Mahabharat - Episode 37

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Hastinapur is eagerly waiting...
...for Queen Kunti, the Pandavas...
...and the new bride Draupadi
Every flame raises its neck to scan the horizon
The roads have laid themselves out...
...for their welcome
The palace is spending sleepless nights
Duryodhan is seething with anger
Shakuni is planning some new treachery
Gandhari is awake...
...because Dhritirashtra cannot sleep
However, he will not tell Gandhari why
This is the moment of danger
Bhishma feels this even more intensely
He is like the stick...
...which cannot bend in any direction...
...even if he wishes it to
He waits for his mother on the river bank...
...but she does not appear
Mother. You, too, have forsaken me
What shall I do now?
Dhritirashtra will make me do another injustice
How can there be two swords in the scabbard...
...two Crown Princes in a Kingdom?
Both these swords are mine
I cannot see one of them break
I do no wish to side with either...
...Yuddhistir or Duryodhan during a war
Please guide me mother
Please do not disappoint me again
Greetings mother
Have I erred?
Why do you keep running to your mother
You swore an oath without asking me
You gave a promise to Hastinapur...
...without asking me
Learn to face the consequences
As you wish, mother
I'll not come again, mother
You will have to come to me
-Greetings -Live long
Where are you coming from so late?
I was going to ask you the same question
Where are you coming from?
I was explaining to Duryodhan that...
...Yuddhistir is his elder brother
Do not harbor bad feelings against him
But you already know...
...that Duryodhan is like a child
How will he grow up unless... allow him to
Duryodhan is like the monsoon
It weakens the house it stops over
If the monsoon alone was to blame...
...all houses would have collapsed
I am worried about Duryodhan
He is Hastinapur's Present
And Future?
Ask that question to God...
...or Time
Or ask the Sky or the Earth...
...which carries the seed of the Future
I am a zero
By myself, I have no significance
If I can manage it... will be alone all your life
Whatever Uncle says I'll not tolerate it
What does Uncle say?
-Greetings -Live long
What was Uncle saying?
What difference does it make...
...what I say
What you say is important
Both the king and the nation will listen
Both Yuddhistir and Duryodhan...
...will listen to you
This is the family's problem
So, Karna...
...I understand. Please forgive me
Won't you ask me to sit, my child?
Forgive me. Please sit
Why are you still awake?
What else can I do?
I did not ask father... tell me from childhood...
...that I would be the king
Yuddhistir is older
Even you never told me...
...that the throne is Yuddhistir's
That is not the lndian tradition
Being the eldest does not mean anything
Merit matters
Had you accepted Yuddhistir this problem would...
...never have arisen
You thought he was a rival
He is a rival
As a warrior should I not...
...protect my rights?
of course, you should
But today it is the King's duty to do so...
...and as the eldest it is also my duty
I give you my word...
...that your rights will be protected
It is also your duty to define...
...rights correctly
So, am I not the Crown Prince
You are also a witness to that
But I also witnessed Yuddhistir's ceremony
...who is the Crown Prince
Duryodhan or Yuddhistir
I, too, give you my word...
...that I'll accept your decision
That question has made me sleepless
The fact is that both of you...
...are the Crown Princes
This must be solved before...
...Yuddhistir returns
But remember the Kingdom... more important than both of you
Hastinapur existed before you did...
...and will continue after you
It is ordered...
...that the Kurus...
...along with Sages Drona and Kripa...
...will welcome...
...the Pandavas at the palace door...
...and bring them in with respect
Let me take you inside
Come Grandsire
Where's Duryodhan?
He says he will not come here till...
...the Crown Prince is decided
Duryodhan should not have done that
May the Lord protect Hastinapur
Hail Pandavas!
Hail Queen Kunti
Hail Crown Prince Yuddhistir
May you be happy
Draupadi pay your respects to Grandsire
My blessings
Pay respects to Sage Kripa
My blessings
My respects
You are twice related to Draupadi
Bless her as your daughter and...
Fate is not within my control
I have only weapons
I can give you those
Let your weapons be
She is not here to fight a war
Greetings Mother
Blessings. Where's Duryodhan
He is busy
Welcome Draupadi on his behalf
This is Dushasan, your brother-in-law
Look at me carefully
Come Krishna
Will you not bless me, Grandsire
What blessing can I give you?
You are being Miserly
Can the droplet...
...dare to give to the ocean?
You cannot win a debate against a Brahmin
So, I will move on without a blessing
Come Brother
They will not bless you either
Greetings O Sage!
-Greetings -Blessings
-Greetings -Blessings
Be victorious
Won't you embrace me, my child
My clothes are dirty Grandsire
Your clothes will be dirtied
My clothes are eager to be dirtied by you
Blessed is Hastinapur
Blessed is the palace door...
...where stands the sacred flame...
...witness to the welcome ceremony
The new bride is the Goddess of Wealth...
...who enters through the sacred door
The Pandavas and Draupadi...
...have been accepted by all
Mother they are here
My respects, Sister
Our respects, Mother
Welcome Queen Kunti and Draupadi
Why welcome me to my own house
It is necessary, Kunti
The tragedy at Varnavat...
...left the entire city bereft
But now that you have returned...
...Hastinapur can now rejoice
Welcome to a new life, Kunti
As you wish, Sister
Had you been here for Duryodhan's marriage... would have looked after everything
It would have been... is I did everything myself
This is my daughter-in-law the Princess of Tashi
May you live long and be happy
May you have a happy married life
Sister, this is Draupadi
My Blessings
May you have sons
Draupadi pay respects to you Elder Father
Come Sister
Accept Draupadi's respects
My blessings
I regret my blindness today
Or else I could have seen you...
...and the Pandavas
You have brought back the Pandavas
So, I am indebted to you
Where are they?
If I could see I would have...
...gone and embraced them
We are at your feet
My blessings
You cannot imagine my grief... losing you
Nor the happiness on your return
I am ashamed
But with Draupadi's arrival...
...can you forgive...
...a blind father and king?
What are you saying?
Accidents are a part of life
How can you be blamed?
Be happy
Will you not allow me to meet them?
This is the problem with the blind
Once they get something they will not...
...let it go...
...for fear of losing it again
Those who can see can keep a watch
But for us the reality is:
What is in hand is what we have
There is nothing else
Go to your Elder Mother, my daughter
How does she look, Kunti?
Her complexion is like fire
That's beauty
She has eyes like a lotus
Is she a girl...
...or Nature itself
May your sorrows be mine...
...and my fortunes yours
What about yourself?
Who spoke?
My nephew Krishna
He came with us to pay his respects to you
You forgot me
Krishna's elder brother Balram...
...also wishes to pay his respects
Whoever forgets you, I cannot
You won't let me forget
Bring your sons to me, Kunti
Do not forget that...
...I, too, am among them
Maybe the Queen wants all of us to go to her
Okay. All of you come here
Come Krishna
Our respects
Which one of you is Giridhar?
That's my younger brother
Why do you sound upset?
It's time for his lunch
Even Bhim enjoys eating
We have returned after so many years but...
...Mother hasn't forgotten me
Mother remembers your appetite
Yes Mother
I have made porridge for you
I always wondered why Brother liked Bhim so much
Why do you want to leave?
I must go
It's easy to convince mother and father...
...but Subhadra is a problem
The longer I take the more questions she asks
Everyone is afraid of Brother... I'm caught
As my younger sister, she has greater rights
You seem to be fond of her
Everyone is fond of her
Brother keeps fighting with me...
''Look, I am the elder brother''
''She is my responsibility''
''My right is greater than yours''
Now go to sleep
I was telling Arjun...
...that you once told me...
...that Subhadra is your responsibility
When did I say that? Who's older?
You are older but...
...even I amount to something
When did I say you did not?
Arjun you are a witness to what I say...
...or else he will deny it later
I will take all decisions regarding Subhadra
Did you hear that?
Your insomnia is an insult to Kuru hospitality
There's time to decide about Subhadra
Why are you awake?
Even when I sleep, I am awake
Listen carefully...
...even the night is awake
Bhishma, son of Ganga, is worried
But do not worry, Arjun
If the family is destined to break up... will break up
The Sea of Life is being churned
Nectar will separate from poison
King Dhritirashtra is on his way
Come, my king
My respects
Come. Please sit
This is a meeting of Kurus
If the king permits, I'll leave
Kuru hospitality will not allow that
As you wish, Grandsire
Has everyone come?
Yes, my king
I have called all of you because...
...I have a problem...
...and I need your help
Problem, my king?
The problem is that there are two Crown Princes
It is obvious that we cannot have two Crown Princes
After Yuddhistir's return it is obvious that...
...Duryodhan should abdicate
There can be no other solution
...I no longer support Duryodhan
Duryodhan is my very Soul
I have always wanted him... be king
But this will not help Hastinapur
How can I forget that... sister is the Queen of Hastinapur
What helps Hastinapur will help her
The rest is up to you
The problem is not so simple that... can be solved so easily
Don't you agree that...
...Yuddhistir is the Crown Prince
Of course Yuddhistir is the Crown Prince
But we must not forget that...
...after learning of Pandavas' death...
...we had decided in this very room that...
...Duryodhan be made Crown Prince
Duryodhan had not asked you to do that
At least I don't remember
lsn't it, Vidur?
Royal decisions can't be made on requests
Besides, I wasn't there
What would you have done?
I would have suggested...
...not to hurry the decision because... was already known that...
...Duryodhan was unworthy
Why raise that now, Vidur?
What has happened, cannot be reversed
Study politics once again and remember that...
...strategic news should not be hidden
What news was hidden, Vidur?
Not from you, my king. From me
There is no point in talking about it
Let us, therefore, face the present
We are back to Square one
Which Crown Prince...
...should Hastinapur retain?
What should be done, O Sage?
You will do an injustice... whoever is removed
I don't want to do that
Sage Drona
My lord!
What do you suggest?
Why create problems for Sage Drona?
Why not leave the solution... family Elder Bhishma?
That's right
No one can accuse him of partiality
What do you say?
Yes, my king
But people may say...
...that Grandsire made the decision...
...which the king should have
We are your associates...
...but you have to take the decision
Not in unusual circumstances
Besides, do not forget...
...that Grandsire has...
...the first right to the throne
Grandsire should guide us now
Justice demands that...
...we should be fair
With a heavy heart I suggest...
...that Hastinapur be partitioned
Whenever Politics stumbles...
...the nation is penalized
Divide Hastinapur...
...between the two Crown Princes
Now, allow me to mourn this partition... privacy
My respects, Father
Be successful
Come my son. Sit next to me
I... caught in a dilemma
Had I not known you would help me I would have...
...committed suicide
You have to order Father
Youngsters do not help their elders
They merely follow orders...
...and obey them
Listen to me carefully
You are the heirs...
...of my younger brother Pandu...
...who had conquered the Earth
Victory was his...
...but he did not ascend the throne...
...till I asked him to...
...ascend the throne...
...though the throne was also his
There is no need to give me a background
This background is essential
This throne is not mine
Nothing else
Whatever I decide...
...I do so on Pandu's behalf
Why are you so sad, Father?
Don't ask questions
Allow me to speak...
...because, I can't tell this to Duryodhan
His arrogance stands between us
My problem is that I cannot...
...leave Hastinapur on the verge of a dilemma
How else can I face my ancestors?
If I crown you, Duryodhan will not like it
If I crown him, it will be an injustice to you
It is also true that...
...when people stay together, t+C960hey will clash
That's why they should be separated
That's why it is decided that Hastinapur...
...should be partitioned
Please give my half to Duryodhan...
...but do not divided the nation
No, my son
I cannot do an injustice to you
I would give you Hastinapur...
...and the Kingdom of Aati to Duryodhan...
...I would have told him:
Go develop the land of Khandav
But he will not listen to me
He wants me to go with him
But I cannot leave Hastinapur...
...since I am its shadow
Please accept the land of Khandav
Honor my request
It will be as you wish
Decency is defeated... helplessness
The heat of the afternoon... the lot of the Pandavas