Beyond Energy Healing - Now Healing 101 for Health Professionals

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Now Healing 101 for Health Professionals - Beyond Energy Healing
Hello, I’m elma with and if you are a healing arts
practitioner, a health practitioner of any kind, like a doctor, or a
nurse or a chiropractor acupuncturist, natureopath, homeopath, raiki
practitioner, any kind of an energy healer what have you, i would like
to share with you how you can use now healing to upgrade and
accelerate your healing results with your patients and your clients
and your self too. for instance, i have a client who is a healing
practitioner and she said that before using now healing, when she was
using healing touch, it took her about an hour in a session to remove
somebody’s pain. and now she says, with now healing, it takes about a
minute. so i would say that’s a b=pretty good improvement i terms of
how much time you have to spend to get results. Also, you can
integrate now healing with all of your healing modalities and all of
your education and knowledge to get really streamlines fast
transformation. Now healing is not medicine: we work directly
with energy which saves a lot of time and effort so this is a great
compliment to medicine or chiropractic or other modalities because while
you’re doing the chiropractic stuff or the medical stuff, you
can also take care of the energy stuff. I’m not talking about just
auras and chacras and meridians, I'm talking about information.
We go in and we change the information field, the energy field of the
issue that you’re working on whether it’s a physical ailment, emotion,
depression, a learning disability, a relationship, what have you,
we go in and we change the information field and that has far reaching
effects in reality. So if you want to learn how to get now healing
techniques tools and energy fields and integrate them into your
existing systems and practices, check out the now healing 101 home
study course. It take less than 7 hours, about 6 and a half hours,
to listen to the audio trainings. And then there’s a manual with
a bunch of check lists you can use to help your clients, your patients,
you can just run the checklist for them and do now healing alignments
very very easily and quickly you can be up and running in minutes
and you will see changes in energy that often lead to transformation
in reality. If you’d like to learn more, go to the website and check out now healing 101 home study course.
thank you for watching this is elma from now healing .com signing off.