Hitler Mad Because He Can't Go to J4 (Hitler Tsis Tau Mus J4) [Eng Sub]

Uploaded by jesuis88 on 03.05.2012

Yes, we will need two cars to fit everyone
If aren't many stops for gas or bathroom
then we should make it by 7pm
just in time for dinner
The tournament field is not far from the city
and our hotel is right by I-94 here
That's fine. The car I'm renting
We can drive for as long as and as many miles as we want
Our comrade
He umm
That day I had a stomache and headache
I didn't even go to school. I also forgot to book the rental car.
Turn off that radio, I'm tire of it.
Those that don't drink
There's sticky rice in the hallway. Go eat some.
- Oh, there's sticky rice? -
You want me to say "Fuck"?
Tiger bite, tiger kill, tiger devour!
Black shit.
You guys want to meet my fist?
I was eager to go to J4 this year
This last year I had to stay home. I feed you guys and you can't do anything?
Waste of my time. I will shit on your face.
I will scissor kick your neck! - Don't cry so loud -
Shadowless kick you
Block it.
Your parents must be ashamed of you for being born ugly
A face nobody wants to see, a voice no one want to hear
My parents are beautiful. You don't know them. You can't talk like that.
Idiot! I'm not talking about them, I'm saying you're ugly
I have a decent face. I have a girlfriend, but she is in Thailand
Fine, you are not ugly. You are prince charming. I'm done with you
What I am mad about is not going tomorrow
The July 4th tournament is the biggest Hmong tournament in the US
I'ved waited one year, 365 days, but now I can't go, can I?
I told my buddy I would play volleyball with him
I spent so much time training so I could six-pack that black guy
He dissed me saying I hit like a girl
I will squeeze his balls like this and see if he screams
Now I'll have to post on Facebook that I can't go
How will I tell that lie to my friends?
They are waiting on me
We were going to go to the Myth together.
We already hired two excorts
Tomorrow night we were going to rumble like this
I'm tired of using my hands
I work 40 hours in a week
On the weekends, I just want to have fun
I was so eager to go to J4
You know, the only thing I want more than pussy
I want to eat some chicken, sticky rice and papaya salad
That's fine.
This morning
My mom brought some papaya salad and put it in the fridge
I'll just grab some later.