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"I'm fond of all beautiful things."
"I'm fond of all beautiful things."
"Nectar, flowers, and songs are my weaknesses."
"Nectar, flowers, and songs are my weaknesses."
"I'm fond of all beautiful things."
"All the villagers call me the nectar man."
"All the villagers call me the nectar man."
"Whoever sees me, says you are in my heart."
"Whoever sees me, says you are in my heart."
"Everyone's eyes are on me."
"Nectar, flowers, and songs are my weaknesses."
"I'm fond of all beautiful things."
"Somebody calls me a wasp, and somebody calls me mad."
"But nobody knows what is in my heart."
"Somebody calls me a wasp, and somebody calls me mad."
"But nobody knows what is in my heart."
"I have learnt to cry."
"I have learnt to cry."
"Never have I tasted life's sweet fruit."
"Never have I tasted life's sweet fruit."
"I'll pay any amount."
"Nectar, flowers, and songs are my weaknesses."
"I am fond of all beautiful things."
"Nectar, flowers, and songs are my weaknesses."
"I am fond of all beautiful things."
Hey, Majubi!
Greetings, Majubi. - Greetings, Mr. Moti.
Wow! What weather!
This year there won't be any paucity of sap.
Then you'll earn loads of money. - And you won't?
Not as much as I should be.
Sir, is it a joke to make juice from your molasses?
The molasses should be as good as the juice.
Collecting firewood, boiling the sap for hours. It's difficult.
You've to work hard in every job, Majubi.
You've to work hard to eat. This is yesterday's money.
Rs. 1.80 paisa.
What happened? Is the amount less?
30 paisa for one kg, so for 6 kgs it is Rs1.80.
Today I'll take it.
But from tomorrow I want 40 paisa per kg.
Don't joke, Majubi. - I'm serious.
You know how hard it is for me to make ends meet since Maroom's death?
Why? Didn't Mr. Razak leave you anything?
Yes. A ramshackle hut and a small piece of land.
But I pay your wages on time.
Yes, sir. But I get it only four months a year..
..when it's the season.
After that I just sit idle.
Why? Isn't this sufficient for one person?
Think whatever you want, sir.
But only the one suffering understands.
So what do you want?
You agree that you're biggest molasses seller in the market?
Yes. And I also know that it's all because of you.
Then why do you hesitate to increase my wages?
Majubi, my profit from the molasses is mostly..
..spent on preparation costs.
Now tell me, what do I do?
That is your problem. Think over it carefully.
If you're willing to pay 40 paisa, come to me.
Otherwise there are many molasses makers.
Majubi, you know you make the best molasses in the village.
I wish your talk was as sweet as your molasses, Majubi.
Get up!
Gafur! - Yes, sir!
You? So, you've come!
I've been waiting for you since the morning!
You're the one making me wait. Keep the shoe down.
I've been telling you to get me a bride for so long.
But you!
Today, I've got you three marriage proposals!
Oh no! - What happened?
Where have the girls gone?
Thank God! I was so scared!
How could all the girls disappear from my pocket!
Yes, the first one. The village is Hazratgang.
Father's name is Sir Khuda Varz. The girl's name is Gulnar.
Age is 18 years. Alimony is only 200 rupees.
Next. - The next one.
Second one.. Village name Mumupur.
Father's name is Sir Ali Deg.
Girl's name is Fatima.
Age is 17 years 2 months 8 days, and a few precious moments.
Alimony is only 250 rupees. This seems fine.
Next one.
This proposal is a good one. It declares.
Village name is Shahpur. Father's name is Karim Baksh.
Girl's name.. Girl's name girl's name is Bahar, Bahar.
Age is 16 years. - And alimony? - Only 300 rupees.
200, 250 and 300.
If I had that much money, wouldn't I marry a king's daughter?
Now you're talking rubbish. You want to best proposal.
And you don't even have any money. - Then what you are for?
That's what I'm saying.
At the young age of 36, I've arranged 360 marriages and 360 divorces.
But I haven't seen as useless a groom as you.
Forgive me. You want a young girl who's beautiful.
But you're willing to pay very little alimony.
I have to consider my pocket too.
So, take care of your pocket, and I'll take care of my business.
You don't earn well and want a good business.
My father didn't teach me this business. Greetings.
Listen, Gafur! - What?
Where are you going? Sit.
You make me mad. - Take a drag of this hookah.
Look brother, my mother taught me to be content with what I have.
This is true.
You know how much I earn.
If it were a matter of 50-100 rupees, I would have somehow managed.
I can't pay more than this. - That is true.
And I want to get married soon.
And you've been working for so many days. I feel very bad.
Bring proposals that meet my requirements, and also get you money.
That is true. - Yes.
I know one such proposal. It's from our village only.
Really! I know everyone. - She has just come.
Mushtaq Ali's niece.
Really! - Do you know what is her name? - What? - Her name is Chand.
She looks like a full moon. And she talks very sweetly.
From head to toe, she's like the moon.
And do you know, what's the best thing about her? - What?
And there's no question of alimony.
Really? No alimony!? Then I'll think about it.
No, talk to them right now.
Not now. First my work. We'll go after closing time.
Okay, I'll inform Mushtaq Ali we're coming.
Okay. - Goodbye.
My hands are itching to do business.
Hey come on! What are telling? - Please give me some money.
Hey, you don't worry at all!
I know that you are making false promises.
I told you! - Okay, I'm leaving.
I'll definitely finalize the proposal.
Hey, please come brothers! Come and buy my stuff.
Hey, please buy my molasses, sir. Come sir, please come.
He went there too.
Is that molasses Moti has or a bag of magic?
Mr. Acchan, I've seen ants glued to molasses, but not people.
This is all about luck, Mr. Chajjan. What can we do?
The molasses is good, but it's expensive.
Take this money and count it.
Moti sir, keep 5 kgs of molasses for me. I'll come to collect it.
Okay, Mr. Sadan. - What is your rate?
Rs. 3.25 rupees.
Rs. 3.25! But they're charging 3 rupees.
Sir, this is Moti's molasses.
You've to pay more for better quality stuff.
Sir, weigh 2 kgs of molasses quickly. My boat is about to leave.
I'll leave. - Why the hurry, Usman sir?
I'm in a hurry, because I'm afraid your molasses will be over.
Sir, I want 4 kgs of molasses.
I don't have that much. You can take the remaining molasses.
Give me what's left. - Pay me for 1.5 kg.
Look, Mr. Acchan. He sold all the molasses cakes.
And our goods are still unsold.
Maybe a customer will come.
So we can at least earn enough to eat.
Look, as long as he has molasses cakes, customers swarm around him.
And when the molasses is sold out, mosquitoes come.
What is it? What do you want?
God knows what she wants.
Your earrings are pretty. They would make a person stagger.
She wore them only for you, Moti. - Really!
Will you say something?
Okay, now both of you leave. We'll talk later. - Yes, go.
I.. - Yes, what about Mr. Mushtaq niece?
I've come about that, only.
Then let's go. - Yes. Let's go!
I don't know what's happening.
My hands have been itching since morning.
And my right eye is twitching too.
This is a sign that our work will be taken care of. - Yes sure.
Friend, do one thing. - What?
Buy some sweets for Mushtaq sir's kids.
One shouldn't visit the girl's house without any gift.
Listen, this is my own example. Of being experienced. Just listen.
Okay, attend to my basket. I'll be back in a jiffy.
Yes, yes, all right. Hey pal, while going keep my box at home..
Well doesn't matter..
Here are your sweets, Mr. Farukh. And beware of the crows.
Yes, Rishmag. - Half kg sweets.
Mr. Farukh! Give me my money.
I'm not here to give donations.
Yes, Mr. Moti, what do you want?
One box of good quality sweets. - Imartilal's sweets are the best.
Just say the name.
Everyone forgets to pay for the sweets after buying them.
But I haven't seen any customer..
..who forgets the sweets after paying for it.
The ones going to Shripur. The boat is ready to leave!
Come on, hurry up.
Up. Sir, be careful. The boat will capsize.
"Are you really so beautiful? Or is this heaven?"
"I had a dream."
"Or was it real?"
"I am so helpless, I have no idea."
"Heaven is just a little away from me."
"Heaven is just a little away from me."
Come on. Give me the money.
Uncle, who is he? - Who?
The one in your boat with a blue loin cloth and white shirt.
Mutalib? That is our Moti. - Moti?
Yes. - What does he do?
Goodness gracious! He extracts the sap from date palms.
There's only one who extracts sap in Sultanganj.
Give me the money. Come on.
Come on.
Uncle, who was that girl? - Yes?
What's the matter, son?
Even she was inquiring about your name and occupation.
Is she married, uncle? - I don't know.
But people say she gets proposals from far and wide.
Who is her father? - Mr. Sheikh.
Whose daughter, uncle? - Shripur Alam Sheikh.
Alam Sheikh?
You may or may not agree..
..but a tapper knows good juice when he sees it.
"I am not magnolia or jasmine."
"I am not marigold, or rose."
"But whoever I meet, says you're wonderful."
"What do I do if I'm Phool Banu?"
"What do I do if I'm Phool Banu?"
"I am not magnolia or jasmine."
"I am not magnolia or jasmine."
"But whoever I meet, says you're wonderful."
"What do I do if I'm Phool Banu?"
"What do I do if I'm Phool Banu?"
"All the villagers sigh when they say my name."
"Whoever sees my face says, hey beautiful."
"All the villagers sigh when they say my name."
"Whoever sees my face says, hey beautiful."
"Whoever sees my face says, hey beautiful."
"I'm not a cuckoo, or a nightingale. I'm not a book of songs."
"But whoever I meet, says you are wonderful."
"What do I do if I'm Phool Banu?"
"What do I do if I'm Phool Banu?"
"How can I know why the world is mad about me?"
"I'm beautiful, I'm young. Is that my fault?"
"How can I know why the world is mad about me?"
"I'm beautiful, I'm young. Is that my fault?"
"I'm beautiful, I'm young. Is that my fault?"
"I'm not beautiful enough to be leered at."
"But whoever I meet says you are wonderful."
"What do I do if I'm Phool Banu?"
"What do I do if I'm Phool Banu?"
Is Mr. Sheikh at home?
Do come in, sir. Come in.
Greetings. - Greetings.
I want to talk about your daughter's marriage.
About Phool Banu? - Yes.
Look, she has to get married someday.
How long will I keep a young girl at home?
But the thing is that..
I had a bad experience with my elder daughter's marriage.
With alimony of 52 rupees, it ended in divorce.
Now I'll think carefully before acting.
What do you mean?
Meaning, I'll get Phool Banu married.. the first guy who offers alimony of Rs. 500.
And I'll deposit it in the post office in their name.
Rs. 500? - Yes, Rs. 500.
From where have you come? - Sultanganj.
Who is the prospective groom?
I am.
What's your name? - Mutalib. My pet name is Moti.
What do you do?
I collect dates in the molasses season. - I see!
You extract it's juice? - Yes.
Okay, goodbye. - Goodbye.
Why are you going away annoyed?
What else can I do?
Didn't you hear the amount of money your father is demanding?
Yes, I did. So what?
You want your favorite thing, but don't want to pay for it.
Oh! So, it's the daughter who's greedy, not the father.
If that's so, then sit in a basket and go to the market.
You'll get the money.
Why a basket? I'll sit on a weighing scale.
And I'll be weighed with gold and gems.
Then let's see what deep waters you're in.
Hey, lovely prince! You're angry with me. At least listen.
Listen to what my heart wants. My father might ask for anything.
But the father's daughter doesn't want money, gold, or jewels.
Then what do you want?
A husband of my choice..
..who has self-respect.
But listen, don't sell your property for love.
Do what your heart says.
Yes, I understood.
Let the winter pass.
Then I'll show my self-respect as well as what's in my heart.
But will you wait till then?
Yes, of course. Don't think I'm so impatient.
Loan of 500 rupees?
I don't have any money.
Yes, I do have date palms. Take as much as you want from my garden.
Mr. Mallik, my problem can't be solved with your date palms.
Quote as much interest as you want. It's a matter of only Rs. 500.
I told you, I don't have the money! Get lost!
Mr. Chaudhary, I have a request. - Now what?
I want a loan of Rs. 500.
You think I'll give you the money?
But, Mr. Chaudhary.. I need it desperately.
Mr. Moti, do you think I'm a donkey?
You can't repay 50 rupees, and you want a loan for 500 rupees.
But I'll repay you, Mr. Chaudhary. - How?
The molasses season has just begun.
I'll repay every penny of the old as well as the new loan.
Mr. Moti, I'm aware of your how much you earn.
To repay Rs. 500, it will take you 3 years. Understood?
You're asking me for Rs. 500?
Mr. Moti, you may have Rs. 500.
Because you're the best date sap tapper in this village.
Mr. Banerjee, I need 500 rupees desperately.
I'm in big trouble. It's a matter of my reputation.
You don't have any wife or kids.
What do you do with all your money?
..from what I earn, I pay half the money to that molasses maker.
I sell molasses at 2.50-3 rupees per kg.
Now you tell me how much will be left with me?
You're right.
Why don't you marry a molasses maker.. you won't have to pay her wages?
And you won't have to take a loan either.
Aren't I right?
Who is it? - Moti.
Are you sleeping?
What do you want?
Majubi, I know it will be trouble for you.
But if you open the door, I'll be able to talk to you.
You just land up here without noticing the time.. argue about that 30-40 paisa.
But I'm not going to listen to it.
I haven't even been well these days.
What is health, Majubi?
One's health depends on the feelings of heart.
If your heart is vibrant, the whole world is beautiful.
Say whatever you want, sir.
But I won't accept a penny less than 40 paisa.
Majubi, you're just haggling for 40 paisa.
What if I pay you 1 rupee instead?
Don't joke, sir.
If you want to discuss business then go on or I'll go back to sleep.
We must sleep, Majubi.
The night is created to sleep.
But we can't order sleep to come.
And how can someone spend these winter nights awake alone?
Don't be offended, but I want to say something.
I want to marry you. A proper legal marriage.
Then my house will be yours.
Couldn't you find someone else to flirt with?
Is there a deficit of young girls in the village..
..that you had the audacity to come here?
There is no deficit, Majubi.
But those girls are vessels of raw sap.
Really! - Yes.
And me?
You're an intoxicating drink for the thirsty..
..a scrumptious meal for the hungry.
How can they compete with you?
Pardon the inconvenience, Majubi.
Now I'll leave.
I said what was in my heart. Now the decision is yours.
I'm taking the molasses, Majubi.
Have you thought about what I said last night?
Today you'll have lunch with me.
Elder sister, what do I tell you?
I was filling water, slipped and sprained my leg.
Elder sister, smoke from spices is coming out of Majubi's house.
You're right.
She's cooking flavoured rice and the spice is sitting before her.
Spice? - What else? Can't you see Moti sitting like a devotee?
Big sister, can't you see Majubi all decked up?
Let's go. God knows what's going on between them. - Come on, let's go.
Tell me, Majubi.
How much alimony do you want?
I've heard you're a playboy.
If you've not given it to anyone else, give it to me.
Brother has come. - Brother?
Razak sir's elder brother.
Greetings. - Greetings, Moti. How are you?
What's the occasion, Maju? Who's coming for lunch?
He is.
Oh, congrats. Congrats.
May you be happy, dear.
Goodbye. May God protect you, dear.
Go dear.
That old hag!
She must have wrought some black magic!
Moti could never be seduced by her.
He got what he deserved.
A flirt!
He used to stare at me whenever he passed by.. if he'd never seen a young girl.
Leave me. What are you doing?
Aziz.. - Yes. - Yes. - Greetings, Malik sir.
What's the matter? - Malik sir, I need some trees.
The other day you told me to take as many as I want.
Yes, how many do you want?
Around 40-50. - 40-50!
Okay, but they have become shriveled.
You won't get any sap from them.
Leave that to me. Just give me your assent.
Okay. If you're so confident, how can I refuse?
You can take them. - Thank you so much. Goodbye.
Are you asleep? - No.
From the past few days, you've been bringing more vessels with sap.
What's the matter?
Oh yes, I forgot to tell you.
I've bought a few more trees from Mr. Malik.
Why are you taking so much trouble for just the two of us?
You've to work very hard, don't you?
I'm not concerned about that. I'm worried about your health.
I'm afraid you may fall sick.
Give me for 25 paisa.
It is Rs. 2 a kilo. - Give me.
Half a kilo. - Half a kilo!
Take half a kilo.
75 paisa for a kilo.
This year it is more..
Maju dear, we're here.
Please come, sister. - We've been planning to meet you for long.
We haven't seen you since you left that house.
Today we decided to meet Maju come what may. - So nice of you.
I'll be right back. - Okay, fine.
It's fresh molasses. - She works hard to prepare it.
But she earns well too. - Yes, that's true.
Take this, big sister. - Wow!
Eat it.
Big sister, see how thin Maju has become?
That was bound to happen when she's been toiling away day and night.
She's doesn't sit idle like us.
This work is my life, big sister. - Yes dear, but you should relax too.
It's the grace of God, elder sister.
And she has a handsome husband. Praise thy Lord!
Both are only engrossed in the sap.
Long live Moti's sap! - And long live Maju's molasses!
Greetings. - Greetings.
This is half the money as an advance, Mr. Sheikh.
What for?
Your daughter's alimony.
But what will I do with this now?
I heard you've married a widow named Maju.
How can my daughter go to a house where there's another woman?
There'll be quarrels everyday.
Why do you worry about that, Mr. Sheikh?
Until the trees have sap, and I feel cold, Majubi will live with me.
When the winds blow away, it will sweep Majubi with it.
Have a seat.
Have a drag of this Hookah.
You're very straight forward and intelligent.
You'll be able to handle her.
Talk to Phool Banu on your way out.
Look who turned out to be impatient.
Here I've been waiting for you eagerly.
And you married another woman.
What else could I do?
There must be someone at home to cook.
Who'll will boil the juice and make molasses?
And if I don't sell molasses and make money, how will I be respected?
I had to find a way to salvage my respect and life too.
I've understand. You saved your respect and life.
But how will her fragrance leave your body?
Why are you worried, Phool darling?
We'll dangle our legs by the river side..
..and get rid of the fragrance with soap.
Really! - Do you think I'm lying?
As the wind blows, my body will exude a new flower's fragrance.
Just wait for two more months.
I'm not so impatient.
"We'll live together forever."
"We'll live together forever."
"We'll live together forever."
"We'll live together forever."
"In sunshine or there be shade, day or night."
"We'll live together forever."
"We'll live together forever."
"In a dawn of pain or a morning of happiness."
"I can face anything with your support."
"With your support."
"With your support."
"In life and death, we should hold hands."
"We'll live together forever."
"We'll live together forever."
"We won't commit or swear on each other."
"When we talk, we'll say we'll never part."
"We'll say we'll never part."
"We'll say we'll never part."
"Let the love and affection stay the same."
"We'll live together forever."
"We'll live together forever."
"There mustn't be any wall between us."
"Oh my beloved never be angry with me"
"There mustn't be any wall between us."
"Oh my beloved never be angry with me"
"There mustn't be any wall between us."
"Oh my beloved never be angry with me"
"Everyone should talk only about us."
"We'll live together forever."
"We'll live together forever."
"In sunshine or shade, day or night."
"We'll live together forever."
"We'll live together forever."
"We'll live together forever."
"We'll live together forever."
Take this.
What's the matter? I made dinner with so much love..
..and you haven't even touched it.
You work so hard.
If you don't eat well, you'll ruin your health.
My friend forced me to have dinner with him.
So, I had dinner with him. - Okay.
Oh, did your friend like the molasses?
Yes, very much. He praised you a lot.
Actually I'm still not satisfied.
I should have made better molasses.
Listen, buy some sweet soda from the market tomorrow.
Soda improves the colour and aroma of the molasses.
Day and night I dream of my husband selling molasses in Delhi..
..and of it becoming renowned.
Greetings, sir. - Greetings. Come.
This is Rs. 250.
Give me change in tens. - Okay.
Mr. Moti 2 months ago, you borrowed 250.
Where did this come from?
Sir, the molasses season is going well.
And I've also increased the molasses rate. - Okay.
Here, Mr. Moti.
Greetings. - Greetings. Mr. Moti, how are you? Do have a seat.
You've come for the first time since your wedding.
Is everything alright? How's Maju?
I want to talk about her actually. - Is everything alright?
..I want to divorce Maju. - What are you saying?
Greetings. - God bless you, dear.
I'm blessed to have you visit us. Have a seat.
What brings you here?
Is everything alright?
Actually, Moti is not happy with you.
Unhappy? With me?
He wants to divorce you.
Divorce! Why? What did I do wrong?
Mr. Moti has complained of your extramarital affair with Mr. Waheed.
Oh God!
Is this true? Is that what you think?
You couldn't think of any other excuse!
Aren't you ashamed..
..of slandering a decent man like brother with your false allegations?
How could you say such a filthy thing to the priest?
How could you think like this?
Shame on you!
I had no idea you were so depraved.
Dear Moti, you still have time to think.
What will he think about now?
This was his ploy from the very night he proposed to me.
If you were bored of me you could have said..
..Majubi the date sap season has ended..
..and the molasses's made. I no longer need you now, so you can go.
And I would have left the same way I came.
Helpless, unfortunate and pure.
And before leaving I may have even blessed you.
But now you'll get nothing but my curses.
I considered this hut heaven and a beast a saint.
Oh my wretched fate! My world was already ruined.
But at least I could sleep peacefully in my house of thorns.
You woke me up and brought me here!
Now I won't stay here a moment longer!
Go on, say the words you're dying to utter! Say them!
..I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you.
Are you happy now?
Before leaving I would like to say that you've humiliated.. innocent person.
God will never forgive you! Never!
Goodbye, my children.
I was also wondering what the matter was. - Yes, yes.
Big sister, look there.
Aunt, what is this? Oh my God!
Greetings, aunt. - God bless you. - God bless you.
Moti. - Who is she?
Your daughter-in-law.
Where have you brought this beautiful girl from?
From where have you brought this fairy?
Big sister, I'll take your leave. - Okay dear, congrats. Congrats.
Congrats dear, congrats. Sister.
Aunt.. - Yes, big sister.
He married a new girl and tossed the old one away.
Big sister, say he got a sweet and tossed the molasses away.
Hey, my good sister! - Hey, now will you tell me anything or not?
Hey, what were you talking about lump of molasses?
Didn't you see Moti's new wife? - Oh really?
She looks like a fairy from heaven.
Beautiful as a moon!
Leave me. What are you doing? - What happened?
Someone might see us.
Now forget all this work. It can be done afterwards.
How long will I have to wait more? Yes?
Keep patience, dear. Keep patience. How did you spend so many months?
Hey, that I had to spend along with the date trees.
Hey leave me! Hey, please leave me. Ouch!
Oh God! I'm feeling suffocated!
Hey, go to your date trees again.
Only a date tree can understand the love of a tapper. Ouch!
The season of dates is only for two-four months, darling Phool.
Greetings, brother.
Greetings. Where were you?
I've been waiting for a long time. - I had gone to work.
What work?
The juice season is over.
I've got a job cooking at sir's house..
..until his wife returns from her parents' home.
Then I'll get a leave.
I was passing this way so I came here to discuss..
..something urgent with you.
That's why I have come here. - Yes, tell me.
I have a friend, Mr. Nadeer whose wife died a few days ago.
He has three small kids and is finding it very difficult to cope.
What does he want?
He wants a wife who is more than just a doll for 24 hours.
She should do the household work and look after the kids.
I've brought this message from him.
If you say yes, I'll proceed.
No, brother.
Forgive me.
Show me. - Look at this, sir. It came just yesterday.
What do I do with such big cloth?
This one is good.
How much is it? - 20 rupees.
Pack this. - Okay.
This sari is lovely. How much did it cost?
Forget about money Phool, do you like the sari?
It's gorgeous.
For whom is this betel leaf?
To redden your thick beautiful lips.
"O beloved, why did you bring the betel leaf, my lips natural red?"
"O beloved, why did you bring the betel leaf, my lips natural red?"
"Sweet heart, in fact your lips are black."
"So you only chew this betel leaf."
"And you make yourself good looking."
"My lips are natural red."
"O beloved, why did you bring the betel leaf, my lips natural red?"
"The kohl, vermillion, perfumed oil and henna."
"Bracelets, earrings and sari."
"But the most beautiful and most valuable, is your love, O beloved."
"I have handed over my body and heart to you."
Increase your love day by day."
"God has done a favor to me."
"My lips are natural red."
"O beloved, why did you bring the betel leaf, my lips natural red?"
"I was the fairy, flying freely in the sky."
"I was entrapped in your trap, I the innocent girl."
"You've aroused me so much, that I can't control my heart."
"Whether you believe me or not."
"My lips are natural red."
"O beloved, why did you bring the betel leaf, my lips natural red."
"I know your intentions that why you are feeding this betel leaf."
"You want to taste my lips along with the juice of the betel leaf."
"Your way of loving me is different, O my darling beloved."
"Hey, you are a very innocent fellow."
"My lips are natural red."
"O beloved, why did you bring the betel leaf, my lips natural red?"
This poor girl is burdened with so many problems.
This is Maju, who is enduring this hardship.
Anyone else in her place would have taken poison and killed herself.
Big sister, what are you saying? Let her enemy take poison.
If this happened to me, I would have taught that Moti a nice lesson.
Forget it, sister.
It was destiny.
What? That you've to sew old clothes for a living..
..while he buys colorful saris and spends lavishly?
Why wouldn't he spend money lavishly?
Because of Maju's toil he earned so much.
Maju faced suffered, so that Phool could sleep in the bed of flowers.
Phool darling! He's crazy about her.
Day and night he chants Phool darling.
Let that Phool darling rot in hell. - Enough, sister!
Leave me alone!
Let's go. - Yes.
You come here needlessly and waste my time and yours too.
I have explained several times to you. Mind your own business.
Brother, who were you talking about that day?
About Mr. Nadeer? I met him today too, and he said the same thing.
How old is he? - He's about 50 like me.
Does he extract juice in the winter?
No. By the grace of God, he has a small piece of land he works on.
If you say, do I speak to him? He won't wait for long.
There is no need to wait.
Imarti brother. - Yes, brother?
Give me six cheese dumplings and four sweet balls.
And half of that too.
Take it just now, Mr. Moti.
Okay, did your wife like yesterday's sweets?
Moti sir, it's not just your date trees that have juice..
..but my sweets too.
Mr. Nadeer. Mr. Nadeer, congrats on your wedding!
Congrats, Imrati brother. Same to you.
When will you distribute wedding sweets?
I'll buy it from you only.
Do you want sweets for the new wife?
Not now. I'll send my man in the evening. Give him the sweets.
As you wish. - Greetings.
What did you say Moti? 6 cheese dumplings..
..4 sweet balls and half kilo sweets.
Just today I made a new kind of sweet.
Your wife will like it and she'll praise Imarti Lal.
Hey Ragua, get the sweets from inside.
"The shore is far away."
"The shore is far away."
"The river is very deep."
"Your boat is broken, how will you go?"
"How will you go?"
"The shore is far away."
"Sometimes there is thunder, sometimes a storm."
"Sometimes there are strong waves."
"Hey! Boatman."
"Sometimes there is thunder, sometimes a storm."
"Sometimes there are strong waves."
"Only he who doesn't lose hope wins."
"Only he who doesn't lose hope wins."
"The shore is far away."
"A small support will suffice for someone drowning."
"Hey! Boatman."
"A small support will suffice for someone drowning."
"The heart agrees."
"The heart agrees."
"There is the shore."
"Boatman, how will you go?"
"The shore is far away."
"The river is very deep."
"Your boat is broken, how will you go?"
"How will you go?"
"Boatman, how will you go?"
Sister, father has come.
Daughter Shamina!
Here are your three kids! Shamina! Aziz! Firdaus!
Greet her. - Salutations!
Salutations! Live long!
Shamina, take your mother inside.
Sister Amina. - Yes.
Take this luggage inside and bring my hookah on your way back. - Okay.
We're rid of a very big nuisance!
She would torment us everyday like a witch.
She complained about every thing.
We are completely safe now.
Don't you agree, Phool Jaan?
Why? Are you very scared of witches?
No. Why would I be scared of witches now that she's gone?
Now I'm scared of this angel in front of my eyes. - Shut up!
Why are you scared of this angel?
How can she be trusted? She can flap her wings and fly away anytime.
No, dear.
Now this angel doesn't want to fly anymore.
She has found her home.
But I want one thing. - What is that?
To always have the love and affection of the man of this house.
That's it.
Don't worry, Phool Jaan! I'll love you as long as I live.
Take this.
You've a lot of difficulty, don't you?
Yes, I do. So? I won't die, will I?
My dear, I was born in a house with many people.
I have not come from the heavens above.
That's fine. I meant that Phool Jaan's lovely body will be ruined.
And what about your condition?
You were so fair.
Now because of your toiling night and day, you've become so dark.
Just let it be winter, Phool Jaan.
Then there'll be only beautiful scenery all around..
..and I'll become fair.
Then this flower will also blossom.
Phool Jaan! - I'm here. Come here.
It is very cold outside! - Yes, it is very chilly.
Oh my God! What are you doing? Let go of me.
You are completely wet!
Winter's very late this year.
Anyway, never mind!
I'll fulfill everything that I couldn't.
Did you hear me? - Yes. I heard you.
This time winter's very late.
But never mind! We'll fulfill everything we couldn't.
We have taken many loans, Phool Jaan.
I'll work very hard day and night to pay back our debts.
I'll have to buy more trees too.
And do you know what you've to do?
Tell me.
You will have to repair these stoves.
You've to extract the juice from the fruit, and boil it.
You've to make molasses cakes with your sweet hands.
Understand? - I understood.
Let go off me.
Hey? You slept?
Hey? Please, get up.
I'll teach you a lesson just now. He's sleeping like a log. Huh!
Please, get up!
Hey darling, please get up. Please, get up.
Let it be!
Phool Jaan! Hey Phool Jaan!
'Oh my God! So many utensils.'
Come on, my dear. Get ready to boil the juice.
The molasses cakes must taste as sweet as you.
We're going to make molasses cakes of so much molasses? - Yes.
But in my father's house, they made molasses cakes..
..of only one or two pots.
I have never even seen so much juice.
Why is there need to worry? I'm here to explain everything to you.
And what is so difficult about this
You just have to boil the juice. Until it bubbles.
Bubbles! - Yes.
The way it bubbles in your mind before laughing.
Hurry up! It is time to go now, my dear.
Take them. The molasses cakes are ready.
Let me see what you've made.
Today I'm going to taste your molasses cakes.
Congratulations! - Okay, Phool Jaan.
What do you need from the market? - Nothing.
Just come back soon.
Okay. Goodbye. - Goodbye.
So brother, is everything fine? - Yes, everything is fine.
Salutations, brother Sikander! - Please, come!
Hey come, Nanhe brother. Greetings.
Greetings, brother Sikander! - Greetings!
I haven't seen Moti so far.
Has he sold his goods and left already? - He has not yet come.
Let's see if this year the customers eat his..
..molasses cakes or the ants do.
Why? - His lucky mascot Maju got married and went away.. another village.
Now let's see how his Phool Jaan makes molasses.
But brother Sikander, Moti has extracted a lot of juice today too.
You've no sense at all. - Why?
Even we extract lots of juice. - Yes.
But only Maju can make the kind of molasses the customers clamor for.
You are absolutely right.
Hey, as if it's not Moti's molasses, but the famous sweet of Banaras.
Salutations, Sikander!
Salutations! - Salutations! Salutations!
Hey! Brother Moti, give me three kilos of the molasses like before.
My wife really likes your molasses cakes very much.
Brother Moti, give me too.
Your sister-in-law asked me yesterday why I didn't bring molasses cakes.
Today I'll definitely take them.
Brother, first give me the molasses.
Give it to me first brother.
Three kilos. - You give me first brother Moti.
Goodbye, Sikander!
It is amazing!
Moti has been performing this miracle for the past 10 years.
He has ruined us.
Moti is fine, but now he's brought his Phool Jaan to ruin us further.
Oh yes! Phool Jaan has arrived, brother. Yes Phool Jaan has arrived!
Phool Jaan! Hey Phool Jaan!
What are you searching for? - Molasses cakes.
Molasses cakes? - Yes. - All the molasses cakes have been sold.
All the molasses cakes have been sold? - Yeah.
Do Moti's molasses cakes take long to sell?
I just laid down the basket and the molasses..
..cakes were immediately sold.
May God always be so generous with us!
What happened?
These are the same molasses cakes he's famous for.
Brother, last week I trusted you..
..and bought molasses worth Rs. 10 without even tasting it.
I assumed Moti's molasses cakes were the best.
What are you saying, brother?
I'm appreciating your molasses cakes.
We made a rice pudding, but nobody ate it because of your molasses.
The milk and rice was wasted, and the price of molasses fell too.
What is wrong with my molasses cakes? - Well said, brother!
You sell the molasses cakes, and you don't know what's wrong with them?
Go and deceive somebody else.
Taste it yourself and see.
Nobody will even pay half the price.
Moti, what is wrong with you?
We still remember the sweetness of your molasses cakes of last year..
..but this year they are horrible.
Chhajjan and Acchan have better molasses cakes than you.
Chhajjan, my dear! Are my ears deceiving me?
You've heard absolutely right, Mr. Acchan.
Hey, it's terrific pal.
Get away from here.
These molasses cakes are to be sold. Moti's cakes are for flies.
They have the right, pal. They definitely have a right.
Come brother come. Please, come.
Two kilos. - Two kilos!
Yes. - Take it, brother. They are the best.
What is the price? - Rupees 3.50 per kilo.
Phool Bhanu!
Phool Bhanu!
Come here. What molasses cakes did you make?
I have explained so clearly to you. But you simply do not understand.
Who will buy these molasses cakes?
Where are you going? Can't you hear what I'm saying?
Yes. I can hear you.
How were they sold on the first day?
You must know how to sell it.
Fine. You go to the market and sell them for me.
And if anybody buys the molasses cakes.. will be because of your beautiful face, not because of their quality.
Did you understand?
You should know how to sell it seems!
Come here.
Take it! - How much do you want?
Come on. Salutations!
How much should I weigh?
2 kilos? - Take 3 rupees.
Take it. Come on.
Come here. What are you looking at?
Here you are. Give it.
Take it, sir.
Brother, please buy some molasses cakes.
No. I don't want your molasses cakes.
But listen to me at least.
How much? 1 kilo? Here.
How much will you sell it for? - Just 3 rupees a kilo.
The molasses cakes are not very good. - What are you saying?
These are Moti's molasses cakes.
Whoever's it may be.
Nobody will pay even a rupee for molasses of such quality.
And you want three rupees for it.
I'll take it for Rs. 2.
Come on, take it for two rupees fifty paisa.
Look, I have told you a fair price for molasses of such quality.
If you want, give it. There are many other shops otherwise. - Fine.
How much do I weigh? - Just a quarter kilo.
Chajjan. - Yes, Achchan?
Phool Jaan's molasses cakes are not tasty.
Yes, Mr. Acchan. Tomorrow on your way here..
..bring me a post card from the post office. - Why, brother?
I'll write a letter to Majubi..
..and tell her to see the market king's condition.
Send a photograph of Moti's basket with it.
She'll come immediately then.
Am I right or not? - Absolutely, man!
So funny.
I'm working hard. Harder than last year.
But customers don't like my molasses.
They mock at me.
I'm willing to sell them cheaper.
Even then nobody is willing to buy it.
And why? What do I lack?
Phool Bhanu, try to understand.
My molasses cakes are not being sold.
The reputation that I have built over so many years has been shattered.
Before making the molasses cakes..
..take some juice in a bowl and taste it.
Then you'll know if the molasses cakes are ready.
Are you listening to me? - I'm listening to you.
You just keep yelling.
I have to work hard in the day. And listen to your rebukes at night.
'Listen. Just buy some sweet soda from the market.'
'That improves the color and aroma of the molasses.'
I keep dreaming that my husband's molasses cakes will be famous.'
What is the matter? - I'll not allow you to extract the juice.
Why? What happened?
Something is wrong with your juice.
It's the cause of our problems.
What are you saying?
The juice is our daily bread.
But everybody doesn't earn their bread by juice only.
Why don't you do other work so we can prosper?
Neither of us will complain.
No, Phool Jaan. This cannot happen. - Why?
Today if I'm a little well known.. is all thanks to the juice I extract for the molasses cakes.
My life without the juice will be completely empty.
So, I mean nothing to you?
Listen to me.
Look Phool Jaan..
..the sweeter you are, the sweeter the juice is.
If you don't take proper care of it.. will be angry like you and become bitter.
And the consequences will not be good.
You mean I do not work hard?
Look at how dull my body's become because of..
..sitting before the furnace.
Yes, Phool Jaan. But I want my molasses cakes to taste like before.
Everyone appreciated them and were willing to pay any price.
Look Phool Jaan, you need determination and understanding.. boil the juice.
And you are a clever girl.
The molasses cakes must be as sweet as you.
"I have to dress up for my beloved!"
"I have to dress up for my beloved!"
"Let me just tie up my disheveled hair."
"And smoothen the texture of my body."
"Because I have to dress up for my beloved!"
"I have to dress up for my beloved!"
"When the water falls on my body, feel the heat."
"I don't know in what fire my body burns."
"When the water falls on my body, feel the heat."
"I don't know in what fire my body burns."
"Just let me erase the tiredness of the whole day."
"Let me smoothen the texture of my body."
"I have to dress up for my beloved!"
"I have to dress up for my beloved!"
"Let me wash my body slowly and softly."
"So I'll be as fragrant as a blossoming flower."
"Let me wash my body slowly and softly."
"So I'll be as fragrant as a blossoming flower."
"I'll borrow the wings of a butterfly."
"Let me smoothen the texture of my body."
"Because I have to dress up for my beloved!"
"Because I have to dress up for my beloved!"
"I'll get ready and look very beautiful."
"I'll drive him crazy with my sensuous eyes."
"I'll get ready and look very beautiful."
"I'll drive him crazy with my sensuous eyes."
"Just let me look at myself in the mirror."
"Let me protect myself from lechers."
"Because I'm ready for my beloved now."
"Because I'm ready for my beloved now."
"Because I'm ready for my beloved now."
"Because I'm ready for my beloved now."
Phool Jaan!
How are the molasses cakes today?
Phool Bhanu! Where are you? Why don't you speak up?
You wretched woman! You lousy woman!
The entire molasses is burnt. And you're beautifying yourself.
You come before me like the portrait of a beautiful heroine.
Look, don't touch my hair. Don't raise a hand on me.
Oh! If I touch you, you lose your dignity, right?
But this stick will not malign a princess like you, right?
You will become unholy if I touch you, but not if this stick does.
You sully woman! Because of you, I have been ruined.
I have been insulted and maligned.
You wretched woman!
My dear, it was you who insisted on getting married.
Many boys wanted to marry my daughter.
She had many better proposals.
Father, take me away from here.
I'll not be respected here.
No, daughter. You must not talk like that.
Moti, I did not expect this from you.
Father, he says I have completely maligned his..
..reputation in the market.
If the molasses cakes were his priority, why did he marry me?
Please, ask him.
What more is there to be asked now, daughter?
Whatever the Almighty wants happens.
Son.. an old man let me give you some advice.
It is very easy to break things, but very difficult to create.
Life must be lived.
As long as you're alive, you must be happy.
It is just a matter of one or two more months, Phool Jaan.
Once the molasses season ends..
..your problems will end too.
No. It is no problem.
Come on, sir. - This is good.
You are strange!
Amazing. The sugarcane was bad.
Tell me, Moti.
What's your excuse now?
When I came that day, you said you'd give me the money yourself.
So many days have passed With no sign of you.
What do I do, Mr. Chaudhary?
This has been a very bad season.
That's not my concern. Talk about my money.
Mr. Chaudhary.. please, give me a few more days.
It would be very generous of you. - I don't care about generosity.
For the last time I'm warning you.
If Chaudhary knows to give money, he knows how to get it back, too.
Mr. Chaudhary since you're here, take some molasses cakes for your kids.
I don't want your molasses cakes. I want my money.
Salutations, Mr. Nadeer! - Salutations!
Are you all right? - By the grace of God.
Your kids are all right? - They all are very well.
Please take some molasses cakes for your kids.
It's very tasty. - It has to be.
Can your molasses cakes ever be bad?
No, sir. Now those days are gone.
Take this. - How much is it?
Forget about the price. I'm giving it to you for your kids.
Just tell them it's from uncle Moti.
Sir, you are in the market to sell the molasses cakes..
..not give them away for free.
I'll not accept it unless I pay for it. - Fine.
Eat it. If you like it, pay me next week.
No, sir. You've to take the money now.
Okay, goodbye!
There are so many molasses cakes in the house. Why did you buy more?
I met Moti in the market. - What?
He forcefully me to take some.
That poor fellow was in a very pathetic condition.
From what he said, I could easily tell..
..that his molasses hasn't sold well this year.
That's fine, but why did you go to his shop?
I didn't. I was passing by in the market and he called out to me.
Gave me molasses. He said it's for the kids.
Fine. Give it to the ones he sent it for. I'll not touch it.
If you talk to him again, I'll leave the house.
You will not see my face when you wake up in the morning.
I'm not like other girls. I mean what I say.
Don't be angry, my wife. If you want, I'll stop going there.
Now just forget about your anger.
Yuck! These molasses cakes are terrible!
'We made a rice pudding, but nobody ate it because of your molasses.'
'The milk and rice was wasted, and the price of molasses fell too.'
'Moti, what is wrong with you? '
'My molasses..'
'Go and deceive somebody else.'
'Taste it yourself and see.'
'Nobody will even pay half the price.'
'I don't want your molasses cakes.'
'Moti has prepared the molasses cakes.'
'Wonder, mister. Wonderful.'
'2 kilos. - 2 kilos?'
'Then she will come here very soon.'
Didn't you bring the juice today?
Are you feeling all right?
Don't you've to boil the juice today?
Forget about the juice.
From today, your problems are over.
But the sap season hasn't ended.
It has.
It has ended for me.
With your permission can I go to my father's house for a few days?
When will you go?
I'll go right now.
Give me some money.
It is in the box. Take it.
Is Mr. Nadeer at home?
Who is it?
You! Please, be seated.
What brings you here?
Why did you bring this juice?
Listen. Please, come here.
Excuse me. I'll be right back. Please, be seated.
What is the matter, wife? - Tell him to leave this house right now.
Isn't he ashamed of coming here? Why's he here now?
How dare he enter this house?
Speak softly, wife. Lower your voice. He may hear.
A human being has come to another human being's house.
Is this how you speak?
Nobody speaks that way even to a hunted animal.
You don't know anything. Some people are even worse than animals.
Worse than the devil himself.
Doesn't that man have any fears in his heart?
Doesn't he have any shame?
Please, listen to me.
Be seated.
Be seated.
Take this. Have a drag of the hookah..
Please tell your wife something on my behalf.
Why don't you tell her yourself? No problem.
No. I'm not worthy of speaking to her.
Tell her Moti has not brought her this juice to drink..
..he has that much sense.
Then why did he bring it?
Tell her to boil the juice and make two kilos of molasses cakes.
Then keep the molasses cakes in the basket.
Mutalib will take them to the market.. sell them to unknown customers.
This year I couldn't sell even the best molasses cakes in the market.
All my work was in vain by just climbing trees unnecessarily.
What is this, sir?
You've held the hookah, but you didn't even smoke it.
Is there any fire left or has it been extinguished?
No, brother.
The fire hasn't been extinguished yet.