Gönülçelen )) Episode 44 - Part 4/6 [English Subtitles]

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wait for me
dad give me some money
here you go
what will happen if my kids asked for money and I said NO
will they become criminals
what are you saying?
what am I saying? I am just asking you?
why are you late? you used to me on time always
look at the time now
see what time you arrived... why didn't you open the restaurant?
Cobra I didn't sleep all night
what were you doing? did you have nightmare like me?
give me the keys
Cobra I need to tell you something
Jafe tell me later
first we need to make money.. money
Jafer what's happening? why do you look like this
nothing Balcecik
are you on to something Jafer?
No.. everything is just normal..
it looks like a great place
come on let's take a walk
you can go.. I would like to walk by myself in the neighborhood
it's best if we walk together
ok if you want
look, how is it?
very nice
it's hand made you won't find it in an upper class store
why did you go through all this trouble sister
what trouble?
if I didn't trouble myself for your sake to whom would I?
Ok.. that's enough
after the wedding you can see everything
where is aunt? girl?
I'm coming.. I had a stomach ache so I ate something
I never knew there was such places in this city
neither do I, until I came here
and how did you come here?
Levent brought me here
don't run stop
catch the boy.. catch the boy
run... run...
you made him run away?
is this how you thank me?
why would I thank you.. You didn't even catch a little boy
I can't understand a thing
anyway you won't.. just go back to your fancy neighborhood
so you just started running suddenly
with her shouting I felt I had no choice
what then? What happened to Hasret?
I'm sorry.. I'm asking as if you were telling a story
aren't you curious about what happened next?
I want to give you some music lesson
I can make of you an excellent singer
in 5 month period you can go on stage.. a huge stage
but first you have to work hard
so you want to give me lessons
I'll give you a room
what room? what kind of school are you talking about?
it's not your voice that we need to work on but everything
it will be a disaster if you go on stage like this
why are you screaming?
look you have to decide fast
if you agree come.. it's your lifetime opportunity
there is many who would beg for such an opportunity
is anything wrong?
keep your hands away
I'll go and we will talk before you start your lessons
if you haven't noticed I didn't give my decision yet
Oh my God! look what happened to the cold Murat
and then what?
Mrs. Saime can I take a bath?
of course.. go ahead
after a nice bath we can put the Henna
Aunt wait..
didn't I tell you we have to see the situation first
I don't care about situation or anything else
we must do the henna... and that is it!
this is the henna don't drive me crazy
but does Hasret wants the henna
Mrs. Saime maybe you don't know
you weren't here back then
when Hasret was a kid she used to eat the fresh walnut
and put the peeling on her hand so it would look like henna
she likes it since childhood.. bye-bye for now
please don't mind her
she's like this
a person won't feel bored here.. look who happy they are
this is the face that you see..
they have problems just like us
even more
but they still know how to smile
you're right
not everyone have this virtue
you're so beautiful
thank you
when did we meet last? 15 years ago right?
longer than this
time flies by so fast that we don't notice
I think it's our destiny to meet
after all these years
I wanna ask you something
when the coffe comes would you dip your finger in it?
I like my coffe sweet and you're so sweet
why are you standing Balçeçik? have a seat?
No.. I wanna know what's wrong with you
I'm like this always
If i weren't your fiance
if I didn't know you for a while.. But I know you
I'll give Cobra his tea and I'll be back
go then
Cobra enjoy this tea from me
Cobra I've something important I want to discuss with you
Jafer, I've enough worries of my own
go now go..
have a good day
Mr. Murat, how are you?
Hi Cobra how are you?
good.. much better after seeing you.. Jafer
get a table ready for 2
mam.. welcome.. have a seat.. how are you?
- welcome - thanks
are you hugry?
a little
I'll get a table ready right a way
how did you find this place?
these are important customer don't make us loose them
who is she?
she's Jeren.. Mr. Murat's girlfriend
Mr. Murat why did you decide to give us the honor?
I came to give the kids a lesson
and we wanted to look around
the whole neighborhood is honored
welcome Mr. Murat
don't bother them
I want to talk to them.. that's all
how is it going?
are you still singing Miss Balçeçik
No I stopped
my fiance doesn't want me to sing
so you sing too?
yes. whenever possible.. I mean when I have time
if you want she can sing for you while the food gets ready
you want me to?
I want
I'm so excited.. Ok I'll sing then
that was good
you have a wonderful voice.. thank you
I'm the one to thank you
this food is prepared by Jafer
welcome.. bon appetie
come on Balçeçik
Bon appetit
enjoy the food
Bon Appetit
Hello Levent
what's in this box?
I have a surprise for Hasret.. Is she in?
she's in her room.. if you want I can call her
No.. Not yet I've to do something before
ok.. come on in
see.. how great is Mr. Murat
he left me 10 TL tips
Cobra I have to tell you something
I'm listening Kartal
it's a serious matter
ok tell me
yesterday I moved the cabinet, and i found a loose tile
I lifted it up.. and what did I find under it?
a rat right? Well you live there and not me
what rat Cobra? I found a map.. a treasure map
shut up.. calm down.. come..
explain to me
I have a cousin called Ihsan
He knows a lot about Treasure's maps
I saw once in his place a map just like this one
Oh! my God
Don't enter by surprise
we're doing the inventory.. excuse us
but I don't know for whom is the map and why was is in there
I did put it there.. it's mine
yours?.. Don't lie Cobra
Why would I lie?.. it's that big.. right?
No Cobra.. It's that big
Ok.. When you fold it it becomes that big
will you help me Cobra or not?
of course I'll help you.. we're brothers
but from now I'm telling you 3/4 of it is mine
ok Cobra.. let's find it first and then we'll discuss that
did we get lucky or what?
it seems we got lucky
do you give your lesson here?
how does it look?
strange.. where are your students
I think they haven't been here for a while
because you never come back sir
Hello Kadir
Hello Sir
of course you're Jeren
glad to meet you
can we talk in private?
I'll go back to the restaurant and have a cup of tea..
you meet me there
I know what you're thinking Kadir
I don't understand you, I can't figure you out
I try to put things together with my half fed imagination
I thought he was a man of his words, I was mistaken
your callous actions
you give me hope with your eyes
You are out of your orbit, and way out of line
You call this love.. It kills without mercy.. it takes life away
I thought you were man.. I listened to your advice
But your love was just a toy in your hands. A game full of lies
I can now see it in the eyes of this stranger in front of me
if he was near me I would've written a poem to him
and told him his mistakes
what I hate most is promises that are unkept
Life gives us lessons.. we know this yet we oppose
My people are ungrateful
They take what they want and get rid of what they no longer need
come with me.. I have a surprise for you
what is it?
don't ask.. just come