Grozovye Vorota (3-4)

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"Mama, Hello!
I am healthy. When I was All right, I'm used to.
Here there are even positive things: disciplines, fresh air,
so are you supposed to be rejoice for me not to worry.
Mom, ideas, and I Koljan
We help Jakurovu in a serious military operation.
Very successful in passing.
In fact, you know, this is all somehow present.
People, Mom, here are definitely different.
Mommy, I'm missing a lot, even stepfather. Will start a new life, I promise.
I know, strange: so many things I would tell you but actually I do not know what to write.
Well, that's all, I love you. Your son, Kostya.
Grozovye Vorota
Episode 3 Grozovye Vorota
Stick, I'm Bear.
I hear you, Bear.
Expose the situation. Reception.
Small determine the zone of visibility in square 1218
Can be attacked. Reception.
Stella, I'm Bear. The attack allowed. How do you understand me? Reception.
I understand you, Bear.
Strela-1, I Strela-2. A small detachment visibility zone, right on course. Reception.
Yes, Strela-2. Can be attacked. Reception.
Strela-1, we will be working carousel.
So, the machine guns, and then the rest. Reception.
I understand that. We are working carousel.
Strela-1, I Strela-2. Reception.
Target destroyed. We go into the database.
I understand that. Departed.
Well, that's all, now have where, or forward or backward,
or even five, six sorties, and are baked.
I Tajmuraza. He will not go back.
Today they will be regroup, and tonight...
I'd hit at night.
Right time.
Well, I mean, today we will get some sleep.
Topaz, "replied the Eagle.
On admission.
For directions see the Great Hall Group of 30-40 people.
From the direction hall going group of 30-40 people.
Well, that means, the arm good uncle - shepherds.
Relaxed, I'll go with his to shoot a few shepherds.
Well, not to relax too.
Come here, Commander.
See there, on the hill, set up machine-gun nest and set department.
That should be enough.
Major is right. That, and not a force, but they will zalegnuti when they say.
and many will be swept.
The task for Pankratova.
Small, Topaz said.
Topaz, Small Online. Reception.
I order you to organize defense the hills behind you.
The task: to protect access to Pass from the direction of the Great Hall.
Understood, Topaz. End connections.
As to our personal with Pankratov...
Well, we'll see how you're a soldier. To you will not help, rolled monkeys.
So what loitering!
Vetrov, who's allowed to leave the position?
Are you even in war, or what?
And as you saginješ? Snipers long shot, and you saginješ.
Better, give to fire.
Good! And you, why have the drops?
This is podšlemnik, it is allowed.
Yes? Yes.
Winds, if your question was unclear?
And as you muvašhere? I went to smoke.
Soldiers, you've gathered, eh?
You get the position! You are at war, or what?
, At the place!
I see.
Gorshkow. I.
You, why you no helmet?
My neck is stiff. Just as I took it off.
Stiff neck, for stretching exercises.
I see.
So that's how: Gorshkow, Vetrov download night guard
ordered the company commander.
I see. I see.
Shifts, and sleep here in the trenches. Run!
I see.
Sleep, and sleep. This has for now.
Look, do more by doing. Remembered.
Well, of course, so here not to remember it.
Stop, eggs!
I said to stop! Yes...
Here, girls, clothes for you.
Wash, Egipatska... So, in short you know where.
During this time I went to dremnem.
Do you hear?
Transfer to a vešeeraj closed.
What is a laundress? I did not understand as you say?
What is not understood? Laundry room is closed.
Who said that? Did you say that?
We both told you. Is you need to be repeated?
All requests are typically service!
What are you, unconscious mole!
You like nastupaš?
Now are you going to get applause!
It will now begin...
I do not care, we were tired!
Fuck them!
So, what is the sheep, take you home, huh?
You will, fufo, and to wash and sušiš, and Perth is that we peglaš. Understand?
And not just me.
Hey, what are you doing?
You, bitch!
So peglašshoelaces? Yeah.
U, bitches!
Stop, eggs!
I said to stop!
What are you doing, Gorshkow?
So what, Igorek? I will for Kostjana throat to cut.
Well, everything, Koljan! Everything, everything, everything.
Kole, all, all is calm. Come to an agreement.
To swear, to swear to the mother, that we never touch it.
If not I'll cut it! I fell to the dark eyes!
Well, i!
All, I swear, I swear. Calm down, let him go.
What are you silent? I swear, I swear, all...
Speak louder! I swear to mother! Everything!
If you think that once you try something, better kill me,
otherwise I will slaughter you! I have nothing to lose!
Everything, everything, everything.
Driving behind me. Here is mined.
Topaz, I am Agate. I met guests with food.
Soon we arrive.
End connections..
Captain Lanevskij. Georgy. Alexander Doronin.
At this point, the platoon commander.
Major Egorov.
Take a load, loading your. You have the top of the head than an hour.
Lieutenant Kuckovo. He came to adjust artillery fire batteries.
Come Kuckovo. I see.
You-located with my sergeant.
We should, do not worry. I will earn for clinic and for surgery, and Kurgan.
Where will you earn?
Please write your application.
You will simply move in Kurgan.
Write! Napisaćeštoday?
Be sure to write a will.
You're my so wise...
I love you very much.
Comrade Captain, go to the commander.
So what... Congratulations, Egorov, signed your petition.
You can go. Where?
Well, so where? The Kurgan.
Well, not exactly in Kurgan, but close to 30 kilometers.
General stupidity.
Well, as a child?
But the boy is normal. And now all will be well.
Well, I'm sorry, of course, to lose such a good officer.
But maybe sometimes we meet. Official business is such a...
Be sure we shall meet, Comrade Colonel.
Permitting it to go?
Go. Add Semencovu duty, and in the morning Take the car, say, that I gave my.
Good your position. Do you have a couple of "city" - the people could stop in the valley.
According to our estimates and the people is there.
I did not understand? What do you understand?
And how many of you?
Company and my group, tell platoon.
It is expensive.
Lt. Medical Service Molodcov Evgeny Petrovich.
With me are two of the ambulance.
Is there currently injured?
One. Come, I'll show you.
Three of our fourth Habib.
He personally? Yes.
Please, apologize.
Connect me with the commander of the regiment.
Have a connection.
Come on.
Drive him away from the boys.
Habiba Load separately!
Sorry. I said goodbye to the friends.
I understand everything.
So far four machines: two with the weight, accompanied by two moving back.
Will meet them, pretovariće two-hundredth,
will be filled munitions, to lend and my return.
I did not understand?
Everything is simple: I stayed.
See, Captain, here it is possible and forever to stay.
Like everywhere.
You are not only the platoon commander but you and Chief.
How did a deal with Galkin?
I Galkin and we went to school together.
He Ijudina. I understood everything and decided to stay with water for three days.
The support and, if need be.
Or you have something against?
Well, thank you.
Listen, I'm sorry, you ask, but really I am interested in:
your years as a captain are too serious.
What happened to you in life?
And have you heard that my name?
Well, I heard. Normal name Lanevskij.
It is now normal,
but when I started a career, it was a bad name, royal.
Ah, you're here, is, aristocrats.
And not only that, but the Generals' lineage.
My grandfather was a general in imperial service.
And it's not a staff, rather than war.
Georgi was awarded. By the way, the Caucasus.
Cold, aristocratic, here we go, we observe that your place for combat vehicles.
If you are, of course, not protiviš.
Not oppose
The first one go the most experienced.
Here in my KMP.
There, in depth, we set up a hospital.
Lieutenant Kuckovo, here is your place. I understand!
Appropriate? Yes, totally, for processing.
We have a medical tent. We shall put it there for surgery.
I agree.
Where is wounded?
Gorohov nurse. Wounded here, now sleep.
Half an hour ago I told him injected paromidol.
So, well, let's look. Where can I wash my hands?
Tell me about the wounded.
Gunshot wound in the arm.
One BMP here to place a small maybe a good position.
Yes, it can.
Is it heavily here with you?
So we had to inflates.
Lost a lot of people? Three.
And how many of them are shot down?
Here, 30, and I still raided. And there twenty, but plus Habib.
Good statistics.
Good, but as we get them from session. Those of us did not know anything.
Now the situation has changed.
We do not know anything about them, and they know all about us.
And about you and about the composition.
Password seven days.
Listen, Kostjan... O!
If and when I become an officer, being a Our lieutenant or even a major Egorov.
Koljan, it would be to get a confirmation,
and to finish the Military Academy to the end.
I will get to finish. Ho to...
What are you laughing? To bet?
To bet. A?
The crate of beer.
No, let the whiskey.
Listen, the village, if you know, What is it whiskey? Whiskey...
No matter what you did, in our village brings up a whiskey
only he does not need anyone.
A confirmation will I get. Otherwise why I came into the army?
They called and came.
No, Kostjan. It may have you call and you have come.
And for farmers this is a map of life: see the world, show yourself.
Well, Kostjan, you're through half a year could be away with here,
to help your mother.
You are not wanted... Why?
And you have to, confirmation, and faculty are managed to finish.
What will you Army?
I do not know. I used to know, but...
Origin is committed. Town received.
Places of step with the march!
Kostjan, hang on! This is the last.
I generally like toast of black bread.
As large, lightly salted.
And, with beer, of course.
Toast with beer is great!
My mom these cutlets chicken first!
Hi, Dad!
So how are you, eh?
Well, hello.
How's mom?
Well, way.
Here, incidentally.
You sent.
Your favorite chicken cutlets.
Nina has everything in his repertoire.
She still can not believe that... What?
Well, yes, yes... If I had a who can bake the chops.
I told her, but she thinks You do not have money for chicken.
I am, inter alia, PhD.
Well, I mean, she thought proper.
Now let's eat. Come on.
Well, not trailing them home!
Come on, come on.
Shameful, uncomfortable.
Delicious. Nina is a master, as always. Specifically it is for you pripremilia.
I spoke with the vice-rector. And will return..
Mom asked?
He is an old friend, readily agreed.
It is silly to waste time on the army, you can...
Daddy, you is stupid to lose time. You have the physics...
And I, I do not have. Do you understand me?
You have your economy. You are taught in the economic.
I spit on the economy!
I do not want to be a banker, and from morning until the evening to count other people's money.
Dark to me of all these growth capital and other crap.
And you know what? I spit on Freedom.
The truth, spit!
Well, what do I need it, when I do not know what I want?
I can all day to predreždim home even a book in hand I do not take.
Nothing... Even TV does not turn on.
I hate myself for this, but I really I do not know what I want.
You can not imagine that!
All, all are trying something.
The mother from morning to evening spinning. Stepfather is simply a typhoon, nuclear stations.
In short, everything that happened, that the best army.
Listen to the commands: forward back, lie down, stand up,
and no freedom.
I'm eating all the chops.
Well, it should be.
Dad, my bus.
Kostjan! Listen, Kostjan? Maybe to take off our helmets, huh?
Well, so why? Lightning primarily hitting the iron.
Koljan. A?
I think that there, among kameljem, something moving.
However, it seems like it.
If you look even longer there are mountains that you dance;
No, Koljan, really, something is moving.
Exaggerated it.
I'm going to check it out.
And, so, Koljan?
Wait, I dropped the fly.
Listen, Kostjan? A?
Or to me also aggravates or there someone outside the mine poljeu rašećuje.
And why do not explode, and?
Kostjan, let's go to the ILC.
Come on, come on.
I spoke all the way it is.
Kostjan! What?
Take cigarettes, mine are wet. Well.
As far as setas the position?
Comrade Lieutenant, I need company commander.
You will not the minister of defense, personally?
What I am to you here?
I need a company commander!
Why is the duty prepireš officer, Vetrov?
What happened?
Comrade Lieutenant, someone crawls there, the mine field.
Ma seemed to him.
Admit it, you're asleep on watch?
Hang fire. I see.
What happened, Gorshkow? The spirits are there, Comrade Lieutenant?
Gad! Vetrov they saw, I initially did not notice,
and then, when the storm had abated, I looked and realized: it is not rock
but čurbani the search field, and remove the mines. Well, I was provoked by them
And why not use the connection?
Here is where the device. Why over it not reported?
Why did no helmet?
To make hair grow better. A coffee break.
Training immediately.
With me is not interrupted.
Who is this OKATO with you there, the cloves of mine discovered?
To have one here: Gorshkow snow.
And, I know them. Lionhearted! I have my thought that the jackal again zlutao.
OK. Soon I'll come with you. End.
What do you uzmuvali?
I posed a question.
While the iron is still hot, Comrade Lieutenant,
I want and the winds in other majors the scouts, under the contract.
Yeah... ren with a bump... Godin!
What Year? Why does everything I? Stop.
OK. End all, will order for the honor you prekomanduju.
It's just that I do not think it Vetrov wants, as strong as you. A Vetrov?
Comrade Lieutenant, can you I do this to wear under the helmet?
And why not? If you want to sleep in it.
OK. Vetrov, Gorshkow, I declare to you gratitude on behalf of the service.
Especially you Gorshkow. For determination effect.
And what... say? I did not understand?
Well, we serve the motherland.
It is understood that saying.
Serve the motherland!
Godin, follow me.
So, what do you here all promised?
It is evident in any they are able.
For 10 years it will all turn to in ruins.
We have to give it to people, which can all lead to the line.
It may be that you want, you to me worship, and our history?
As we gave resources and industry?
Let's see how this is regulated in Europe, in France, England,
where a large number of monuments.
Guys, move.
Listen, gentlemen, the problem should to access differentiated.
Security, remove them! Hooligans!
Remove them! Hooligans!
Let's go!
Let me go! I said, let!
Let me go! Run, you bastard! Let me tell you!
Listen, Kostjan... A?
What, has already begun?
What is it? It appears that the pig izrovala forest.
In their places!
What a pig? You have not met?
Detonator Mines UZRP "Put" "Pig" or "dragon Gorinič.
Need to adjust the defense.
We have 200 meters of the open front the visible advantage to their side.
Damn. Well, connect me with Mali.
Smoke, live? Normal. I was in the shelter.
Take a class and go down to the woods. ".
When you discover them, determine abundance. Without contact.
Your mission is reconnaissance.
I understand all the commanders. End connections..
Well, are you ready? Yes, yes, yes...
Come on!
Circular, perimeter Zaum!
Shoot the slope!
Left, left!
Demon, back!
Bars, Bars, I Fig. The forest is full of spirits. Advancing from three directions.
During the fight! Did you understand Reception.
Smoke, is it possible to withdraw? No.
Šmelj, a group of weapons, full set!
Do not do it, it does! Aaa!
Can you hear me?
I am the one who came to the slaughter Russian swine!
Why keep silent?
Swear, eh?
Here is one of your still alive.
Now we are going to be cut pumpkin!
You are going to the cast.
Allah Akbar!
All, the end of you, artifacts!
And in hell I'll find you!
Observer, artillery!
Guns, come and helicopters.
Thunder, Thunder, I am height. Invite fire in the square 3580th Reception.
Topaz, Topaz, I'm Bear. Hang on! In the mountains it is cloudy.
The next time the helicopter may not be. End connections.
To do.
Valer, here's what: receive Little themselves.
It seems to be the first to hit on her. Oh, well.
Lieutenant, I'll go with him. Closer to their vehicles.
In "storm door" but has 600 pipes.
militants and Rashid Habib Khan.
Well, okay. With them will also Tajmuraz to arrive.
And here are against them Holičev with their boyfriends.
All are ugovorci not the first time on the task.
Sitting in full combat readiness. Will start on the order.
Much as they need to reach Doronin? Five hours?
Send them. It's time.
Ghosts will understand where we send Holice.
And if you keep them here, wait, it will be too late.
And if paratroopers fail to come, company, will be destroyed.
Do you have some options?
It's not a game of chess Andrew Jurevič!
Pawn sacrifice to gain advantage.
When we are not pawns, we are people.
Only three and a half hours on call and smorio I, as a full year to be here.
You go to sleep. After 25 minutes the change.
Security! Security! Security!
Oh, my God...
Candidates Gratske Assembly and parties together with its administration
subject to the hooligan attack a group of unknown young people.
And, finally, something.
Come here.
Show around.
What happened to your eye, eh? They are the beat? The police?
The guard he was honored.
When he was caught, not supposed to flee.
Enough! Ma, come here, when I tell you!
Well, almost, now throw him out with universities, it is understandable.
Yes, of course...
Well. Is paid tuition? Paid.
Invite rector, he is your friend.
Give some money. I do not know... Something we have to do.
So why keep silent? It will take you to the army!
Of course, you're not his own father.
Yes, sorry, not born. You're born herself expelled, among others.
Until I apologize, I do not finger to MRDN, to help the hero.
His accomplices, among other things, 15 days sitting on land.
And thy house. Thank you nečoveče, thanks.
Topaz, Topaz, I'm Granite. Who's online?
Well, me and Kostjan.
Comrade Lieutenant, here at "Storm door" ghosts lined up.
Hang on! I quickly! I understand!
Listen, Kostjan! What they are, they surinuo the roof and the open lined?
Perhaps, they inflated?
Topaz, as I hear? Reception.
I see a squad of fighters from the direction of "Storm door".
About two hundred people.
Spirits somewhat saved. What the order? Reception.
All positions in the case ketanja to the "storm door"
open fire.
Do not allow the enemies of progress forward, even a few meters.
Well, this never seen before!
I did not understand, comrade Lieutenant.
So they did, promuvali up, promuvali.
We are mowed, mowed. and they otiišli deeper.
I have even killed some of them.
In the case of something, do not move up, Even if an attack comes from behind.
Have your own sector, and hold it. Is that clear?
Clear. Clear.
Hold on, guys. You are in our najisurenijem position. Good luck!
So, I understand. Where are you going?
Where is the hero, guard the homeland?
Bone is not at home.
Bone is not at home?
Very good. I'd like to see your husband.
Where to hide here?
What a palace...
Not be placed with bad folk money. Nothing...
Listen, if you do not immediately go here I will call security. Do you understand me?
Ooo! Here it is!
And, what we do for the country haringice the Guide?
I beg you to not talk so with my husband.
Listen, I am persuaded Kostika to go to your profile.
And he went after me like a calf.
Well, we spoil you holiday, and You are offended. But why stepson?
It's all one thing: whether the prison, or the army.
He will perish! What's the matter, do you not feel sorry for him?
Or will we now talk the need for Russia?
Spit to you! And for Russia, and for all!
First, Kostya I go into the army It was his decision.
Despite its principles, I spoke with the rector.
He promised to get it back, Kostya but chose a different solution.
Why do I Kačis noodles on the ears?
Wait, I did not understand something. Why I have not addressed?
Secondly, I promised the woman, he would be for half a year free from the disease.
Of course, if I wished.
What does it mean, if I wish? Mouse, what does this mean?
And this! Just have wiped his saliva.
Let him decide for himself sm!
But why do you listen? These are all lies!
He was such a job, he was dressed. Become unclear.
Come on and talk more about the long oradžbini. Come on, you shall burn.
I do not want to talk, because they do not understand.
Are you afraid that I will uflekati ketchup?
Thee is irritated by clothing stepson!
Bravo. Fu in.
He said it is true. I've decided. Let's go.
Well, you're a fool!
I forgot to tell you then.
Sorry, I was wrong.
In the car!
Thank you, Comrade Colonel.
With God, Major. Yes.
Be healthy!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Comrade Lieutenant, there is came to our Chechen, was wounded.
Hello, Commander.
Hello, Murat! How are you? Normal.
Just a scratch, not a wound.
We need to talk.
Comrade Lieutenant, looking for you online.
After bandaging the ILC.
Topaz, Topaz, I am the Eagle. Online.
See odret militants, moving in the direction of "storm door. "
And in front of the five men Slovenian looks. Apparently, the prisoners.
To overthrow, Persecutor?
In no case. You are our trump card.
But there is a minefield! I'm all told. Do you understand me?
Understood. Execute.
Dreams! Yes.
I thought, when the militants withdrew the hill, to give orders Eagle,
to cut their output.
Or are you planning to you keep as a backup?
So for such a case and keep them.
Then connect with them personally, these are your men.
Come on, come on!
Topaz, I am the Eagle. Yes.
Ghosts have retreated deeper into the mountains. Withdrew from direct fire contact.
Well, Eagles. Take shelter from the position and independently go to the Little.
Did you understand?
I understand you. End connections.
How you frightened me!
Sorry. I just wanted to know.
True, we know it, but I I do not know your name.
Sober? Yeah.
For vodka? It.
SAS, SAS, and what are there preturaš?
Come quickly!
Raja's aunt, you go. I will get you.
Well, they arrive, they arrive.
Did you hear my name? Same as your Alexander.
And you know my name? I do know everything about you.
It is better that you did not know.
Going home?
Can you ispratim?
But hade to go here not to run into prejudice Paradise.
Oh, sorry. Now I will.
Here. This is for you. Thanks.
Why did you hide?
Well, frankly, I was afraid. I thought that you will immediately scare me.
Connect me with bears. Yes.
Wait, commander.
Listen to me first. leave a link. Speeches, Murat.
Situation is like this...
I've been everywhere.
In the gorge of the river, it is 800 no less.
There are all mortars, recoilless rifles, bazookas,
arrows, stinger.
Yegorova, Lanevskog with me!
Flies. Yes.
Part of the detachment had gone right here in the mountains.
I do not know, may have the ability to bypass the heights,
and break out the "storm door". If you do not from the back, then sideways.
And I'm breaking my head, why have gone deeper into the hills!
This is the second clamp.
There is a detachment of an eye specialist. Before artillery attack there were about 200 people.
The village also appeared to the party.
Almost every house in several armed men.
The ring is closing, Sasha.
A little more time, and you You will be surrounded.
And then attack.
Simultaneously from all directions.
What do you suggest?
Topaz, Topaz. Reception.
Topaz, From the forest curtain mortar fire.
We hold the position.
There are losses.
Tristotke five and two dvestotke. Reception.
Eagles are back! Cover!
Everything is simple, Kostik, the deeper trench, the longer you live.
There is one path.
Here, not far from here.
If I zadimi space burial techniques, and immediately
cloak themselves change, we can go.
On this path, only you know Links Traffic or the well?
If there is someone in this area, then, and he knows it.
Then the trail turns the shooting, right?
In which we will be plain and simple killed. Is not it?
I ask you!
Let us leave the retreat, It will keep the militants.
Who? How?
And how to survive so long? While others do not come down to that your path.
Comrade Lieutenant, Medved.
Topaz online.
Topaz, I have for you good news.
Get ready to meet reinforcements.
In a few hours to reach their height.
Thanks. Just in time.
And what were you thinking!
We do not throw in our affliction. Only can not all always say.
Comrade Colonel... Please wait.
The convoy stopped in Šejhaiskom.
How the hell?
There are cooked amazing.
More than a hundred women and children lay down the the way before Aulom and do not let the column.
Fuck! Clear.
Topaz, if you hear me?
Can you go?
I did not understand you, Bear.
We have a FAQ. Reinforcements arrived later.
When later? I do not know.
Maybe, for an hour, maybe three. We have a FAQ!
Then this: the departure is not good because I will lose more people.
If it is a help,
send it to the route in the height of the 387th
The exact coordinates are now Shah will tell you.
Whether there will be a morning?
It will come. They need to come!
Give the coordinates.
Diktiraj coordinates of the track.
31151687. End connections. End connections.
Shah, you and I was a militant. What do you think you will start to attack?
It all starts and ends today.
Odlganje for them death.
Especially since, they surely know that is emerging as a reinforcement.
Well, then the positions. Yes.
Command commander!
You see, as he has started, poručnče?
Commandest, Captain, Major. A Shah of them was a colonel.
Well, guys, listen combat mission!
Command to manage perimeter.
When the enemy appears to open fire by any means necessary.
Save ammunition.
Remain on the higher end.
Those who leave the position and run away destroy an enemy.
Command to accept the United to himself.
For Minor to Major entrust Egorov. Yes.
Captain Lanevski to fire disable access from the direction of the village
and the rest of the forest Yes.
General management odbambenim I do my place.
All changes in the disposition of only on my personal statement.
In the event of my death or leaving the Allied command troop machine
transferred to the Major Egorova. Yes.
Still in command of a platoon commander.
With God.