James Bond SKYFALL Dance Moves - Dos and Don'ts! [DS2DIO]

Uploaded by DS2DIO on 09.11.2012

CAMERON: Pew, pew! Pew, pew, pew! TWITCH: So you have - uh…is that a baguette?
CAMERON: Yah, they were out of water guns. TWITCH: Today we're celebrating the release of the
new James Bond film, "Skyfall."
BOTH: Yah! TWITCH: So, Bond is usually known for his martinis,
and stunts, and gadgets, but he's actually had a lot of cool dance moments, Cam.
CAMERON: Which is why today we are going to bring you the Dos and Don'ts of James Bond dance. Pew,
pew! Shoot I'm out. TWITCH: First off, when doing the tango, do learn as much from your
partner as possible.
"What about my brother?" - "Did you know that your brother was working
for Largo?" "That's impossible, Jack is in
the US Air Force." -"That's precisely why Largo used him.
Your brother's dead. Keep dancing."
TWITCH: However, if you want to
cut in, do not roughly grab your partner off the dance floor.
CAMERON: Here's another Bond
dance tip for you. Do enjoy yourself a nice little dixieland funeral march.
Do not become the
reason for a dixieland funeral march. "Who's funeral is it?" -"Your's."
CAMERON: Wah-wah.
TWITCH: What if you are the big man himself, James Bond, Mr. 007, with a license to kill?
CAMERON: Oh, although actually his license was revoked in the 1989 "License to Kill."
"Effective immediately, your license to kill is revoked." CAMERON: Heh. Please continue.
TWITCH: Do know when to spin your partner.
Aw, Poor girl. CAMERON: Who? Fiona Volpe?
No, no, no, no. See, she was trying to kill him and it turns out later that she's actually
part of Spectre.
Pfft. Got it coming to her. TWITCH: Cam, did you ever go outside as a
child? CAMERON: What for like James Bond larping? Totally.
I'll take a martini, shaken not stirred.
And some of those cute umbrellas. And some maraschino cherries if you have them.
TWITCH: Okay, I think we're done here. Now, what if you're not Bond, but a Bond girl.
CAMERON: I've got some dos and don'ts for that, too. Okay, do dance like this.
Do not dance like this.
Okay, but sometimes you can.
I heard it's coming back in. TWITCH: It's not.
Well, Cam I think that kind of wraps up our James Bond dancing dos and don'ts. CAMERON: What?
I didn't even get to say anything cool. TWITCH: All right, fine.
Goldfinger, he's the man the ladies call tWitch.
He knows secrets, he'll never tell, but beware
for sometimes he smells. TWITCH: Woah, woah hey. What was that? CAMERON: Oh, sorry. I
couldn't think of anything else that rhymed. TWITCH: Anyway, if you have any Bond Dos and
do nots, leave them in the comment box below and can you sing the first part of the song again?
CAMERON: Goldfinger tWitch, he's the man the ladies love.
Bum, ba dum dum. Ba ba dummmm. Imagine me naked! Ba naaaa.