Mass Effect 2: Birth of a Renegade, Episode 5 - Korlus

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see it doesn't save a few
sumo stocks profits
what's up
so it
suck it up so
the scene was he doesn't even know that you look
you've learned for a client
I'm not telling you anything
you know I'm the best bargaining position
looking for a crowded into keep those
Joe you know whether I did it
you're the minority of he needs the rich enough I don't have the for they want
he showed up before to get my normal societies you have other problems
patrol not
not exciting piece this case it seems
yeah the something don't want the wind and the cold
the startling thing that you might find a shady spot before you bleed out of
it just about the status of some people need and the ANC
all right
I sense of security can citizens so
never thought i'd say
I think that issue should united states
sorry many the nazis
let me go when you destroy since October mind
all right and you can't really comment that it's still a second chance
no one is there's a lot of different state
bringing that will help you
yeah I'm not proud of what went on there
unusual the the credit to enterprises second chance Frank
and sometimes getting one pays off
I take care of contacts time to regain the
you never know what might blow up next
what's our prisoners groups
of the smartest way to treat a heavily-armed group that just fifteen years door
since four was a little students one was abusive also
so you know what George conference works of art
June three
that's not true
former this since the bar
and did you out here
serb resistance here it is you can't figure out if they're useful
most of our program
mike's it
more on the decision
so it does
it appears your position is just weekend
I law
thousands of his own
it's tough to say
unless they want to go to hell of a strong protest in fact if you want it
yes we did
aware of their bias regarding prolonged I decide what deserves our mission going to
but we have attacked at least three
he's a bit
three in her mind's in a maze that I have concerns about waste
he said
the normal heart disease this one was created unlikely educated by happen
does he ever was a joy to detroit
there is
we don't know anything about it
publicly the cargo hold the case is based there is an issue
twenty eight seconds children
and if anyone else is in the halls of the time
he on the upper rung for the normandy
twenty four permanent solution
the subject is stable center
integration on board says C minus
stand by
and it opened it a good one about
our first phone call is very clear regarding untested in technology
I will be second-guessed on my own ship by minute ship
before you die
I need to know
I'm committed to shepherd of the normandy
what's your name
no things
at the time
hope you're going to do
his words are all
one more time that you see ground
burns was among the last
it has no meaning
if you're working for them
those strengths and try to destroy me
what he wanted to try to kill you
I do with to do
review of the strongest
with the reason that's mine
one for is as good as any other
might as well start with you
it took you a debt relief
all right to me
and did you ever
dozens and imprints indicated humans could be so forceful
you compare this to you
by any stretch galaxies
every one of my ship hazardous place
of fun for you
I'm glad he's the reason
Paulson from the