OSIsoft: Overview of PI AF Builder Excel Add-in. v2010 R3

Uploaded by OSIsoftLearning on 31.07.2012

AF Builder is OSISoft's Microsoft Excel
add-in that allows you to create, view
or modify items in the PI asset
framework database using Excel. So with PI
AF Builder, you can easily make bulk changes to the
database. Things like creating multiple copies of
existing PI AF objects, elements, attributes, categories,
templates -- anything really. You can copy all of just part of your
PI AF database and move it to a different
server. You can also copy existing PI AF
objects. You can tweak them and create new objects very
quickly. And you can also take existing objects in the
PI AF database and change them to edit them into
anything you wish. PI AF Builder is particularly
suited to bulk changes of the PI AF database.
Whereas the PI System Explorer, the regular PI
AF client, is better at individual edits
to elements, attributes, templates and AF
objects. And also exploring your tree. There is a lot of powerful
things you can do with PI AF Builder. And we have a number of videos that go
over the most common uses of the program. So enjoy.