How to Make a Collage with Picnik

Uploaded by PicnikPhotoEditor on 18.08.2010

This video shows you how to create a collage with Picnik.
First off, head to the Library Tab and click on the Start section.
Select "Make a Collage" and choose the layout that you'd like to use.
Use the Photo Basket to grab photos from your computer,
your history, or another site on the web.
Drag and drop your photos into the project and click and drag each image to position it
within the frame.
You can adjust the spacing,
and the number of columns and rows that appear by using the sliders.
To change the color of the frame,
click on the color picker and use the dropper to roll over the palate
or an existing color within your collage.
Click Done when you are finished. You can add text or another effect to your project,
save your project,
or if you would like to change a photo in your collage, press Undo.
Thanks for watching and happy Picniking.