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What's wrong? You don't like it here?
We can't use these vegetables anymore.
What should we do? I'm sure I checked on it before.
It's alright.
Then should we just boil it a little and use it anyway?
Yes. I'll leave that to you.
Can we sit here?
Please have a sit.
It's such an honor to have you in our small shop.
Excuse me.
What would you like to order?
What do you want?
Isn't there anything that you like?
Anything is fine.
I'd just like to try out the Chef's special.
Then I'll do the same.
I'll leave it to you.
Yes. I'll prepare it for two.
What's wrong?
You're not feeling well?
Does your eyes hurt?
Looks like I'm just tired. I keep yawning.
- Should we use seaweed? - What?
I don't need it yet.
Wait a minute. It's strange.
You're sweating a lot.
I'm fine.
Are you okay?
I'm very sorry.
I will serve you well next time.
I'm truly sorry.
I'll look for him. Please wait a little while.
It's fine.
Thank you.
I will definitely come again.
I'm so sorry.
Please do come to our shop again next time.
Let's go back.
Are you okay?
If you still feel unwell, you can rest a bit.
Thank you.
Looks like Soo Jin is really a nice person.
Other guests would've gone back angrily.
Even though she can't speak Japanese well but she spoke to me.
She said thank you and she'd come again.
Are you really okay?
Yes. I'm fine.
This is the grandmother who took care of me when I was small. She really likes me a lot.
You don't have to be nervous. Please sit comfortably.
I'm so happy that the two of you can visit me like this.
Even though I see you on TV all the time,
but in reality you look even prettier.
Thank you.
I hope you can have a lot of children and be happy until you get old.
I received this from my mother-in-law when I got married.
I've always wanted to give this to Yusuke's bride.
I don't know if you'd like it.
Open it.
Excuse me. I need to use the toilet.
Do you need me to accompany you?
It's okay.
Thank you very much.
Megumi. I need to go out for a bit.
You don't seem so well. Where are you going?
I want to have some fresh air. You should go up and rest too.
Please come back soon.
Hey. You look even more beautiful today.
- Hello. - Hello.
You've worked hard.
You've invited a lot of people today.
What do you mean? They're all here to congratulate you.
You have the right to accept that much congratulation.
When we announce your marriage to the press tomorrow,
you should show how happy you are.
That's the right attitude, okay?
We should go if you're ready.
Let's get going.
I'll wait for you.
I'll always wait for you at our shop.
You can choose whatever you want, as long as you're happy.
Soo Jin.
Will you be okay alone?
I shouldn't have had a drink.
I shouldn't have drunk on an empty stomach. Now I feel bad.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't be leaving you alone.
I've called your manager.
You should go to the hospital with him. I really want to go too...
No. We can't both be absent from the event.
I'll be fine after a little rest.
I'll go first.
Jae Won...
Do you want to sleep with mommy?
What're you going to do?
You should sleep first. I'll go up as soon as I finish here.
Please be quick.
Yes. I understand.
Can you go a bit faster?
Mister. You have to put your bicycle there. Mister...
May I see Miss Lee Soo Jin?
I saw on TV that she's here.
I'm sorry, but if you're her fan,
please meet her on the official fan meeting.
No. I'm not her fan.
I really have to meet her.
Please tell me which room she's staying at.
I can't tell you that.
Mister. You can't be like this.
Then you should call her to ask.
I'm not her fan. I'm her friend.
What are you doing?
She's not here now.
I really have to see her.
You shouldn't hinder our work like this.
Please leave, or we'll call the police.
I'm sorry.
I'll use my whole life to apologize to you.
Jeong Hyun Soo.
Please give this to her.
We'll carve my name on your knife.
and we'll carve your name on my knife.
Do we carve our lover's name on the knife?
- No. - Then?
We carve our life.
You're making me shy.
You're exaggerating again.
Stop. Please stop.
Hyun Soo.
Hyun Soo.
Hyun Soo.
Have you been well?
Have you been well too?
You still ride bicycles only?
Can you give me a ride?
Is it okay?
Coffee please.
I'll have coffee too.
Then two cups of coffee.
What’s wrong?
You can speak Japanese now.
I learned whenever I had the time.
but it's not going so well.
Whenever I learn Japanese,
I always remember this small notebook.
Jeong Hyun Soo, bad man!
I love you so much, Hyun Soo.
Love you, love you, love, my Hyun Soo I love you so much.
Please excuse me.
Can you please sign here for me?
Is it okay to walk around with me like this?
What's wrong?
I feel like I'm back to when I first met you.
I couldn't remember anything,
but the fact that I've run away.
I wanted to get on that with you once, but you refused.
Do you still remember?
Do you want to get on it once now?
DO you still feel embarrassed?
You don't know what to do for the 15 minutes that we're in there?
I'm sorry for not being able to give you anything.
- It's Soo Jin. - Really.
- Pretty. - So pretty.
Do you want to go back to the places that we've been before?
I remember the time when we first met.
I was also eating sushi in front of you at that time.
At that time, I thought you're a crazy woman.
Not a bar girl?
I'm curious about something.
When did you start liking me?
You've never talked about that with me.
When did it start?
It's definitely not on the first meeting.
Forget it. Just eat.
Hurry, say it! I'm curious.
You're exaggerating again.
Can you say that again?
Your word just now.
I really missed it a lot.
I really want to go back to that time.
I really want to meet that not so cool guy again.
Not sleeping, afraid that I'd get tired.
Running to me barefooted, afraid that I might get hurt.
Even though I was nothing,
the guy who loved me so deeply like that.
I really want to meet him again.
I want to live together with him.
We are actually the one who got married,
I'm so sad.
This is good.
The air is so fresh.
Don't let go of my hand.
You're mine for today.
A man made a promise a long time ago to me.
He said he'll love me till the end like those petals.
I think it's something like that.
Can you please tell him?
I'm happier now,
so please tell him not to worry.
I can understand his heart.
Soo Jin.
You came to look for me two years ago, right?
The one I saw was you, right?
Why did you leave after seeing me?
Don't you know what kind of person you are to me?
You're really a fool.
You're really a bad person.
I didn't want to be a star.
If only I could live together with you,
I could do anything.
If you just met me then,
we wouldn't end up like this.
I forgot all about you from that day on.
You should forget me too now.
Even if I can return to that moment,
I still won't meet you.
After today, I have no more reasons to look for you too.
Is anyone in?
Good evening.
It's you two.
Please come in.
Nothing has changed.
What's your kid's name?
You saw him?
The photo.
Jae Won. Jeong Jae Won.
He's 8 months old.
What a wonderful name. Jae Won.
It's a son?
Are you happy now?
Yusuke should be treating you well, right?
Are you happy too?
What a relief. It's good then.
If it wasn't for Sang Kil oppa, would we be different?
Well, nobody knows for sure.
Right. Nobody knows.
However, I feel that we would have led a happy life had we lived together.
I heard about Sang Kil oppa.
Yes. He's had a hard life.
What about Yuki?
Yes. She's busy dating lately.
She doesn't like you anymore now?
I don't even dare to touch her now. She said that it's disgusting.
She's already a high school student.
I want to see her.
You'll meet her if it's fated.
Did you ever think of me?
Did you think of me sometimes?
Every time I see a falling flower petal,
I always thought of you.
I want to go out and see the sakuras.
I want to go out and see it.
Won't you go with me?
Everyone is waiting already.
Then please take care of everything.
After I got separated from you,
I came here to Tokyo on the second year.
I tried to look for you then,
but I just couldn't find you.
You don't know how much I cried then.
I really felt like dying.
I loved you and missed you so much, I thought I would collapse then.
We should go back now.
It's late. It's already morning.
No. I don't want to go back now.
Don't you have a press conference now?
You have to announce your marriage plans.
There's still time.
No. Let's go back now.
Soo Jin.
I don't want to go back.
Lee Soo Jin and Murakami Yusuke's marriage press conference.
Go back quick!
You have to go.
It's not like how it used to be anymore, you can't just don't go because you don't want to.
This is the place we spent our first night after our marriage.
You forgot about it?
This is where we made promises about our future.
Even though it was only for a day, it was still our honeymoon.
Although nobody was our witness,
we were still very happy, right?
That day was the happiest day in my life.
The time I spent with you,
I was so happy.
It's still like that now.
It's all in the past. It's all a memory now.
And now we are strangers.
This is our reality.
I'm sorry. The road we have to take is different.
Let's go.
Please give me a little time.
Do you know how much I missed you?
I can't just separate with you like this.
I also don't know when we'll meet again.
Please just give me an hour.
I won't ask for anything else.
You can't even do that much for me?
We shouldn't do wrong to other people.
No matter how much we missed each other or how deep we loved,
it's enough now. We've been together long enough.
One hour?
That doesn't have any more meaning for us.
So you should go back.
Soo Jin.
Soo Jin. Soo Jin.
Don't be like that. Answer it!
Let's go. Everyone is waiting for you.
Soo Jin.
I have no regrets now.
I can see you again and hold you hand like this.
Your face, your voice,
The tone you use when you’re acting spoiled, your expressions,
Your smile, I'm really happy right now.
No. To me I'm feeling overly too happy now.
So, all you need to do now is go back and live a happy, perfect life.
I'm so proud that you became such a cool star.
Whenever I see you on TV,
I'm really happy.
That's all I can do for you.
So please let's go back now.
You said before that you won't be like the clouds that foolishly cries behind the sun.
Do you still remember that?
I'm back.
I'm sorry. I don't have the right to accept this.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry I couldn't wait for you.
I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.
Even though I can't possibly get any forgiveness,
thank you for seeing me again like this.
I really want to thank you.
Because of your existence,
I can be the star that I am today.
Thank you so much.
I won't ever forget you.
It's okay.
Welcome home.
I'm back.
You'll have breakfast, right? I'll have it done for you right away.
I'm sorry for not contacting you.
You'll open the shop today, right?
Yes. Of course.
They're here. They're here.
Soo Jin. What happened?
Soo Jin.
I'm sorry.
I can't give you all the answers that you've been waiting for.
What? What happened?
What happened Miss Soo Jin?
We've canceled our wedding.
- What’s the reason? - Where's Mr. Murakami?
I want to continue being a good friend with Yusuke.
I really want to thank him.
To become a better actress,
I want to concentrate fully on my career.
Please watch and support me.
The rain stopped.
Really? It really stopped.
Looks like we'll have good weather today.
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The cloud that hides behind the sun told the fox,
please don't be hurt because of my love.
Just enjoy the sun that shines on you.
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When I look at the presents from you that I still have...
My memory stops there....
The words we shared at all times...
I love you...
Please don't say those words again that you told me before...
My love, how...
My love, how could you leave me alone?
All I wanted was you...
My tears wash me away and tell me to forget you again today...
But how could I?
Farewells leave me with things unexpected...
Can you please come back to me so I can live?
By any means, help me so I can keep you back to me...
My tears, please...
My tears, can you please tell him...
That I'm foolishly still in love with him...
My tears tell me to let you go and find another love...