Auto-Top: Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Savali 260 Review (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by AutoTopnl on 05.07.2012

We recently drove the standard Giulietta QV
A car that pretends to be sporty
And I think you'll feel disappointed when you buy one
It is a great daily driver.. Looks great, the rides is comfortable
But it is not a performance car
The rev limiter comes in at 6000 RPM, without notice
The engine is really short on breath
It understeers..
And the steering hasn't got any feedback
That shouldn't be the case in a hothatch
So if you have bought a QV.. You might feel betrayed
But now there's a solution!
This is the giulietta QV Savali..
Savali stands for Sam van Lingen
But Sam van Lingen quit his dealership
But Ronald Vermeulen restarted Savali
He has tuned Alfa's before
Like the giulietta 1.4T which got 170 bhp
And the MiTo with similar power
Now he got his hands on the giulietta QV
He changed the engine software
The standard version has 235 bhp and this one has 260
He changed the rev limiter
That's a big difference
And he made a custom exhaust, which has a bigger diameter
Which produces a great sound!
They didn't changed the looks of the car that much
It has a great grey paint
A Savali sticker on each side
But the real upgrade is the exhaust
Ronald has made two massive silencers.. Compared to these the standard ones look like straws
These ones fill the gaps better
It just looks better..
I don't know how much the exhaust costs
I understand you want one if you own a QV
On this car the tuning, exhaust and chip, is priced as a package at 1500
So it should be about 1000 euro's
If you buy it, you won't be able to fly under the radar
Which IS possible in the standard QV
But you will have a lot of fun!
You really notice the fact that this is how the QV should have been..
It should have been this good!
It says it is.. But it just isn't
With the extra torque and revs, it really pulls out of corners
Where the standard one would we out of breath
The sound also contributes to the experience
It is astonishing that it's produced by a 1.8!
It sounds like a natural aspirated engine.. It just loves to rev
The higher the revs.. The better the sound!
And that's thanks to this package
The software modification is just 480 Euro's
For which you will get the better rev limiter and 25 bhp and 60nm of torque
So if you own a QV.. It seems worth the money