Survivor Israel VIP S06E10 [w/eng sub]

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Previously on survivor... ( Rehashing how close are Oshri and Turgi (itay t) )
Tonight on survivor...
Dang - day 14
[itay s] i want oshri to go, its time to take matters into my own hands.
- think about it, if oshri makes it to the merge, he will be with turgi,
with ana and anat,they are 4 and we are 3
- we can be the "strong losers".... make the biggest move in the game
[moshe] out oshri? the one who suppose to win
- i want to take some control - we been followers all our life
- it's you, me and natalie as the core, and we add yulia or buki
- this is a brave move
- so, we agree? - yep, its done.
[moshe] if oshri stays, it means im going, he sees me as a loser that its easy to get rid of
[oshri] itay, how does the last day on the game feels?
[itay joking] it's flattering you ask... [oshri joking] many are surprised you made it so far...
[itay s] i like oshri , i don't want him gone, but i have no choice. He is next.
welcome to the duel for the right to stay on hope island
[itay t] i have motivation to win, i want to prove im the strongest guy in my tribe.
- you will have to carry one part of a maze and walk over a beam
- once you have all the parts of the maze, you can build it
- lastly you have to pass 3 balls in the maze
- first to do it, wins the challenge and a clue for the idol
ready? go!
[azam] my goal is to beat itay. i want to show this 'celeb' who is azam
- turgi leads by 1 part
[michal] itay was a great choice for me, he'll do anything to beat azam, its personal for him.
[itay] i have to beat this pathtic guy, ill do anyting to win
[michal] i see that itay is struggling building the maze
- azam finished, but he built the maze wrong.
- azam's ball stuck again
[michal] im glad this task is not about strength... what does azam knows about puzzles...
- azam 3rd try.... stuck again
- michal, harel, maybe you can help them
- azam has the first ball.
- turgi has his first ball
2 - 1 to azam
Azam wins! Harel stays in hope island
[azam] turgi took losing hard, but i showed him who azam is.
[itay] i wanted to die...
michal, for you the game is over.
[michal] the biggest experience I've ever had, other than having my kid...
I hope my son will see that not all things are under my control and that the game has its own dynamics
harel, back to hope island for 3 more days
azam and turgi, we will not meet tomorrow.. you won immunity.. enjoy.
- who said we can't survive without the men...?
[ana] men were out on the duel, and we have to manage by ourselves
[anat] the 'little women' waiting at home for the men
[ana] we can manage without men... but it's much easier with them...
- they are back home...
- who won? - azam
[azam] the girls waited for us, they found it hard to manage without men
- buki, what should we do tomorrow? - what?
- i like oshri, we can make it to the merge with him, but after that even he said he'll go with turgi
so we don't have an alliance there. - i like him and he's the most talented here, but
if he doesn't go now, we'll never be able to break them after the merge.
- will he be mad? -yes - he'll understand, he will be shocked
- but this is the game - if i were him, i'd shake my hand and said 'you beat me'
[buki] the game is changing. I was certain that i was going home...
- who is with us? - natalie and moshe
- if yulia wants, she can join too - so you'll tell her? yes.
- if oshri doesn't win immunity, we vote him out.
[itay s] now i know its possible, i have natalie, moshe and buki, we can vote oshri out.
(talking about books)
(Friday night dinner / pray "kidush")
[buki] this makes you miss your family
(talking about their family, and missing their kids)
[itay s] i felt bad, all i was thinking about is that i'm going to evict my friend. it's not going to be easy.
Dang - night 14
(very lame banter... be thankful you don't understand...)
[moshe] how do you feel in the game? [natalie] the only thing that matters is strong alliances
- things are about to change, oshri is a leader here
- i dont like that word - me neither
- he is the strongest in challenges and in everyday stuff around camp
- all those great people are somehow end up evicted - it will be all of us at some point,
unless we are smart. we have to decide if we will be leaders or followers
[moshe] im 48, ive never lied or cheated.. and now im becoming part of survivor...
- this has to happen - we'll wait a bit longer - yeah
- we should call it 'revenge of the nerds' - the tribe is breaking up
hope island
oh, it's guy
Coming up...
(you are long time here, I want to play some more , you missed your guitar, this song is called 'alone', here is a notebook to write songs)
Tinium - day 15
(talking about getting bug bites)
- azam, you and I have to think how to progress when we get to the merge
- i was thinking we have a chance of getting a person from the other tribe, probably Itay s.
[anat] i think azam really believes that i'm no longer with itay and ana..
- we will be stronger... - that's great
[anat] he is naive. this is not the game for him
- i think we should get itay t. out.
[azam] i knew there was a god... anat trusts me... and i can say that my position in the tribe is great.
(azam telling about his daughter wedding when he got back from prison. Many members of the government and top army people came and the prime minister called to say congrats)
[ana] azam's mentality is very different, even if he is in the same country as us
(talking about how cheap the rent is in his village vs the prices in tel-aviv )
[azam] im a village person, i was happy they enjoyed listening to my stories about my culture.
- does it look funny...?
- cover yourself up...
(buki is saying how his digestion system is back to normal...) "I'm glad to say it doesn't squirt anymore..."
-we're going to get the mail
- so, who should we vote out tomorrow? - sadly, it has to be yulia or buki
[natalie] for me it's not buki or yulia, it is him.
i'm just nodding to whatever he is saying. i question myself it's right lying to someone like that just to get ahead in the game.
- i think buki deserves to stay more than yulia
[oshri] our alliance in strong, me, natalie and itay s. they will follow my plan.
"you have to hurry, time doesn't stop"
"here the amount counts, and more is better"
"stay on guard or lose the most"
[natalie] i pray oshri won't win immunity, so we can evict him.
[guy] welcome Dang to the personal immunity challenge
- this is your first time, so just know that this time it is everyone for themselves
- each one of you have a bamboo tube. you need to fill the tube with water
- and fill a large bucket. the goal is to have as much water as possible.
- notice that the bucket has a hole...
- the one with the most water after 7 minutes, wins.
but, i will not be calling times, you have to estimate the times yourself.
if you are not standing next to your bucket at the end of 7 minutes, will be disqualified.
[oshri] the catch here is to know when to stop
[itay s] the most important thing is that oshri won't win immunity
[oshri] for me it doesn't matter who wins, if buki or yulia wins, we'll vote out the other one.
ready? go! 7 minutes start now
[itay s] everyone was running like crazy, i walked and just counted the time
[yulia] the main issue with the task is that you have no idea where you stand time-wise
[itay s] oshri always has a chance to win, he is strong...
- oshri and yulia are tied
[yulia] i know that if oshri wins today, im going home.
[buki] i made 2-3 rounds and stood there with my finger in the hole. they'll miss the time table and i'll win.
- buki how long has passed? - i think 7 minutes are up
[buki] when i was at the army bombing division, we did every drill 30 times with a stop watch
so i have an internal clock...
[yulia] i didnt know how much time left, so i stopped to be safe. but i saw oshri keep going
- buki, we are losing... - stay, i think the time is over.
- oshri is tied with yulia
- oshri now in the lead
[yulia] i know my tribe wants oshri out, but i only trust myself.
[yulia] ive decided to go to another round, and do it as fast as possible
oshri still leads
- buki.... - stay here, dont go anywhere
- time is up
moshe ferster and oshri are disqualified
[itay s] great, we can go ahead with the plan. we can count the time back...
- lets see who won
- buki - 3... yulia -9... itay - 8.5... natalie - 5.5
Yulia wins personal immunity
[yulia] i was relieved
[oshri] yulia won, so buki is most likely going next
- ive never owned a watch... im always late for meetings...
[natalie] i hope you won't be late for your eviction...
- i'll see you later on tribal.
coming up...
- so everyone know how to vote? - yeah, unanimous.
[itay s] i made sure again that everything is closed. no foul ups.
- what are we doing today? - the natual thing to happen...
- everyone feels that buki has to go. sadly.
- is there anything i can do? in the last minute?
[buki] i went to oshri, so he won't suspect anything, and begged to the 'king' to help me
- what can i do? i did everything, ive tried, ive worked hard. i am not mad at you.
- i really like you too buki, ive learned from you a lot.
- i'm leaving my pants to yulia... do you want my shoes? -no thanks.
[oshri] buki had a last minute attempt to save himself. but those emotional manipulations have no place here.
trying to make me feel guilty for voting him out.. offering me his shoes... not cool.
[buki] the 'king' sent me away arrogantly, i can't wait for him being shocked at tribal.
[buki sings/prays] my god... do your miracles...
- good evening Dang ,welcome to tribal
- oshri, how do you deal with all the free time you had?
- you have to handle the elements, build camp...
- some people tell stories, too many stories...
-who tells stories? - mr. itay
- itay gives each day an 18 hours performance... some of them are not....
- i may tell stories 18 hours a day... but buki tells his crime stories 28 hours a day...
- we love eachother... - yeah... i'm also attracted to you..
- is there also a strategy game? - i think we have it, but...
... somehow in our tribe there is always a good feeling, we are one tribe.
- we became winners from losers, which got us even closer.
- moshe, in which tribe would you prefer to be?
- at this time in this one. i feel more secure. and i can talk more to people and have a dialog
- who is the leader of the tribe? - now it's oshri of course
- he is leading in his quiet way, he is not a dictator...
- it's always scary to be complimented here... it usually means people are watching you closely...
- anyone feels in danger tonight?
- sure. (i was feeling outsider since day 1... everyone else has alliances and friends...)
- he is like a dad, always wants to help the tribe, cares about everyone... and snores sometimes...
- he sounds like a Jeep from the 60s...
(some more Buki snore talk... and how buki is older and different than the others)
(and even more about how buki is different...)
- sadly, i think tonight i'm going home. I'm happy my friend yulia won immunity.
- yulia, without the immunity, would you be out tonight? - yes, probably.
- buki and I have this friendly alliance, but there is a strong alliance here, so it was either me or buki
- how are you going to vote? with your brain or with your feelings?
- in this game, only with the brain.
- as the game progresses, you must detach your head and your heart,
and remember that it is only a game.
- this is very hard. if you have to vote out someone you're mad at, it is easier.
- my heart is torn
- we like everyone in the tribe. we only vote as part of the game.
okay, before we vote, yulia, do you want to give up your immunity necklace? - no.
- time to vote, itay you are first.
[itay votes "oshri - it's only a game"] pure strategy, you know i love you,
but within few evictions you would have voted me out.
[oshri votes buki] I've fell in love with you since day one,
you represent the beautiful Israeli for me. but, im sorry, this is a game.
if anyone have the idol, this is the time to use it.
once iv'e read the votes....
first vote: buki
Oshri 1 oshri, 1 buki
oshri 2 oshri, 1 buki
oshri 3 oshri, 1 buki
the 6th evictee of survivor vip is oshri
the tribe has spoken
- i thought it was a game of men, when you tell the truth to each other
now i understand this game is about lying. I want to return to the game,
in which all that drives me is revenge, to prove to you that you were wrong.
i've done a lot for this tribe, but if this is how you choose to play, i won't be in your way.
good luck to you all.
- the game continues, take your torches, good night.
next time on survivor...
- i feel the game cheated me, i thought since we are a different group from previous seasons,
with people who know each other, i thought things would be different.
i am very disappointed. we always say that it is just a game,
but this game represent life. and i dont think i have anything in common with this people with such priorities.