Турник и брусья. Подтягивания. - 717. Качок Юрий Спасокукоцкий турникмен? Теперь Street Workout!

Uploaded by YuryfromUkrain on Jul 7, 2012

- Hello! Here I am, Yuri Spasokukotsky, and my friend Tamir.
We became friends and I decided to stop practice of bodybuilding and adopted decision to become a turnikman.
And he has decided to get off the horizontal bars, and go exclusively here.
So he'll build his muscles up and his muscles will become fifty centimeters in diameter...
- And I can tell you that I've never practiced with the barbells before and this event is, actually, experience for me to... And it's true.
- And it's a progress.
So, we place barbell near the neck raising and moving it to my direction.
Next, show an exercise that boxers do to develop the strength of their blows.
Just move your hands forward as rapidly as possible.
By the way, your biceps are built up very well.
It is because practicing on a horizontal bar, you also influence on your biceps.
- You should have your legs a little more straightened but, in general, pretty well.
And you're doing this exercise great again.
- But I can't do it three times.
-I believe you'll be able to do it eventually...
Well, push-ups with a clap behind the back of you've already seen.
- It's already learned how to do.
- And it's again thanks to the fact that muscles are trained.
- This is because muscles don't interfere with athletic practices.
Myths about the bodybuilders' stupidity, because they said: "If you have the strength, the mind is optional", are very far from the truth.
It's the same as to say that turnikmen are very stupid people, because they always twist "the sun" on a horizontal bar and don't do anything else.
And anyway is widespread the myth that all sportsmen are stupid people.
If you are a sportsman then people at once consider you as stupid man.
Some people believe that sportsman is steroids and stupidity.
- Well, the question. Roma, how big is your biceps?
- 48-47 centimeters...
- That's 48 centimeters. It means that among the three of us you're the foolest. But where do you study?
- The University.