Windows 7 - Defrag your Hard Drive Disk for best performance

Uploaded by PoiMage on 05.06.2011

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We're going to use Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter, which helps to improve your computer's hard
disk performance. What this does is that it takes all the fragmented files and sort of
puts them together so that your hard disk will run more faster and smoothly. This way
your fragmented hard disk won't slow down your computer. First, we're going to open
Disk Defragmenter by going to Start, All Programs, to Accessories, to System Tools, and to Disk
Defragmenter. The schedule is already set, as you can see here, so it's recommended not
to adjust the schedule. Down here the hard disk doesn't appear to have any fragmented
files, which is excellent. If you do wish to defrag your hard disk, click Defragment
Disk, which will start the defrag process. Before doing that, click Analyze disk to check
for any fragmented files on the hard disk. [music playing]