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Kim Roach's Traffic Dashboard Review and Commentary
Greetings! Karl Stevens from EOT - Entrepreneur Online Training - here, with another informative
product review. If you're serious about your success online, I strongly urge you to pay
strict attention, because what I want to show you will help you succeed and make serious
money online, starting today.
Welcome to my review of Kim Roach's Traffic Dashboard.
Kim Roach is a recognized SEO and traffic generation expert. I first became familiar
with Kim Roach's Traffic Dashboard a few years ago, when I was desperately in need of help
with traffic, site ranking, SEO and whatnot. Though her site is not brand new as of 2012,
when this video was recorded, don't let that fool you. Not only are her methods still perfectly
valid today - in some ways, they're even better and more valid now then they were a few years
Kim has helped thousands figure out the traffic game - and perhaps most importantly, get away
from a co-dependent (some would say enabling) relationship with Google. She can do the same
for you, like she did for me.
Here's Kim's blog.
And here we are at Traffic Dashboard. Let's take a look inside.
At a glance, you can see that Traffic Dashboard has a range of techniques available to you,
from Ebook Syndication to Integration Marketing to Webinar Swaps, and much more besides. Virtually
every major free method of driving traffic to your blog or website is covered here, in
simple, straight forward steps that ensure your success.
The only thing Kim doesn't delve into here - probably because it could (and should) be
a site unto itself - is "paid traffic." That is, paying for advertising to get traffic
to your site or blog.
That's more than OK in my opinion, though, because most beginning internet marketers
don't have the budget for PPC (pay per click), ad buys and the like. The learning curve is
steep and the risks high. Take it from me, you can lose your shirt with paid advertising
- and darn fast.
So let's take a look at one of Kim's great methods. One of the fastest and easiest methods
of generating traffic immediately is to use Tutorial Sites. It's something few people
know about - or take advantage of. And it's powerful.
You can also see that Kim has included a video transcript. She knows that as great as video
is, it's not the world's best way to communicate information for some. Further, it's far easier
to look up something you need to reference in a transcript than on a video. Not all traffic
courses include transcripts these days - in fact, fewer and fewer of them do, much to
my dismay. But Traffic Dashboard does it right.
So you've just had a small taste of what's in store for you inside Traffic Dashboard.
We are all very lucky that Kim Roach has decided to share her encyclopedic knowledge of traffic
generation and SEO techniques. What I think is so great about Kim's stuff is that it's
rock-solid and proven. I've used most of her methods at one time or another, and they really
do work.
As you've seen, in Traffic Dashboard there is no "fluff and filler." When you join, you'll
get 20 fantastic techniques for generating and increasing your web traffic - fast! Some
techniques require seed money (not a lot), but most are free! Now, elbow grease is required,
but you'll find that most of these techniques are fairly easy to do. Quite a few are even
There are many, many ways to generate traffic that don't rely directly on Google or the
other search engines. Kim Roach's methods will free you from "Google bondage" and allow
you build your business online without the stress or drama of relying entirely on the
whims of faceless giants - like Google, and Facebook, and Twitter, etc..
Personally, I think the "pure SEO" approach of trying to please Google - which is what
most would-be marketers try to do - is a fool's errand. It's like building a house on wet
sand. Kim Roach and Traffic Dashboard shows you how to build an online business based
on solid principles and reliable, effective and fast traffic generation methods. I really
love it!
If you're serious about building an internet business on a rock solid foundation - instead
of one built on sand - then I can't recommend Kim Roach's Traffic Dashboard highly enough.
I strongly recommend that you check it out.
More to the point, if I can offer a bit of advice to all the beginners out there... Get
Kim's course!
Then, shelve all the other "bright shiny objects" you've bought, and ignore any new offers.
Stop opening "can't lose, instant, sure fire, million-dollar traffic methods" because they
don't work. It's fool's gold that just wastes your time and money. I should know, because
I've been there and done that.
Buckle down and focus on what Kim Roach is teaching in Traffic Dashboard. Pick a method
and just do it. Then stick with it until you start to see success. From there, branch out
into another technique. Outsource techniques you have mastered as you tackle new ones.
But whatever you do, don't go shooting off into another course! Everything you need to
succeed in online marketing and traffic generation is right here in Traffic Dashboard.
Click the link below this video to join Kim Roach's Traffic Dashboard. If you don't see
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find the link there.
Thanks very much for watching.
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