Manucure (manicure) : Comment avoir de beaux ongles ? / How to have beautiful nails ?

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Hello! Today I'll make a video because I have had many requests for manicure
So in fact it is advice on how to have long natural nails that grow faster and well maintained
I'll show you the different tricks and also how I make my manicure
First I'll show you the natural tricks for nails
We begin with the most famous trick, that of the lemon!
You should know that there are plenty of websites that say lemon, lemon juice tighten nails
It is totally false! The lemon is used to whiten the nail and not to tighten them!
To whiten nails with lemon or you take the juice, or you dip your nails in the lemon
Rub it and it whitens a little. Do not expect miracles: it is not chemical!
You can repeat this once a week but do not do too often because it's like when you do it on the teeth: it weakens the nail after a time
Then we can use hydrogen peroxide to whiten nails. This is only used to bleach them, not to harden them.
Then you can eat some beer yeast
Beer yeast is good for everything from nails to hair and skin
It will give you vitamins so your nails, your hair and your skin will be nicer
I advise you to buy beer yeast found in health food shops
in Biocoop because it is much more efficient than in capsule
and it is less hard than the one you found in Biocoop. So I suggest you buy the organic yeast
It is not very tasty but you obtain good results especially on the hair
Then I'll give you more tips: The trick is always to apply moisture
You should know that the more you will moisturize your fingernails, the more they will be fine
There are several ways of hydration
I'll show you several methods. The simplest is to moisturize nails with olive oil
It is the less expensive method. There is also almond oil, grape, found in pharmacies or other
You can also use special oils
cuticle oils. You tend to have fatty oils such as this one that will leave a greasy film on your fingernail
You have also dry oils
which look a bit like the Monoi
And it's going to grease the cuticle without leaving a greasy film. After that depends on what you prefer.
You also have small pens as this one to buy on the internet
It's convenient to put in your hand bag to hydrate the cuticles when you need it
And what I like most of all: the moisturizer butter
Here is the butter found in Lush: the lemony flutter or doigts de fée
for the French Lush
it is a butter that smells the lemon and which is super moisturizing
it's really great: I put some almost every night on my cuticles
especially in winter: the nails are more fragile and dry
So I recommend it to you it's really a great product
I'll talk to you about the strengthening of the nail
How to have hard and strong nails. If you can have hard and healthy nails
you will come to let them grow like me or even longer if you prefer
I discovered about three years
a product that I consider magical: the scientific Mavala
it is this small bottle of blue green liquid
I show it to you but I do not know if you could see
It is a highly liquid product, like water
and so you have to apply it once or twice a week from the half of the nail
from here until the free edge
you don’t have to apply it on the root of the nail
because at the base of the nail the nail is much finer and therefore the product could penetrate your skin
it is a penetrating product. It will penetrate the nail and restructure it
This product contains formaldehyde, which is quite toxic, so avoid breathing the product even if you feel nothing
I think it smells like eucalyptus
But I tell myself that it does not matter if it's toxic, as it works
So it really fixed my nails: three years ago they split and it was going in small films and they were not as long
It really fixed the problem. In addition, they broke all the time here
at the intersection of white-pink
and it never did that again since I used this product
so now I do not use it anymore
because I do not find any more interest of using it
except sometimes in winter on the little fingers that often break
So you see there is still much product and yet it has been three years since I bought it
It costs 11 euros but I think it's a good investment
After there are other brands that have the same system: for example Ecrinal
plus it does not contain formaldehyde, so it is much more natural
But I did not test it because my nails are already hard I can’t see difference
but I know that my mother uses it and she is very pleased with it
So this is the Ecrinal. There is also the same product line that works very well is the herome
The range herome blue, white and red. The more we advance in the colors, the more it is for hard nail
If you have fragile nails you need to use the white one . However, if you have a good basic nail you can directly use the red
That’s it for these products. Then the Mavala I really not recommended it for damaged and thin nails because it is a penetrating product
and when he’ll goes into the nail
It will reach the skin and it will make bruises under the nail and it will hurt you
I do not recommend it to very fragile nails
You have to start with a product much milder
For example, when you missed a file freeze, do not put on top of it some Mavala : this will damage your nails
It is better to start with the white Herome
Then use the blue and then red
The Red Herome is exactly the same as the scientific Mavala
Or use the Ecrinal that has no chemicals and is less aggressive for your fingernails
Next to strengthen and protect nails
You must always put a base
before applying the nail varnish. This is the key step of a manicure
After I have no basis to advise you
because a base is a base for me as long as it contains no toluene or formaldehyde because it's going to damage you yellowing and drying out the nail
Any base is suitable. I have two bases
One more liquid and which dry very quickly when I do not have time
and one that is thicker and I put it especially in winter as my nails are weaker than in summer
Do not forget that you have all the references of the products I mentioned in my video in the description. So please go and see
I will then tell you about the other tricks that I use in my manicures
every month I use this product, Blue Cross, a product used to push back the cuticles, it is a cuticle emollient
I put it in this little bottle of nail varnish and I use it with an iron scalpel
and then I put some on my cuticles and I drive them away. It really removes all the cuticles
I put the link of the video I made a few months ago if you want to see it
It is a product to use once a month no more because after that will totally remove some portions of the nail
It is a very powerful product
Then I'll tell you about the filing
I file the nails with a file like this. A very sweet lime
I use it for the finishing, the roundings
and a coarse file like this one when I want to shorten my nails
I do not recommend the coarse files for those with brittle nails and too soft because it will damage them
Instead, choose a file like this one or a file type glass
which are very soft and that does not damage your nails
I made a video on how to file nails
I do like this from right to left
I do not recommend it for those with brittle nails. For those who have brittle nails file like this
always to the same side to the left and to the same side to the right
It avoids making too many vibrations right / left that will damage your nails
Then for my manicure, I use a polisher. The best known are the four faces polishers like this
With a face that lime and with softer sides. You must respect the numbers, the steps written above
And that for the surface of the nail like this. This lets them to shine naturally
Without any product. And it also let the nail having a very soft touch
and so the base would hang better on your nail
then to repair a cracked or broken nail
I also made a video on it. Before I made repairs with toilet paper or tissue
Now they sent me this little piece of fiberglass (or silk)
It is like a small piece of fabric, stickers, and really great
I use some glue for fake nails
do not use too often because it is aggressive for the nail
I put a small dot of glue where there is my crack. In fact I have one here.
Then I take a small piece of fiberglass that I glue on it. Then I put a little bit of glue
and then I polish it for not seeing it when I’ll put my color varnish on the top
Then what I can do if I have really damaged the nail (I did once for a fingernail cut in half: I glued the nail)
I posed, after I have done my bandage , some gel
it is gel for false nails : soak off gel
The difference between the soak off gels and normal
is that the gel soak off dissolves with acetone so there is no need to sand to remove it
You have to know that when nails are damaged after a deposit of gel, is that the deposit was badly made
because often you nail prosthetists sand too deep the gel
and therefore by sanding it too deeply it will hurt the natural nail
while the gel soak off removed with acetone under a UV lamp.
and as it does not damage your natural nail
so I applied it with the brush flat-square
and so your nails are well protected as it forms a very hard shell
I have almost finished
So the most important thing is to moisturize the nails: 4 to 5 times a day if you want it
Do not forget the cuticle oil or olive oil if you prefer
I apply all the time some hand cream
tammy tailor’s cream is my favorite.
You have the references under the video. I put some all the time. Do not hesitate to put some more because the more you moisturize your nails the more they will be beautiful and healthy
For making them growing more it is the hydration. All the time hydration
Push cuticles: by repelling them it will release the nail so it will grow faster
You can find all these manicure advice on my blog. I have not said everything; otherwise it will be a bit long
I put the links under the video in the description
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In any case thank you for having watched it. It is the first time that I make a video as long.
Thank you very much and see you next! For a new video board do not hesitate to ask questions for the next months under this video! Thank you