Kommissar Rex-Richard(1x2)

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I need eight large wines and two mineral waters.
It never stops... They'll have to wait.
Where's the boss?
In the cellar. He shouldn't be long.
Want to go to town after we close up?
No, I think it would be too much.
I'm up to 1 4 wines and 8 mineral waters.
Are you finally done?
Hans! Could you help me please?
That and that in the microwave.
Boss! They're dying of thirst back there.
I'm coming.
Here we go again.
Carry on.
I only have two hands.
- What about the fried chicken? - I only have two hands too.
- Are you okay? - You always wear me out.
Helga! It's Hans.
Please hurry to Felsner's at 9 Hochstrasse.
My husband... I think it's another heart attack.
Mrs Felsner?
I'm sorry not to have better news, but...
your husband is dead.
That's awful.
- Did you try everything? - I tried to resuscitate him, Mr...
Felsner. I'm his brother.
He recently got a pacemaker.
That can only stimulate the heart, not force it to beat.
Can l...
- Can we see Hans? - Of course.
This way.
Rex, it's the second time this week!
How often must I tell you not to play with my trophies?
Oh, I see. You don't want to hear.
I can't be angry with you more than ten seconds.
It won't be long.
Don't even ask. This is my day off.
What? Can't you let me be just for one day?
No, I'm not in bed, I'm about to...
go to the doctor's.
Come on, Stocki. I've done three weeks non-stop.
What? No, it's not caused by my eating habits.
How should I know? Circulation. That's why I need a doctor.
Here, ladies and gentlemen,
a heart typical of a coronary patient.
On the back wall you can see the scars
of two previous heart attacks.
In the right-hand chamber...
you see the probe of the pacemaker.
This is interesting.
Can you see that?
There's a crust on the end of the probe.
What does that mean?
That we can't release the corpse.
What is it, Rex? Come on. I have to get to the doctor.
I did promise you some new toys, but must it be now?
Okay, come on.
Rex! Good morning.
Can I help you?
I need a few things for my dog.
Gladly. What will it be?
What do you suggest?
- Is that your first dog? - Yes.
- Is it obvious? - Yes.
- He is particularly beautiful. - He knows that too.
I needn't trouble myself.
That'll be all!
Enough! I don't have that much cash on me.
How much, please?
You'll need a muzzle.
Oh, will l?
- He's helping me save money. - That comes to...
2954 schillings.
- With the muzzle? - Without it!
Oh. He thinks he should get something extra for that price.
Dog fries or the like.
Okay, okay...
Moser here... Stop it, Rex!
Yes, I'm on my way to the doctor's.
I can't go to Forensics. I'm busy.
So what? Can't one of you do it? Rex!
Can't one of you do it? Right.
Yes, okay.
They talked me into it. Come on, Rex.
This particular model
is inserted under the right collar-bone
and the probe goes into the right heart chamber.
Stop it. I don't feel too well today.
Yes, I can see that.
The probe gives off a slight electric shock
that stimulates the heart beat.
The burned parts around the probe indicate
that there were periodic bursts of excessive voltage
which lead to arrhythmia and death.
What am I supposed to do? Arrest the manufacturer?
No, these gadgets are precision instruments.
A factory fault is out of the question.
In fact, the firm is most keen
that we investigate each case in depth.
I think it's rather...
that the pacemaker was subject to external interference.
Like what?
Nothing that exists in everyday life.
Take the security checks at airports...
they can cause rhythm disturbances.
- But the guy died in his inn. - That's just it.
Another person's involvement can't be excluded,
so they sent him to us.
It's good that everyone who dies in hospital gets an autopsy.
I haven't been to a Heurigen for ages. I'll look around.
- Don't eat there. - Why not?
Because you don't look as if you can handle heavy food.
That's right. I forgot. I haven't been feeling well.
I missed my appointment. Can't you examine me?
- Me? - Yes. Aren't you a doctor?
A pathologist!
- Check someone alive for once. - If you say so.
Don't be too rough, okay?
Listen, I'm not used to having my patients answer back!
I bet he's fuming, having to work on his day off.
What can I do? We're all busy with other stuff.
Anyway, ten horses couldn't drag me into Forensics.
My stomach operation...
Not that again! The whole squad knows that story inside out.
Can't you tell your dog I'm not a bone.
Down, Rex. He loves people who are scared of him.
- You've recovered pretty fast. - I thought you were sick.
I was. I had a check-up and I'm okay.
Weren't you going to Forensics?
I did. Dr Graf is a doctor too.
But he's likely to take you for a corpse.
- So... what about this case? - See what time the place opens.
Already done. At 4 p.m.
- Do we have anything to go on? - Hard to say.
We'll probably have to put in some work.
- How far is it? - 1 5 to 20 minutes away.
If there's no traffic.
Call them in 30 minutes and tell them to defer the funeral.
Come on, Rex. Stocki...
All right. Goodbye.
That was the police.
We're to defer the funeral. It's to do with the pacemaker.
Will they want an autopsy?
Everyone who dies in hospital gets an autopsy here.
Didn't you know that?
I'm against it.
How can you cut up a dead person like that?
What can go wrong with a pacemaker?
I don't know.
But the police want to investigate.
The dead should be left alone.
- His life was hard enough. - Hard enough?
He made other people's lives hard!
Not another bad word about Hans!
No typical Heurigen friendliness around here.
I wonder who'll inherit all this.
I'll have a look around.
Excuse me?
Could I trouble you for some water?
It's for my dog.
Of course. I'll bring it to you.
I just wanted to save you the trouble.
Dogs are always so thirsty.
- Was that all? - I even went to the kitchen.
All I found was a stove, a fryer, an electric knife, a grill...
None of that could damage a pacemaker.
Then a microwave, electric scales...
A microwave?
Yes. So?
A microwave! Why didn't I think of that right away?
Microwaves could have done it.
How? They're confined to inside the oven.
Not if someone tampered with it. Then the waves could escape.
Stay here.
What are you doing? You were in here yesterday.
- Sorry, but I have to take it. - That's out of the question!
- Who are you? - Oh... sorry.
Moser. Homicide. Hold this.
I have a warrant saying I must confiscate it.
Does this have to do with my husband's death?
It's possible the oven is defective and emits microwaves.
That could have caused a malfunction
in your husband's pacemaker.
That's why I must take it.
But... I thought it was another heart attack.
It was.
But it wasn't a natural one.
I don't understand any of that.
It's very simple.
It was either an accident or...
Or what?
Come on, Rex.
When the door is opened,
the magnetron that creates the microwaves switches off.
Just loosening the locking device left the door slightly open.
- Please don't touch anything. - So the microwaves escaped.
Put simply, yes.
The traces are clearly visible.
Our handyman's screwdriver slipped a few times. Please!
So you wouldn't have to be a technical whizz?
Not if you know how such a device works.
- Anyone could do it. - A woman too?
Of course.
By the way, I found this wire. It's not part of this.
A perfect murder.
If Felsner hadn't died in hospital,
no autopsy, just a normal heart attack.
It was sheer luck they found out.
We asked around other Heurigen.
Felsner had various lovers including his sister-in-law.
Very active for someone with a weak heart.
He drank heavily, too.
- Plenty of people had a motive. - Great!
How will you find your murderer?
Who's most motivated, who handles the microwave...
or both?
That means you think someone killed my husband.
I have irrefutable proof.
Who had access to the microwave?
- Who's that? - Us, kitchen staff, the cleaner...
Was the device ever repaired or serviced?s
It was new.
We swapped it for a new one a few months ago.
Mrs Felsner...
Did your husband leave a will? Who owns the place now?
I'm the sole beneficiary.
Hubert is to get his legal portion.
Our parents wanted the inn to remain in the family.
And so it shall be. I won't argue with Helga.
It's nice that some families still stick together.
Did you know your brother had an affair with your wife?
That's nobody's business! Our private life is irrelevant.
I beg to disagree. Jealousy is always a motive.
We'd been together a few years.
You can't keep that a secret for long.
This could have happened much earlier.
Mrs Felsner...
- I was told there were others. - Not true!
Did Felsner ever feel threatened?
No, but I think he had many enemies.
What's your opinion?
This may sound odd...
but my brother and I were close despite what he did.
You couldn't get angry with him.
But someone didn't forgive him this time.
If you ask me... I can't imagine someone killing him.
Please excuse me. I must go to the vineyards.
How long had you been involved with the deceased?
For a good while. Since before I married Hubert.
Could we end this now? I don't want to hear any more.
Okay. Enough for today.
Come on, Rex. Let's go.
Did you know your waiter had a police record?
Yes, but... he's quite okay.
He used to work in a tavern.
There are often brawls in those places.
Well then... see you later.
You could have sat with us.
- I don't belong. - Don't you?
Anyway, I'm not involved.
Who knows? See you later. Come on, Rex.
I know who killed Hans.
You think there's a murderer among us?
I'd be careful if I were you.
I haven't the slightest inkling who it could be.
Who do you suspect?
- What do you think? - That's the easy way out.
Answering a question with a question!
Surely you must know
that the affair between Felsner and his sister-in-law
has got to be pivotal to the case.
Sure, but who did it?
Don't start with the 20 questions.
Just remember everything you know comes from me!
- Come on. - Listen.
Both women had a motive.
The betrayed wife in any case
and the mistress because he may have promised to marry her.
I thought that too.
On the other hand,
that thing with the microwave was well thought through.
Yes, indeed.
It has to be someone who seems totally innocent
but who thinks things through like a criminal.
A famous coroner once said
"lf the graves of murder victims contained the truth
"and you were to light a candle on each
"then our cemeteries would be ablaze with light!"
Death from carbon monoxide poisoning. What else?
I mean... What? Traces of an anaesthetic?
No sign of external involvement?
You can write that in your report but I don't believe it!
- Did you find any sleeping pills? - Nothing. No pills at all.
Only some homeopathic stuff. Why?
The coroner found a lot of alcohol and barbiturates in her blood.
We found nothing of the sort. She apparently never took any.
Why buy pills to die and throw the rest away?
It's harder to save people if you don't know what they took.
She died from carbon monoxide or that's what we're to believe.
It sure wasn't suicide.
We didn't find a suicide note either.
You know what, Rex?
I'll drive out and see the bereaved.
I don't understand it.
I just don't.
- Shouldn't we shut for a while? - What for?
So there's even more gossip?
Next thing we'll be shutting altogether.
We should give the musicians a few days off.
Out of the question!
Are the guests to mourn?
We've always separated business and our private lives, remember?
What are you doing here?
We told the police everything.
They always forget to ask something.
For example, why your sister-in-law committed suicide.
Why indeed! Out of grief for Hans.
- There's nothing more to say. - It's all so curious.
She drinks alcohol, takes pills...
Why didn't she just take the pills?
She hated taking them.
I imagine she wanted it as an anaesthetic.
- Or someone else did. - What are you trying to say?
That someone murdered Gerda?
We're grieving over two deaths and you're accusing us of murder.
Not all of you! Just one person who committed both murders.
Are you serious?
Then prove it!
If you can't prove it...
then please leave us alone!
Got a moment?
If it's about my police record, the boss knows.
That's the past. I just wanted to know how things are here.
The two lovers have departed and those left are frustrated.
- You've shaken the boss up. - Can you really shake her up?
Not easily. She's the toughest of them all.
- What about Hubert? - He's a weakling.
He couldn't kill a fly. He doesn't have much of a future.
Why do you think Gerda killed herself?
Isn't it possible she tampered with the microwave
to kill Hans and then herself?
But why?
He promised for years he'd get a divorce but kept putting it off.
Where were you at 5 a.m.?
Upstairs in bed. I already told your offsider that.
Any witnesses?
Sorry. Women don't chase me like my late boss.
I told him to send me the bill but I haven't got it yet.
Hold on a minute.
- Wolfgang! Felsner's car! - It's all over there.
At least we have something.
I want to prove someone handled some sleeping pills.
Clothes could carry traces. You trained Rex. Could he do it?
He used to be a sniffer dog. It won't be easy...
But with his training he should be able to detect pills.
I don't even know which pills, but I got the most common ones.
That's not important.
The dog only smells substances found in all sleeping pills.
Let's go.
First let him retrieve this tube.
Rex. Here.
Good boy.
Crush the pills so he can get a good sniff.
Good boy.
Put the powder into the tube.
The dog will know the prey has a specific odour.
Here, Rex. Find this.
Where is it?
Good boy.
- What now? - Hide the tube somewhere.
Right. Sit and stay!
Now, Rex. Show me what you can do.
Search! Go on.
Good boy. Find it.
Good boy!
- Thanks for your help. - Keep the tube.
Show it to him again at the site.
Don't you think an empty Heurigen is a sad sight?
Not really.
- We can do a search in peace. - Search for what?
Rex, come here.
Come here... Go find the prey. Go!
Anything for me...
- Good boy, Rex. - What now?
Let him do it.
Now we need to know whose jacket it is.
Open up!
Open the door!
Open up! Police. Where is Mrs Felsner?
She went to the market. Mr Felsner did too.
He also asked me where she was.
- How do you get there? - Via Nussdorfer Bridge.
You looked on while they were having an affair.
- Who looked on? - You did!
For fear Hans would throw you out.
No danger of that now.
Those two are no great loss.
So it was you!
You murderer!
Just think. Now the two of us can have a nice, quiet life.
Free of humiliation.
We can simply enjoy our inheritance.
I'll go to the police.
No, you won't.
You bastard!
- Have you gone mad? - On the contrary.
I've shown everyone I'm the best.
I've put up with it for years.
Guess what she told me.
She only married me to be close to him.
The whore!
You're no better. You only put up with it out of greed.
Get him!
Excuse me, Mr Felsner.
Are you okay, Mrs Felsner?
If you hadn't come...
I was afraid your brother-in-law would snap altogether.
You knew?
It was just a hunch.
But the dog...
found traces of the sleeping pills in his jacket.
He pretended not to care all those years.
Tell me...
How did you know he wanted to kill his sister-in-law, too.
- lntuition. - Come on!
He wanted to get rid of his humiliating past.
First his brother, then his wife.
She never took any pills but she liked to drink
so Hubert put the sleeping pills in her wine.
So then he put her in the car and killed her.
We know that from the coroner.
There were traces of the pills in his jacket and the victim's blood.
Once again, Stocki. He put the crushed pills into her wine.
The pills in his pocket left the traces.
Without the dog we'd never have found out.
He can sniff a few milligrams.
Tell your dog not to eat my sausage.
Plenty here!
Why? When on duty, he obeys. In private he does what he likes.