Assorted gems, 34회 EP34 #06

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You know Ms. Boss, the one who bought me the car.
The designer in the past?
Yes. She wants to treat you.
Just because.
There’s no “just because.” There must be a reason.
I think she feels familiar with you after hearing me talking about my family.
Did you tell her about us a lot?
Not very much.
Good or bad?
Funny things.
But she’s not in our league to talk with.
She feels very lonely since she has no family. I think she wants to meet you just casually.
Let’s meet her. It’s she who will treat.
They are thieves.
The landlord.
Did he change his word?
Why not use the mannequin I bought you?
It’s bothersome when I have to give you rides sometime.
Don’t throw it away, though.
What are you talking about? I won’t.
Don’t you miss home?
I do. Once in a while.
To me, the American party culture doesn’t look fun.
There are not many entertaining places in the U.S.
That’s why people hold parties to get together.
Make sense. In Korea, we have many places to hang out like karaoke.
Community soccer club, fitness clubs.
Colateque, night club.
Indoor golf center, and what was that for men? Phone-dating or something?
Have you ever been there?
Those places are spiritually bad.
You sound like you’re a “chosiknam (virgin/girly man)”.
You don’t know that term, huh?
I do.
Are you or are you not?
I’m neither girly nor macho. I’m just above that.
Where’s Gangji?
Her father collapsed.
My goodness!
Then did she find it out?
How is she? Didn’t she get mad for keeping it secret from her?
She just kept crying.
You should comfort her. .
Tell her to think of the baby and be strong.
Is he in a critical state?
He’s just over the hump.
We decided to live with her parents for the present.
Good idea.
Do we have boxes? I think I have a lot to pack.
Make it in two bags. Joe grandma has big luggage bags.
How do you feel?
So, what was she talking about?
She met my friend.
So ‘Bracelet’ refers to your friend?
I don’t know.
Then did he take her to the restroom?
It was a girlfriend.
Really? How long have you seen her?
Not very long.
Then invite her to our house.
But she could feel uncomfortable.
My head is itchy.
You shampooed yesterday.
Let her shampoo when she’s willing.
Excuse me.
She needs to wash her hair.
That’s my cell phone.
Did you search some locations?
No. I was busy this afternoon. I’ll do it the day after tomorrow.
You know what the landlord said?
They said they would pay good money if we leave everything intact,
including the business signage.
So they’re gonna take over our business indeed.
I think so. After all, money talks.
I didn’t answer to discuss with you first.
We’d better find a new location.
What if we can’t find?
We’ll see.
Is everybody out?
Coral packed his stuff and moved to Gangji’s parents’ house.
Aren’t you gonna wash?
Or I’ll spray.
Let me watch this.
Move your butt and go wash!
Let me watch this!
Get up! Now!
Can’t you just leave me alone?
I got a headache because of your stench!
My father’s smell was worse than mine, and you could endure it. .
Get out!
Gosh, so bad.
Will you keep riding me?
Hey, stop spreading the smell. Just go wash the feet.
Look, my feet are clean.
Clean. Very clean.
What the!
I can really pour this on you.
Do so. Pour it on me!
Gosh, I can’t believe my only son goes against me in everything.
Sorry that we can’t celebrate over a drink due to my health.
This is alcohol. Only yours is non-alcohol.
I like it.
What are you gonna do with your ex-boyfriend?
It’ll take some time.
Korean women are so easily taken in by men currying favor with them.
Why don’t you try currying favor with me?
I can’t do any better to you.
I made pancake, acorn jello, noodles and more for you.
Don’t you think I do much better to you than your own family?
And I also drive your car for free.
He’s right, isn’t he?
It’s my mom.

I’m having dinner.

Is Jade home?

She said she had an appointment today.
Don’t be too late. And bring a cake home.

Excuse me?

Oh, hi. How are you?
What’s your address? Woobin sent you a cake.>
Stop crying. Our baby might be borne a ‘crybaby.’
Your father will be sad if you keep crying.
What should I do… what should I do…
Let’s help him make the most of his remaining life.
So that we don’t regret later.
I’m not ready to say goodbye to him.
He might wait until his first grandchild is born.
Let’s hope and do our best, ok?
Stop crying.
My, what are all those?
Put it there.
Sorry, I’m late because of heavy traffic.
Thank you so much.
You’re welcome.