My Shining Girl Ep 5-1 (English Subs)

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Kkotmin. It's me.
Ah, what is it?
Does Kangmin really have that much influence over the station's chief?
Forget the chief, even the station's president can't do anything against him.
Really? Then... can you let me see Kangmin?
Why? What do you want to say?
He told me if I have any difficulties, to find him.
How many times in your life have you heard such a thing?
I'm past 30 and this is the first time I've heard it.
I feel I shouldn't miss the chance.
I'm very grateful to Kangmin for saying such a thing.
I really.. have to take drastic measures to overcome this.
I got it. Then we'll go see Kangmin this afternoon.
Kangmin. Kangmin. Kangmin.
Wow! Palaces don't only appear on television!
Money really is a good thing
I can't film today, I'm dead tired.
That's why we said you shouldn't do too much exercise before going to sleep!
Indeed. Exercises while in bed are completely different.
Ah, is that Writer Jeon?
Didn't you tell her to come find you if she had any difficulties?
You said before that we've overcome situations together,
You said I could trust you. You don't remember saying that?
Ha. Me actually saying those kinds of words,
it seems I haven't been myself lately.
But, it does seem possible I said it.
So, how about it?
How about it...
I quite like the big open doors of this home!
Director, you've arrived earlier than expected!
My God! Could I actually be seeing this?
It's Jung Lee Yoo, the documentary director!
And this is...?
Ah, she's a script writer.
Ah! We were needing a script writer, right?
Writing skills are of course needed.
Of course! I'm quite confident.
Director, yesterday I found a topic for the film.
Do you want to come see?
Really? Sure.
That, That, That,
I think you should be able to do it in three weeks.
Or are you too inexperienced?
Of course I can do it! Yes! Yes!
Thank you!
From today onwards, I'll bring you food!
I'm so grateful to that guy.
Finally, finally I'm moving onto the path of becoming an actual writer!
Thank You! Thank You!
This is Writer Park.
Is something the matter?
As we worked together for a time,
the group feels bad about not sending you off properly.
What are you doing tomorrow night?
Was this No PD's idea?
It was also mine. Do you have anything important?
No, it's fine. But is tomorrow a special day or something?
This cake looks especially good to eat.
If Ms. Good-Looking Rear didn't have to leave,
we could have been eating this cake together right now.
And thinking of that, her piece is plumped full with such a large amount of cream..
That's practically sexual harassment!
Now there's not even a single object to joke about.
And jokes are more fun the dirtier they are.
And you, only after Writer Jeon left did you lose your energy!
You're not only eating an expensive cake, you're also spouting nonsense.
Gong PD, are you not the only one prior to now who's found Writer Jeon interesting?
That's not probable. She's already an old woman.
That's exactly my point. At that age she has so much stress piled onto her, and this is one more thing to add to her plate.
As a full grown 31 year old, she needs a place where she can gain a firm foothold.
Now, Jeon Ji-hyun's body is full of a sort of urgency, an intensely blazing feeling.
I like that sort of very full feeling.
You're also full of it.
Relying on that urgency, that intense burning can only be for Kangmin.
The guy with the world's worst temper all of a sudden giving into her grasping..
Jeon Ji-hyun is a whole other level of writer.
Do you have the ability to work like that?
In this situation who captured Kangmin?
Was it you? You? Or You?
Let's start over.
Give it to me, the kimchi.
We haven't fought or slept. The feeling is not the same.
But it's strange. Just as if we broke up today.
Today I'm only taking this shirt.
I also want it packaged.
I understand. I'll ring it up for you.
Noona, have you picked it all out?
What is that? Are you giving it to me?
You don't need to have it packaged. Otherwise just let me try it now.
Oh, Ji-hyun.
Yesterday I made a rotten mess and couldn't make it right again.
Kangmin -
Ji-hyun. Let's meet and then talk.
I also have something to tell you.