you will later on
What do I not understand?
Politics, Bureaucracy, Political approach..
you are a woman, it's a hard issue for you
You talk as if you understand it better
Of course
I'm better experienced in the trade business
What and I don't? I have more experience than you
I have run a coffeeshop
I have been making dresses and selling them for years
you have boundaries my flower.. You can't cross them
don’t push my boundaries Cobra
just don't meddle in my affairs
just stay home and look after the children
you mean I can't be useful in anything else?
just raise the kids
You think I can't be a mayor then
oh don't make me laugh
You said you would open a clothes shop
but you have done nothing
we are waiting for the money to be loaned to us
I can't believe I married such a pigheaded man
I was always like this
you changed after we got married
you'll see the real change after I am elected
I will make turn this neighborhood into Paris
you will not
why not?
cause I'm entering the elections too
and I am writing it here with my spit that I will be elected
are you off already? You drank fast
yes I did
careful hoca. We do need you, you know
don't worry I am not driving back
Good night
your mom has gone home in a cab
And everyone else has left too
what are we doing here?
I don't know.. But we are not eating cake
yes but I spared the best part of the cake
and I had spared the best part of tonight until now
and what is that?
my heart is drunk
under the stars
how nice making love is
under the stars
my heart is drunk
under the stars
how nice making love is
under the stars
I don't burn, if the heart burns
even if the fate takes me
even if my eyes close
under the stars
I don't burn, if the heart burns
even if the fate takes me
even if my eyes close
under the stars
a river made of blue light
a swing in the shadow
and if only we were both left
under the stars
a river made of blue light
a swing in the shadow
and if only we were both left
under the stars