SWA Technology Supports Deaf Action Center

Uploaded by rghurst on 27.01.2010

The is a program that I heard about
about a month ago. It's called SOAR.
And the folks that are up here represent the Deaf Action Center
and this whole event.
And what we do is we work to get kids who are underserved
And under priviledged into the event.
The event this year on October 29th is actually going to bring
deaf and hard-of-hearing children from the surrounding DFW communities
who don't have the resources to get there to this event
where they're going to hear a motivational speaker
deliver a pretty important message
particularly considering that he is one of only two [deaf]
FAA-authorized pilots in the United States.
And he's basically going to share with the kids ...
... and these are 7th grade to 12th grade, right ...
7th grade to 12th grade not to allow that to become an impediment.
Not to allow that to get in the way of you achieving your dreams.
And I think it's an important message and I just want to make clear
that I thank you all for helping to fund this because
as a direct result of your contributions here not only are you going to see
Gretchen and I eat some pie in the face
but you're also going to fund a very important thing that can
potentially change these kids' lives
so thank you very much.
Because with the new technology that's available we can also
instruct and inform out consumers about the newest technologies
just like, for example, the video phone.
Before, it was a teletype device where you would put the phone down
and you would type into the receiver, but now they can actually
see a sign language interpreter via the computer.
And now I'll turn it over to Susan Giles.
Oh ... and one moment.
Just to let you know that sometimes I may put out more signs
than what the interpreter can keep up with.
We are so grateful to each one of you individually,
and to Southwest Airlines collectively for choosing the Teen Summit
as one of your projects. We are so grateful.
We extend a thank you from everyone at Deaf Action Center
and would like to thank Dominic and Kyle Lacy
especially for making all this possible,
and Joshua and Gretchen. Thank you very much!
On behalf of the Technology Department of Southwest Airlines
it is my distinguished honor and pleasure
to present the Deaf Action Center with this representative check
of $1,200 dollars of Southwest Airlines money.
LUV You!
Go gentle.
Bring it!
No! You missed it.
You got me with both?
I got HER.
I could use that towel about now.
My man!
Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.
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I could be a mime.
Thank you very much.