Micros Minivid - Happy Holidays!

Uploaded by TheMicrosPoker on 20.12.2010

I’m telling you we should seriously consider investing it in something.
Like what?
T-Bills, precious metals. We could start our own Cash4Gold.
The point is, you grind for your money, then you make your money grind for you.
Hey, you think we could get sponsored?
To do what exactly?
To play poker, dumbass. That’s a way to earn extra maneys.
And who, pray tell, would sponsor us?
I don’t know, one of the big sites.
They’ve got a ****-ton of money.
You binked one tournament.
Look, if Isildur1 can get signed, anyone can get signed.
He’s Swedish.
Allegedly! At least I’m breakeven.
Oh, should I start calling you Frëdrik von Yürgenflürkelburgsën?
Or! Or! Ooh, we could come up with some kind of a gimmick! Like a cool Facebook page or a funny team name.
Ménage à Trey. Three Grind Mice. The Trup Queen Queens!
You really have no idea how this all works, do you?
Then you just sit back and let the money roll in.
One tournament! And now you’re ready to whore yourself out to the man.
And you’re not?
I think I would need a second opinion.
Then perhaps I can be of assistance?
Why, it’s Erik Seidel, 8-time bracelet winner and recent inductee into the Poker Hall of Fame!
That’s right, I--
And second place finisher to Johnny Chan in the Main Event!
Buddy, I make one phone call and you’re doomswitched for life.
I’m sorry, sir. I don’t know what came over me.
As I was saying, I think you guys should sleep on it.
In the meantime, join me at the Rush Poker tables. Available only at Full Tilt Poker.
Wow! That sure sounds like a lot of fun!
That’s you!
Yeah! Let's sign up!
Oh, screw this. I'm outta here.
You guys have a good thing going here. Don’t **** it up.
No, sir. We won’t sir. We’re sorry, sir.
I loved you in Rounders.