[DMX] Dota 2 Guide - Spirit Breaker (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by DachEtMax on 14.01.2012

Hello everyone, this is Dach and welcome for this Dota 2’s character introduction video.
Today we will talk about the bounding bull,
I’m referring to Spirit Breaker,
alias Barathrum.
Spirit Breaker is a powerful public game hero.
You don’t need a pro player level to play him, and he’s pretty easy to get used to.
He’s made for ganks, but can still be played as a semi carry.
Charge of Darkness is Spirit Breaker’s first skill.
He chooses a target and start charging it, going through everything in its path (gaps, mountains, forest, etc.)
Whoever is in his path during the charge will take a hit from your 3rd spell at its actual level.
The skill gives the vision of the charged character, and thus, even if he becomes invisible.
The charged player on the other hand is warned of the fact that he’s being charged thanks to a buff.
At max level, Spirit Breaker charges at a 650 movespeed for a 2.4 seconds stun.
Important thing to notice here :
the mana cost of this spell doesn’t increase with levels, and its range is global.
Be careful though, it can be disabled.
If your target dies while you’re charging, your charge will be redirected to the closest valid target.
Spirit Breaker’s second skill, Empowering Haste, is a passive ability increasing his damaged based on his movespeed,
and also increasing his movespeed and the surrounding allies’ one.
At max level, Spirit Breaker and his allies got their movespeed increased by 12%
and Spirit Breaker his damage increased by 16% of his total movespeed.
If you didn’t understand a thing of what I just said, don’t worry, it’s totally normal...
Greater Bash is another passive ability
giving to Spirit Breaker 17% chances to bash an enemy on every auto attack,
increasing at the same time if a bash procs the damage dealt and his movespeed by 15% for 3 seconds.
At max level, a bash deals 100 damage and lasts 1.5 seconds.
Two important things to notice though,
for every bash proc, the ability will be in cooldwon for 1.5 seconds,
and of course this skill DOESN’T stack with Cranium Basher...
Spirit Breaker’s ultimate is NETHER STRIKE !
It’s a 700 range spell at max level which gives Spirit Breaker a 1 second magic immunity on cast,
and teleporting him behind his target, giving him the opportunity to bash it, inflicting 350 damage.
With Aghanim’s Scepter, the range is increased to 850 and the cooldown decreased from 75 to 20 seconds.
Let’s talk about Spirit Breaker’s skill order now.
Take Empowering Haste at level 1, then Charge of Darkness.
Continue to up Empowering Haste, taking Greater Bash at level 4 and your ultimate at level 6.
Once Empowering Haste is at max level, upgrade Charge of Darkness,
taking your ultimate every time you can and upgrading your Greater Bash last.
If you’re really powning the opponent team sooo bad and that you got a good attack speed item around level 8,
you can chose upgrade Greater Bash before Charge of Darkness, but this situation will be extremely rare.
Upgrading Empowering Haste first
will give you a crucial damage and movespeed bonus which will be really useful to farm.
Then upgrading Charge of Darkness will give you the possibility to do effective ganks.
Keep Greater Bash for the end,
you don’t have enough attack speed for it to be profitable in early game anyway...
Let’s talk about the equipment now !
For a starter, take 2 Gauntlet of Strength, 2 Iron Branches, a set of Tangos and a Healing Salve.
It will give you a little bit of HP regen,
a good HP pool
and to forge ahead for the build of an Urn of Shadows or a possible Magic Wand.
Take then Boots of Speed that you’ll upgrade into Power Treads
and try to buy as quick as possible your Urn or your Wand if needed with your starter items.
Once in mid game, a lot of interesting and cheap items can be bought.
You’ll often have to take a Black King Bar, except if the opponent team for only a few or no disable at all.
In that case, go for Sange & Yasha.
If you’re feeling like you’re too fragile, have no hesitation building a Vanguard.
And if you got a really good farm, taking an Armlet can give you the possibility to annihilate your opponents.
A lot of players think this item doesn’t suit to Spirit Breaker though.
Mask of Madness can also be a good item if you don’t think you’ll be smashed to smithereens while you activate it.
It’s precisely to prevent this that you can combine it to a BKB or a Vanguard.
However, the combination of Armlet and Mask of Madness is PROHIBITED !
If you are the one getting powned,
shit happens...
then take the bull by the horns and buy a Drum of Endurance,
which is composed of really cheap items,
and will still make you a valuable member of the team.
Considering the end game, you also got different possibilities depending on the situations.
Assault Cuirass is one hell of a choice since it increases your attack speed, your survivability
and decreases the opponents’ armor.
Looks like it has been thought especially for Spirit Breaker.
If there are way more magical than physical damage in the opponent team however,
it’s better to take a Heart of Tarrasque.
If you have a really good farm, then have no hesitation to build it just after your Assault Cuirass.
If you don’t have a lot of farm, opt for a Blademail then.
It will be of use to engage team fights with your Charge + Ultimate combo,
and will prevent enemies to focus you during the battle.
Let’s summarize what has been said previously now to do a list of Spirit Breaker’s pros and cons.
Talking about his pros,
he’s fun to play, especially in pub game, he can perma bash if he got enough attack speed,
deals heavy damage and has a good HP bar.
He also got 2 stuns that are absolutely beastly if well used.
Talking about his cons now,
it’s important to notice that he has no real escape mechanism.
He has no nuke either, so no real harassment possibility
and his basic attack speed is not that high, even if it seems logical regarding his skills.
Plus he’s pretty easy to counter, it’s why you rarely see him in serious and tournament games.
Here we are, it’s over for Barathrum.
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