#11 Indoor Battle Nairobi - Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

Uploaded by streetsoccertour on 03.06.2010

[heavey beats, techno music, upbeat]
♪ [rhythmic music]
Terror: Yeah, when we walked in,
the guys did a pretty impressive warmup,
they do it with rhythm and dance,
they're - it's very nice to see.
But our style of warmup is different.
We like to warm up with the ball, play,
juggle a little bit.
Orry: I know the complex is new,
so maybe they try to have uh, a warming up,
but uh, we don't need that.
[clap, clap]
Martin Kamau: We are a young team of 15 year olds and 16.
We have good defending,
we are fast -
yes, we are a good team.
Macharia: This is Musa Otieno Foundation,
we do support for children from humble homes,
most of them don't have all of their two parents.
Most of them come from the slum areas.
So we try and help them,
not only in football,
but we use football as a platform to address different issues regarding drugs,
regarding their career,
regarding nutrition,
regarding just healthy living and life skills, in turn.
Alfred Odhiambo: Yeah, I believe we are going to win.
Because we are about spirit, we are about team power and we are going to win.
Terror: The Street Legends are tired,
we're smelly,
we stink,
we don't have our luggage.
And we all have, uh, diarrhea.
Every move I make,
I feel like uh, how do I have to stay here.
Little Pinto: We still wearing the same clothes,
still don't have luggage.
But we gonna do what we do, we destroy everybody,
same clothes or not.
Even if we gotta wear this all week;
the angrier we get, the better we play.
[whistle] [beats, heavy piano]
Martin: I am so happy,
because I have seen Edgar Davids,
and I am glad,
and I will play with him.
He is my role model.
♪ [heavy and strong music]
Street Legend: All right!
Rocky: [clapping] Let's play ball, see, let's play ball!
♪ [heavy and strong music]
Martin: My dream is, play football,
be a good honest footballer,
and I want to play for my national team.
See, I come from slums, and I know I can do it.
♪ [rhythmic music]
Martin: I like to play football.
I think the slums sort of different.
We love to play football so that you can take your stress down.
♪ [rhythmic music]
Martin: I - My family does so poor,
and I didn't,
I didn't believe in school,
because the school kids,
and I used to play football, really, because it's my talent.
And I know that through football, I can take my family through the slums,
and live in a good area.
♪ [rhythmic music]
Martin: I feel so nice, play with Edgar Davids,
but uh, too strong for us.
♪ [rhythmic music]