Smallville Season 9 Recap

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I put humanity on a pedestal.
It wasn't a Kryptonian beast that killed Jimmy. It was a human.
I was raised to believe it was my Kryptonian part that was dangerous, Chloe, but I was wrong
It's my human side.
The side that makes decisions based on emotions. That's my enemy.
Clark Kent is dead.
My cousin, Lois, vanished for three weeks and then suddenly appeared claiming that
she was being chased by a ninja-clad assassin.
Where was she?
The future. But she didn't come back alone.
We're of the same world, Kal-El.
Why you risking your own life?
Because it's the only chance I have to defeat you before you destroy our world.
It's like I have a ticking time bomb on me, Chloe, and I only have a year to figure out how to stop it.
They're gone, Chloe.
They're not gone.
Ollie... They're just vanished off the grid...
They don't want to be found.
I'm sure that Jimmy's death is haunting Clark every day, but he still does everything he can to make sure that the streets of Metropolis are still protected.
When you decided to return to your training, I assumed you were ready.
Until today, you had focus.
You're wrong. I gave up everyone I cared about. I gave up everyone who was important to me.
Something or someone is holding you back.
You've been talking to the blur?
Yes, he sort of confides in me.
Maybe I can't do this Chloe. Maybe I can't completely stay away.
Lois means something to you. Something more.
So does this mean that Clark Kent is coming back for an encore?
Clark Kent, you're back.
Who the hell are you?
Major Zod.
Why don't we have the powers we should have under yellow sun?
What about the others?
There should be hundreds of us, we've only found dozens. Where are they?
How did we get here?
If we are here, there can only be one explanation.
Our home has been destroyed.
And I will find the answers we are looking for, or I will die in the quest.
I take it Jor-El knew something about the alien assassin?
Her name's Alia. She's Kandorian.
Jor-El said if she's here, there may be others.
And they will have each left a Kryptonian symbol marking their arrival.
Alia definitely didn't come alone.
Each one of you, the last sons and daughters of Krypton are all that is left of our beloved homeland.
And I will not allow for your birthright to be denied.
And Jor-El, he came with us in the orb. And somehow, he stole our powers from us.
And yet he flaunts them. All over this city.
When we find this traitor, we will force him to give us what's rightfully ours.
We will be Gods on this planet, and Kandor will rise again.
What do you want?
A man named Jor-El.
He came with us in the orb.
He took all of our powers for himself. You know him as the blur.
You give us our powers.
I have no powers.
I used the blue kryptonite to take them away.
The same way I corrupted the orb so none of you could rule this planet as gods.
The shields, you didn't put them in Metropolis, did you?
You're protecting someone. Somebody who did not come with us.
Someone from the House of El.
Release Jor-El.
Major, I don't understand.
He will lead us to the one who will give us our powers. His son.
I give you the world's first completely self-sustaining solar tower.
This one tower will generate enough clean energy to power all of Metropolis.
The towers are the key to the Kandorians' power.
They collect all the sun's radiation, turn it red, and beam it back up to the LuthorCorp satellites.
Those satellites take the radiation and beam it back down to Earth.
Giving those aliens SOBs all their superhuman strength.
Zod said that his tower is going to change the world. Lois's memories to the future should show me how.
Tess already knows way too much about you. We can't let her get to Lois's memories before you do.
When that assassin from the future came back, she told Clark that he would destroy the world.
Now he has to know how to stop it.
You forced me to unleash my power. We could have made this planet a paradise.
Goodbye, son of Jor-El.
We're all about to die terrible tragic deaths in the not-so-distant future.
If we do something in the present, we can change all that.
I've seen what happens when I treat Zod like the enemy.
This time, I'm gonna do things the right way.
He has come. Kneel before Kal-El.
We have no powers here, Kal-El. And they expect you to help us get them.
I don't know how to give our people my powers.
You are reluctant to take action because you think I killed Jor-El.
I didn't kill him. But I know who did.
Zod took matters into his own hands.
He killed Jor-El's murderer. It was Alia.
So now Alia can't slay me in the future like she's supposed to.
This means that the future we saw is changing.
There's only one way to be sure.
What I did was right?
And you made sure to seal our fate by burning down my tower.
You lied about having powers. How did you get them?
From you. From your blood.
I discovered a secret rebellion. A group of your people have turned against you.
And are looking to a new leader... Clark.
The blur has become humanity's new messiah. I want to know what gives him that power.
And I want to know what will take it away.
Lois Lane at your service.
I wouldn't ask Lois if it weren't a matter of life or death.
That's the blur, isn't it?
Lois, do you even know who you're really talking to?
And now someone else is calling her pretending to be the blur.
It was Zod.
With this, Zod just declared war.
Zod cannot be trusted.
On Krypton, he destroyed that planet to prove a point.
We can't let him do the same thing here.
Zod's been looking for something ever since we arrived.
The Book of Rao.
It wields great power. If Zod were to get his hands on it...
Then who knows what he would do.
The Book of Rao was created by Jor-El to send the Kandorians to another world.
Once it's activated, it sends all Kryptonians to the new world.
Including you.
Now why would you turn your back on me?
I didn't turn my back on you. You already sacrificed one world for your ego.
Kneel before Zod.
The last time that I saw Faora, she was alive.
And she was alone...with Zod.
You need to end this now. You can't win.
My people are overtaking this planet. And you can't stop me.
You want war but it doesn't have to be like this.
All humankind will kneel before Zod.
I'll never let that happen.
You won't be able to stop us.
The Kandorians have been led astray by Zod. I will use the Book of Rao to send them all away.
You're not really him. Just who the hell are you?
Unlike the blur, I'm someone who doesn't care whether you live or die.
You can't stop me, Zod. We're leaving this planet.
I'm not going anywhere.
You already destroyed my first home. I won't let you take this one.