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Welcome everyone to AC News,
Let's see today's trailer cinema news is coming up!
Today we will find out who won the Oscar
for the best outfit during the long and glamorous Academy Awards night.
There were numerous divas in the red carpet competition.
Who do you think was the best dressed one?
First of all we need to say that there were two major categories:
red dresses and white dresses.
These two colors definitely dominated the red carpet!
As for red, the lovely Michelle Williams has definitely made the right choice:
a beautiful coral vintage dress!
Also, Emma Stone looked great with an elegant red ribbon.
We were not really excited by Colin Firth’s wife,
Livia Giuggioli, with a very classy wide red dress ... too wide!
Definitely disappointing was Natalie Portman’s red dress with no shape at all.
As for the competitors in the white dress category there is no doubt:
Gwyneth Paltrow wins, she was just perfect!
We must also say that Mila Jovovich has done her best,
but when Paltrow is in such a great shape, it’s better to surrender right away.
And what about Angelina Jolie? Some found her black outfit very sexy ...
For us the dress was a little too heavy with an exaggerated gap
that brings to mind the horrible Sanremo evening with our dear Belen that showed too much.
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