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Hey fellas!
Today is the significant day
that will unite the fans of hardcore and electronic music
Because today I will talk to all of you about some amazing british guys
whose rhythms, will wake you up just like a shower after a hangover
Great Britain
1999, crisis, the world is in panic
but three guys
don’t care about that
They start “Hybryd”, the band where Rou is lead , Chris on the bass and Rob on drums
They create the Ep, but the success doesnt await them with open arms
One night, they were in a pub
While drinking their beer, they saw that on the tv
They thought what would happen if they combined this
with this
That was truly a destructive mix
and they decided to change the name of the band to *Enter Shikari*
Liam Clewlow (more famous than Rory) joins them and take the place with guitar
Now , Rou is more concentrated on electronic
And that’s how the fantastic four was created
The word *Shikari* was taken from a play that Rou had written long before the creation of the band.
Shikari, meaning * hunter*, was the main character of the play and he was the representation of positive aggression
In 2003 and 2004 , they created 3 demo Eps , and some singles
You could download them from the official site of the band
All their first demos, the band did in the garage of Chris
After, they bought a van to travel across England and play in the clubs
They called it Shikari-Ferrari, they started to climb on the stair of famous
After a year of intense efforts being noticed, Enter Shikari got their first fans
Their salt tears started to change the taste
Enter Shikari became real stars of England’s underground stage
Due to lots of gigging and touring, the band has finally made a breakthrough
Every Shikari show came with a crazy slam
After 4 years of existence, the band never played on the big stages
And that’s not because no one gave them a chance
that’s because Shikari decided not to change their underground style and continued to play with young bands
August 2006, the fateful month
They uploaded the video Mothership
that became...
that became the Single of the week on Itunes
After that, they released their first Cd, a number of 1000 copies
that were sold like ice cream on a hot summer day
Their invasion in the world of music changed the notion of Post Hardcore music on its head
Next single..
The next single was *Anything can Happen in the Next Half Hour*
released in March 2007 , that got 5th place in the UK chart
I must admit that when I heard this track for first time
I was cried, I put it on repeat, put the sound up and I cried again
Until today, I don’t know what that was, but since that day
Enter Shikari became one of my favorite bands
Their debut album “Take to the skies” released 19 march 2007
occupied 4th place in UK chart
The album was composed with many old remastered songs, that they realeased before
Their manager , Ian Johnson, said that Shikari got many propositions
from several lable Managers with six digits number
The guys probably had huge volition and they decided to save their creative independence
Without massive promotion, in the first week
the only support with the noise in the internets blogs
«Take to the skies» sold out with an edition of 28 000 copies
If you think that Enter Shikari are the fans of DIY-movement, you must know
that they did all that just cause its necessary and not cause they wanted it
They didn’t think they wore laurel wreaths on their heads, they just did their job
Maybe cause of that , we can discern them from other electro-core bands
that are like 2 drops of water
Shikari was riding their mini-van for all the tours without the stars caprices
Within almost one year, the guys were in tour across the countries including US
and in august 2008 , they released the single with the very short title
“We Can Breathe In Space, They Just Don't Want Us To Escape”
Next album, “Common Dreads” was released in 2009
They said that their new album was more “politicized” then the first
Mixed with many styles , Enter SHikari didnt get a trashy
but original and catchy sound, that excluded them from other bands
Also, in February 2010 ,they released the album with the remixes “Tribalism”
Not for nothing , the word « Shikari » means the sense of positive aggression
The band is extracted with powerfully live shows, wild mosh and fun
also full efficiency and emotional explosion
Maybe the other bands forgot about those things , but this is so much apreciated today
The guys said that they like hard-core riffs so much
but they continued to experiment with all the sounds, styles etc
And like this, they are showing their talent from all angles
Exactly six months ago, the single destablise was released
which aims to discord us waiting for a new album
And in anticipation of it, you can treat yourself to a b-side project called Reynolds - Rout
who performs music in the style of drum 'n bass, jungle, dub step
It will be a competition that has long passed, so it makes no sense to translate ;)