2012 OPM Early Dismissal Policy Update

Uploaded by USOPM on 13.12.2011

Hello. I’m John Berry, Director of the Office of Personnel Management.
During inclement weather and other emergencies, it’s my responsibility to decide when the
Federal government inside the Washington, DC, area should allow employees to use unscheduled
leave or unscheduled telework, delay its start, or dismiss employees early or even –on rare
occasions – close.
To make the best possible decision I get continuous updates from the National Weather Service
and the area transportation authorities – including the Washington Area Transit Authority, our
DC Homeland Security, and the Virginia Maryland Departments of Transportation, among others.
Once we know and we have firm dada as far as the weather forecast then we implement
our mobilization plan. We brief the Federal Government as far as what are plan is, what
the roads look like, and what we are anticipating the condition of the roads to be.
Success depends on our shared responsibility to make the commute as smooth and safe as
possible. We need your help to spread traffic over several hours and avoid gridlock.
Often, the best way to keep you safe is to avoid bringing you into the city in the first
place. Unscheduled telework allows employees with telework agreements to work from home
during emergencies. Taking lessons learned from the past year we’ve added three new
statuses: a staggered early departure with a final departure time, a shelter in place
for extreme circumstances, and an immediate departure.
When the operating status changes OPM will update our website, notify TV and radio stations,
and post the status changes to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Talk to your supervisor
or employees about the emergency procedures in your work location. Develop an emergency
telework plan with your supervisor. Don’t wait for an emergency to occur. Also talk
to your family members and develop a family plan for emergencies
Thank you for your cooperation and I hope you stay safe this winter.
For more information go to www.opm.gov/status.