Watchers 5 Preview with LA Marzulli

Uploaded by Pinlight on 12.10.2012

we're living in in a time
with the bizarre is seen
and ignored
where once fictional ideas
are manifesting
and becoming real
where unspeakable cruelty
is a way of life. Where both fake and real UFO examples confuse the public
while the media ignores it
and where ancient prophetic texts, "those letters make the name "OBAMA"
seem to be coming alive
"there is another time space continuum of which we are not aware"
"the first rule of Planet X research is
the closer something comes to the truth, the faster it disappears."
"If you're believing Planet X is doing something to the sun
and the sun is doing something to the planets, you're a dinosaur."
"This is half of an implant that came out of a guy's wrist..."
"I can't count how many ALIEN heads we've made..."
and one second later it sounded like a loud explosion went off under the ground and this wave just rippled out across the grass, he said "did we do that?"
They are waiting their man, the antichrist
to come forward. "They already know who he is."