HHS 2011 Year in Review

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Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services:
"2011 Was a momentus year for the Department of Health and Human Services."
As we build towards the goal of health coverage for all Americans,
HHS is doing everything it can to cure diseases, increase overall health,
keep your drugs and food safe, and deliver critical care and services to the elderly
and underserved populations.
HHS had wide range of initiatives in 2011. From the importance of Flu shots to promoting
innovation and technology, to reforming Head Start.
Many of our efforts emphasized Prevention. Not only is this smart for patients, leading
to better and longer lives, but it also makes economic sense.
Katheen Sebelius, HHS Secretary:
"We’ve begun to usher in a new era where patients, not insurers are in charge of their
health care. And Americans are already enjoying new protections,
greater freedom and lower costs."
Thanks to health care reform Medicare beneficiaries now have free preventive measures like physicals,
flu shots, tobacco cessation programs, mammograms and
Insurers now must justify to independent experts or regulators any rate increase over 10%
before your premium goes up.
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Almost 3 million Seniors in the so called “donut hole” received a 50% discount on
brand name prescriptions, saving almost 2 billion dollars.
Katheen Sebelius, HHS Secretary:
"That’s really serious money back in people’s pockets."
Young people under 26 can now stay on their parents’ health plan-that’s 2.5 million
young adults that now have health coverage.
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Narrator: Small Businesses got real help, taking advantage of the up to 35% tax credit
for health insurance premiums.
"It’s certainly enough to make a difference in our bottom line."
As more benefits from the Affordable Care Act come online, HHS, led by a former Governor,
is making sure States have the flexibility they need in making decisions to implement
the law.
Katheen Sebelius, HHS Secretary:
"Governors know what works in their state. So we are looking to them for ideas/innovation."
Sorrell King, Patients Rights Advocate:
"98,000 people die every year from medical errors,
4th leading cause of death in the country, like a jumbo jet crashing every day."
Sorrell King in many ways is the face of Partnership for Patients. She lost her 18 month old daughter,
Josie, due to a medical mistake.
The Partnership for Patients Initiative is a “bottom up” approach bringing together
patients, hospitals, insurance companies and other stakeholders to reduce health care acquired
infections and mistakes-with the goal of saving 60,000 lives over the next three years.
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Katheen Sebelius, HHS Secretary:
"This is a great example of the kind of effort that actually does reduce cost/improve care
at the same time."
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Every year there are 2 million heart attacks and strokes resulting in 800,000 deaths. Those
numbers are staggering
Katheen Sebelius, HHS Secretary:
“I know that sense of personal loss because my mother is one of those statistics.”
The Million Hearts Campaign, an inclusive effort, was launched with a clear vision.
Katheen Sebelius, HHS Secretary:
“By Improving prevention and improving care we have a goal to prevent a million heart
attacks and strokes over the next five years”
HHS has reinvigorated the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. The Council
engages, educates and empowers all Americans to adopt a healthy lifestyle
that includes regular physical activity and good nutrition.
That message reached the 1.7 Million Americans who met the requirements and earned a PALA
“Presidential Active Lifestyle Award”
PALA is a big part of the Council’s efforts. The Council also launched PALA+ which includes
activity and nutrition.
Let's Move!, the First Lady's initiative to end childhood obesity within a generation,
has been an important priority for the President's Council and for HHS. Several Council members
and many of our HHS Regional offices helped celebrate the first anniversary of
Let's Move!
Katheen Sebelius, HHS Secretary:
"Happy Birthday Let’s Move!"
Let's Move! expanded in 2011 with two companion programs:
Let’s Move! Child Care and Let’s Move in Indian Country, designed for Native American
and Alaskan Native youngsters
Regina Benjamin, M.D., Surgeon General of the United States
“Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death in the United States
and I, like my predecessors am dedicated to having a nation and world that is smoke free."
Katheen Sebelius, HHS Secretary:
“20% of Americans under the age of 18, young Americans, are still smoking.”
From programs that help teens quit, to Affordable Care Act provisions requiring insurance companies
to cover tobacco cessation counseling without cost sharing.
We have a clear path to ending the tobacco epidemic.
Katheen Sebelius, HHS Secretary:
“It isn’t cool, smoking really kills.”
This past year saw increased enforcement. HHS held five summits on Medicare Fraud
and partnered with law enforcement to recover nearly three Billion dollars of taxpayer money.
2012 will be filled with many challenges. Every day the men and women of HHS are working
to meet these challenges. Whether they are a dentist in rural clinic, a doctor seeing
a patient, a scientist working to cure a disease or part
of the support structure we all have the same goal: a healthier country.