Navidad 2009

Uploaded by PhilipStephens007 on 02.12.2009

It was getting close to Christmas
and all the families in the town
were almost ready
for Christmas day
The Sanchez family was ready
with their decorations
their tree
and presents , ahead of time
Grand pa and grandma Jones
Made the trip from Canada
in time to be with
the grandchildren
And even Emily and her mother
managed to decorate a small tree
everyone was full of expectation.
I just about can't wait for christmas
me niether
We've got lots of presents
under our tree
Grandpa bought us two each
Well we have some already
but mostly we are
going to have a lot of food
and games for everyone
And you Juan?
Well, Juan and his family
had a tree
and they had the decorations
but they still had
NOTHING under their tree
well, we have almost everything
b ut we are still waiting
for our presents
Dad says it is the most, most
special , in the whole wide world
Grandpa found it
when he was travelling
and he is sending it by mail
I hope it arrives on time
It can't be THAT big
as big as the whole wide world
it probably won't arrive
if it is THAT big.
Do you really think
that grandpa' s gift will arrive?
well Juan, I really don't know
we will have to wait and see
I hope it gets here
Come on grandpa , where is it?
Has your present arrived?
No, not yet
I told you it would not arrive
if it is really so big
the biggest in the whole wide world you said
I don't believe it
Oh leave him alone
how would you like it
if no-one sent you a present
for christmas?
It'll get here!
Garndpa will not let me down
I hope.
The only thing we can do
is wait and see.
Yes I suppose
that is all we can do,
just wait and see
that's IF it arrives.
And so..
Juan waited
...and waited
and like every child
waiting for christmas
he just about could not wait
The night before christmas
was the worse
In each home
everyone got up early
Christmas had arrived
Presents were everywhere
under Juan's tree
Oh grandpa..
it hasn't arrived!
how can that be?
What's wrong Juan?
Ay papa
Grandpa's present
has not arrived
Juan, the day is only starting
you know by experience
that God is very precise
in His timing
have patience and faith
that it will arrive
Yes, it is true
that God's timing is perfect.
because, in this case
while the sun rose in the sky
the rest of the town opened their presents
ate, and were resting
after an extremely large meal
everyone was ready
to see the spectacle!
Wow! Christmas has arrived!
Yes Juan, didn't I tell you?
Open it. It has your name on it.
Hey Juan
There is a letter from Grandpa here
It says this...
Dear Juan
I have travelled the whole world
looking for treasures
and here I send you
the biggest I have ever found
It is not just a cross
Jesus died on the cross
so that you can live with Him
for eternity
Just as this present that I am sending you
You only need to recieve it
and make it yours.
open your heart
say yes
recieve your gift
One day I did it
and as my grandson
I want you also
to enjoy it as I have
with this great gift
with lots of love
and Juan..
just like you need to sign this paper
which says you have recieved this package
I think we can do
something to say
that you have recieved
the gift that Jesus is offering
do you want to recieve this package from grandpa?
yes papa
ok then , sign here
and do you want to recieve the even bigger gift?
eternal life?
of course papa!
Jesus was born in a manger
which we celebrate every year
at Christmas time
so that He could be the biggest gift
that the world could ever know
offering us eternal life
after our physical life, dying
in our place on the cross
You too can have
this gift
take it freely
Make it yours
and begin to live
this eternal life
begin to get to know Him
who gave it to you