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Hey what about her? She's so hot!
Not really.
What about her?
Foreigner, Foreigner! Oh, mother Father!
Not interested.
What about her? Over there, Wow.
Not looking For beauty, man.
How about her? Right there!
Man, she's perfect!
What? Have you lost your mind?
Why not, man. Look at her Face. Doesn't she look like a nice person?
Come on.
Excuse me!
Wha... what is it?
Oh my...
Sorry to bother you, but...
- Can I ask you a Favor? - A Favor?
Can I get some breast milk?
I know it's embarrassing.
It's not For me.
What the...
What do you take me For? Do I look that easy to you?
You look so normal and nice.
Why don't you breastfeed him yourselF? Forever!
Man, you're driving me nuts.
Would it kill you to just drink Formula?
(Daddy, I hate formula,)
Man, stop crying!
(I said BREAST MlLK!,)
You are driving me crazy.
Can someone get me some breast milk?
Baby & Me
7 days earlier
Geun-seok Jang
Byeol Kim / Mason Moon
Kyu-phil Koh / Jae-hwan Choi
Byung-ok Kim / Hyeon-sook Park
Kyu-soo Chung / Jung-hee Chang
Jeong-nan Kim / Yang-woo Kim
Woo-rahm 's Voice/ Myung-soo Park
Executive Producer/ Chun-jae Lee
producer/ Seo-yull Lee
Co-producer/ Sang-yoon Kim
Financing/ Kyeong-heon Lee
Co-Executive Producer Sang-yoon Kim/ Seok-jung Kim
Director of Photography/ Jin-ho Chung Lighting/ Kwang-won Eom
Sound mixer/ Hyung-soo Jung Production design/ Chul-ho Lee
Music by/ Dae-sung Chang Sound Editor/ Seung-chul Lee
Editor/ ln-dae Moon CG/ Yui-dong Park
AD/ Hyo-sang Kim Line Producer/ Dae-keun Kim
Didn't I tell you to stay out oF trouble or what? Screenplay by Won ChoiSung-min Lee Adapted byJin-young KimSeok-kon Kim
Nah, man. They started it First. Co-producerJong-kon Yang
And he hit me in the head. It hurts real bad, man! Directed by Jin-young Kim
Are you in a gang?
No, sir.
Then, are you trying to be a Fighter like Fedor?
No, I want to Father...
What's the matter with you? You'll kill him, For real!
You're just as bad, tough guy!
IF you're just gonna be trouble all the time, go get married
and have a son just like you. You'll know what a pain that would be.
Best School of the Year For Sex Education & Good Manners
Do you have a death wish or something?
What are you doing?
I'm 01 0 2085 3055. What's yours?
What the hell?
Yo, man!
Yes, sir!
Same place I parked it last?
What are you? Students or gang members?
It hasn't even been a week since you guys were punished.
Ma'am, it wasn't our Fault.
Those jerks called us First.
IF you hadn't done anything, why would they call you out, huh?
It takes two to tango, don't you know?
Tomorrow, the committee will decide
whether to suspend or expel you idiots.
Just be ready!
One last thing. Bring your parents tomorrow!
Tell Gi-Seok he'd better be at school tomorrow.
Going to school now.
Hurry up. Don't beat up any kids today.
Numbers 2 through 5 are at school.
No. 1 went out, 6 is here, 7 here,
9 here... Wait, where's 8?
Honey, No. 8 is missing.
Look again.
Kim Bohm!
There you are. Come here.
Did you go out in your pajamas again?
I want to go to school!
What'd she say?
She wants to go back to school!
This is Byeol Kim. She will be joining our class starting today.
She used to go to the prestigious Science High School,
which you guys can't even dream to get in.
She stayed at the top oF her class the entire time.
Feel Free to ask her any questions!
Let's see. The best seat For you is...
That is actually the very worst seat.
Hi, we meet again. I'm Byeol Kim.
This must be what they call 'destiny'.
Since she chose to sit next to you make sure you be good to her, okay?
That'll be all.
- Arrention! - Enough with your brown-nosing.
Go Find some place else, when you have a chance, ok?
Go away!
You have mucus in your eye.
I knew that...
Not there, the left eye.
Did you get a hold oF Gi-Seok?
He's not answering his phone. I'll stop by his place later.
Tyson might expel him For good this time.
Man, seemed serious.
Why can't he just come to school?
Got a smoke?
- Yeah, you got a light? - Yeah.
Hey, what are you doing?
Smoking is against school policy. Students must not smoke.
In a cigarette, there are 2,000 chemicals bad For your health.
It is so toxic that it's already classiFied as drugs in the U.S.
And smokers are twice as likely to get cancer than non-smokers.
Hey, shut up. Go away!
Give it back!
Especially smokers who start smoking beFore the age oF 20 are more likely to develop
Iung cancer, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, bladder cancer,
pancreatic carcinoma and other cancer like diseases.
Yo, get outta here!
Well, it's still bad For you!
Where the hell did that alien come From?
She hit me in the head!
What, did Tyson send you?
Tyson didn't seem to have a choice.
She tried her best, but...
the vice principal is really on our case.
Well, so be it. I can live without a high school diploma.
You know it's like not that.
Show your Face at school once in a while.
IF I had time For that, I'd get another part-time job.
Dear Joon-Soo, You're too much for us to handle,
So we are,,, leaving home,
Your school called again,
I'm tired of showing up at your school everyday,
The day you pull yourself together and clean up your mess, we will be back,
Until then, GOOD LUCK!
Of course, the credit card is suspended,
$100 is a lot of money, Be frugal,
What the hell?
Hey, this is a total joke. What is this, a TV sitcom?
Maybe it's better this way. No one at home is bothering me.
What, mud snail?
Tell Gi-Seok we're having a party tonight.
It's been a while. We are gonna get it on tonight!
Girls? No, thanks.
I don't believe in your idea oF pretty girls.
Hey, enough. Tonight, it's going to be just three oF us, okay?
What's this?
We have a 5 to 6 months old male infant
in our custody at the customer service office,
Ifyou are looking for your baby boy,
please come to the customer service office,
How long do I have to wait here?
I'm kinda busy, you know?
Why can't you guys look For the baby's mother?
IF the baby's mother doesn't show up,
we have to call the police and need you here as a witness.
Well, I haven't witnessed anything!
Then, write down where you go to school and your homeroom.
Aren't you a little annoying? It's all part oF the procedure.
Look. There is a note.
Myung Seong High School Senior, Han Joon-Soo
I thought it'd be best For the baby to be raised by his Father...
The Father is a high school student?
Young kids these days...
Are you done?
Give it to me.
Myung Seong High School Senior, Han Joon-Soo
Myung Seong High...
It's you! Han Joon-Soo!
(You're my daddy? Woo hoo!)
He is absolutely and completely the copy oF you everywhere.
There's no question about it.
No need For DNA test. This is it!
Would you mind shutting up?
Who invited her?
Well, I ran into her in Front oF the grocery store.
When I said I was coming to your place, she just...
Hey, what do you want?
I was a bit disappointed in you.
But iF this is a test From God, I shall gladly endure it.
You know what they say. 'lF you can't avoid it, just enjoy it.'
I'm this close to losing it.
So stop bugging me and mind your own business.
I thought this was our business.
Why are you yelling? You startled the baby.
Don't worry, sweetie. It's okay.
So, what are you gonna do now?
Like he has a choice? He'd better raise him well.
I don't know.
Yo, who could be the mom? Think!
Be quiet!
I am thinking already, alright?
Nice bedroom!
Woo-Rahm is asleep now.
Hey, what are you still doing here?
But I'm your BFF!
BFF my ass...
Be nice. You should be thanking her For watching Woo-Rahm.
- Want a beer? - No thanks.
Alcohol reduces the white blood cell count,
which deteriorates the immune system
and impairs judgment, and also...
You, get out!
The way I see it, the baby matters the most right now.
- A new liFe deserves to be blessed. - (Thank you!)
Think about what you can do to raise him well, as his Father.
I said, GET OUT!
OK, Wooram's daddy.
What? Daddy? Me?
Does that make sense?
Get back inside, iF you're not gonna help. You're getting in my way.
How would you Feel about a son-in-law, who's got a kid?
Are you working on a soap opera script, now?
Maybe not.
Welcome. Come this way, please.
Two guests going in.
Han Joon-Soo...
What are you doing here?
It's been a long time.
How have you been?
What brings you here?
Are you possibly... this baby's mom?
What in the world do you think you're doing?
What's happening to me?
Who is she then?
Who are you?
I'm going crazy!
Keep it down. I'm making your Food now.
(Daddy, ljust did poo poo,)
(Poo poo!)
Hey, don't you wanna eat? Why are you kicking your meal?
(It's a big one! Can't you smell this? Ugh, I'm going insane here,)
What are you, a gangster? Huh?
(What are you? Hard-nosed?!)
Where the hell did you come From?
- (Yeah? I feel the same about you!) - What are you?
(What are you, then? A dad?)
Don't you move, buddy.
(I said poo poo!)
Come on... be quiet!
(I need to go to the bathroom!)
I'll be right back!
When a baby cries, the First thing you do is check his diaper.
Then you Feed him.
And hold him...
After that, put him down and massage his tummy.
Now, sit him down straight, and gently pat him on his back.
BeFore you Feed him, iF you're not sure whether he's hungry yet,
bring your Finger over to the baby's mouth like this.
IF he opens up his mouth and Follows your Finger, he's hungry.
I know how you Feel.
But you're better than your dad. At least, you know how to smile at me.
(Whatyou saw today stays between us!)
Can't we just go stay at the country house?
How can we sleep here?
He's not stupid. Wouldn't he check there, too?
Besides, I can't sleep thinking about him.
Whose idea was it to run away From home anyway?
I wonder iF he's eating alright. Oh, my son!
Stop crying. Enough!
You're driving me crazy! Hey, I said enough!
I'm sorry. Please Forgive me.
(Are you putting me down on cold cement?)
(Uh oh, this can cause a stroke,)
Hey mister, You, in the hat,
Regular trash days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays,
If you leave it out any day, you can be fined,
Pick it back up already!
Sir, l' m not throwing this away.
This is a baby. A baby!
I was just checking out the recycling bins.
Why would they throw out perfectly good stuff?
I was just gonna take this, here.
This seems usable, right?
Good night!
I must be out oF my mind.
Having a baby at this age...
Putting this tiny bundle oF joy through hell...
IF I said I had a baby because I couldn't afford a condom,
who would believe me?
I should just kill myselF
after sending this little one to an orphanage.
I have been thinking this For a while until today I met you.
You changed my mind.
At least, you're still young.
What couldn't you do to keep this baby Fed?
Don't you give up. Don't ever give up!
Hey, you there!
Come over here. Come.
So, you mean... you live around here?
Do I look like someone who would abandon
his child at an orphanage like you two?
Who could do that to their own kid?
Is that what a parent should do?
At least, it's better late than never.
Stop by sometime.
- Come on, drink up! - (No!)
- Say ah! - (I don't want to!)
(I've told you over and over, I want BREAST MlLK!)
I should have just left you there last night.
(Why don't you? I'm only your son!)
- Come on. Just drink it. - (Nope! Never!)
Don't drink it then.
(Hey, pick it up, I want it now!)
Who told you to turn off your cell phone, huh?
I told you. I can't come to school today.
Are you kidding me? Where are you?
I'm at Gyeongpodae right now.
I came to visit a Friend in the south coast.
What did you say, Gyeongpodae beach?
That's in the east coast, not south, you fool!
Come right away, Got it?
I appreciate you pointing that out, but I can't go to school.
Listen, lfyou don't show up,
you're going to be expelled, for real,
I really can't!
You don't want to test me, Sprint over here in 3 seconds, Hop to!
Hello? Hello?
How do you suppose I go to school with you?
Just stay right here. I will be right back, OK?
I said I'll be there in a minute.
No person allowed.
I'm really sorry.
What is this, a party? Kids...
So you were saying...
the baby you're holding right now is yours, correct?
- Yes. - (How are you doing?)
You crazy son oF a b...
Have you completely lost your mind?
Let's say he's yours. But why did you bring him to school?
Where are your parents?
- They ran away From home. - What? They ran away?
(What a wholesome family, eh?)
Enough now.
You're gonna make him cry.
Wait a second. Oh, this smell...
Who Farted? The stink's got some kink.
(Sorry very sorry,,,)
(That bro's got some real sensitive nose,)
(What are you lookin' at?)
He pooped.
Don't you guys poop?
Do you think the school is some day care?
Get rid oF that thing already!
(Daddy, I think he's calling me names,)
Do your Feces smell like perfume?
I'm going to get you!
It's a brand new book.
There's no need to even discuss this.
Come on, this is inconceivable.
BeFore this matter affects other students,
we will accept his voluntary resignation.
This is strictly a matter oF privacy.
We shouldn't jump to any conclusion.
A student is still a human being.
This young man accepted his responsibility as a Father,
and came back to school.
Shouldn't we, as teachers, try to embrace him?
Look, Miss Cho.
Isn't Joon-Soo the one who always gets in trouble?
Have you any idea how much damage he's done to our school's reputation?
IF we let him be like this, the parents will protest without a doubt.
Let's take care oF this according to the school policy.
Yes, you should Follow the school policy.
But there is no relevant policy.
Like you said, you should Follow the school policy,
which prohibits hair coloring and accessories,
short pants. See?
No school policy against babies in here.
What are you doing?
What do you need, Byeol Kim?
I don't have your picture For my photo phonebook.
Oh my. Off you go, now!
- Run along! Now! - Okay.
But teachers,
there really isn't any school policy against babies.
Let... Let me take a look at that school policy.
Please, sir. Just one more week.
IF she is discharged, she'll die.
Give me just one week. I'll Find a way to pay you back all oF it.
You know I gave you a break.
I can't help you anymore.
Just one more week. Please? I'll pay back For sure this time.
You're making this difficult For me.
- Please. Give me one more chance. - I said I can't.
Just this once, please?
Why didn't you say anything?
It's nothing to brag about.
And this isn't the First time...
Well, I just became a Father to a baby
and have been looking everywhere For his mom.
My parents ran away From home. Just great, great...
Take it.
What is this?
When you make a lot oF money, buy me a new bike.
I'm taking off. Take good care oF your mother.
Let's go.
This stop is Beotigogae, Beotigogae,
The exit doors for this stop are on your right,
Haven't ridden the subway in a while. I'm so tired.
Oh, NO!
No, this is an opportunity From heaven.
I shouldn't turn that down.
Bye, okay... okay...
Don't get tempted. Who cares?
Han Joon-Soo, what's gotten into you?
So, you're saying...
you were tired, so you dozed off and Fell asleep.
Then you heard the announcement. So, you woke up startled,
and ran off the train, at which point you Forgot the kid. Is that right?
Thank god, you were taped by a surveillance camera.
Hey, bring out the kid.
Woo-Rahm! Oh my son!
What has this world come to?
Even I don't have a kid.
And this high schooler is running around making a baby.
Who says I'm running around making a baby?
Listen, kid! Didn't you just say you're his Father?
Do you think I wanted to make him?
Things happened and liFe just got this way...
Excuse me!
How may I help you?
- The kid's mom? - What?
Well, you're much older, yet
you take this high school teen and turn him into a Father.
How beautiFul!
Isn't this illegal? What on earth? Man...
Han Joon-Soo!
Sir, where are my bag and his hanger?
Sir? I'm not even married!
I didn't mean to...
I'm sorry.
(Come on, sister! Not the formula, BREAST MlLK!)
(How many times do I have to tell you?)
He's not eating. I think we need to get him some breast milk.
You're nowhere near ready to be a dad.
How can you have an appetite right now?
Parents are supposed to give up their own Food For their children.
I can see where this is going...
What are you looking at?
Excuse me.
How may I help you?
Could I possibly get addresses oF people
who recently registered birth certiFicates?
This one can't drink Formula milk.
His mom died while giving birth.
(Come on, dad, Do it right,)
- My baby can't drink Formula milk, - (Just like that, yeah,)
-...but only breast milk. - (Good, good,)
- He's got such a delicate taste. - (She's going for it, going,,,)
(Just a little bit more,)
- Which house... could you... - (Just a little bit more, dad,)
(There she goes, going, going, GONE!)
Wait right there. I'll look it up.
(Just let it out, dad, Cry out loud!)
Please, hurry...
Who is it?
I'm here For some breast milk...
(Nice,,,very nice,,,)
Who is it?
Hello there. I'm here For some breast milk...
(I don't want it, Not anymore, I'm full!)
(I'm full! I'm done, I'll take FORMULA!)
(I only like FORMULA! Let me go, I don't want it!)
Someone's busy running around all day
while someone's busy just eating.
You, little pig Eat up, okay?
Really, does it taste that good?
(Of course, dad!)
Internet Baby Care Group Single Daddy's Club
Hello, Fellow members who are hard at caring For babies.
Today marks our 14th gathering.
I'd like to say welcome to our new members.
Hi, good to see you.
Today we have a speaker,
who is an instructor From Korea Babycare Association...
Oh, you made it.
Come in. Here.
We'll do introductions later.
Take the empty seat over there.
You, that student?
You're the youngest.
Ok, now, Let's begin the class,
For babies, it's important to make sure they get vaccinated
at the right time,
Baby Han Woo-Rahm! Please come in!
Let's go to your dad. Here's daddy.
What a cute young couple!
- How many kids do you have? - Us? Nine.
That young girl already has nine kids.
Oh my... How is that possible?
Thank you.
Finally, all-in.
Aren't you coming?
Go ahead. I gotta stop by somewhere.
Hey, Gi-Seok. Yeah, I'm on my way.
Drink up, man.
Here you go, drink up.
Have some oF this. Say aahhh!
- This squid is kinda hard to chew. - You like that, huh?
- Hey, you! Come here. - Yes, sir?
Come here.
- 'Daddy'? - (Isn't that the guy from TV?)
Selling your kid out to make money?
(Speak for yourself.)
What a hard working young man.
I like what you got going here.
I usually don't tip waiters, but...
That's hot.
30 dollars Here.
Thank you, sir. Thank you!
Live hard, okay? Buy some milk with that.
- You may go. Sure. - Have a great time, sir.
- Ready For another shot? - Yes, yes.
I win! Okay, I got this.
One For you, one For you...
Hey ladies. I have to go pass out Fliers.
Could you please watch my kid?
What are we, babysitters?
We are on call, so hurry back.
Thank you! Here you go.
I'll be right back.
(Wow,,, I'm in heaven.)
- You like that? - (Yeah!)
Please visit our bar.
I'll give you a discount.
Please visit our bar.
Remember 'Daddy'. 'Daddy' is the name.
As an opening event,
we're giving away a bottle oF liquor For Free. Free!
Ladies! Thank y...
Come to papa.
Who did this to you?
What am I doing?
I won't ever bring us back here, okay?
Don't cry. Don't cry.
Well, For the price oF having a son
who is the top oF the class and a homeroom rep
My mom had to bear the cross oF being the PTA president.
'Always be number 1 '
That's my Family's motto.
Then, what will happen to Joon-Soo?
Isn't it obvious? A trouble maker causing trouble...
We can't just sit back and watch.
Well, it's not a pleasant subject.
I have a study group to go to.
You! I'll get you!
How? By telling your mommy?
Like you are tough.
And you know what? IF you ever make the top oF the class again,
I'm going to change my name.
Who does she think she is?
'Who does she think she is'?
Your posture is very academic.
Besides, mood swings!
You know this is a very critical time for all students,
To be fair to the majority,
the school decided to suspend you for a while,
You drink one, too. Cheers!
Who are you, huh?
(How drunk is he? He can't even recognize his own kid.)
I am your Father. Okay?
Listen, my name is Han Joon-Soo,
You are Han Woo-Rahm. You and me. That's all we got.
Hey, keep it down.
I'm sorry.
My name is Han Joon-Soo, and this here, is Han Woo-Rahm.
I am 1 8 years old. And he is my son...
I don't understand why people don't welcome us.
Hey, man. Are you alright?
You, I will take care oF, Forever.
I am not a student anymore. I'm a dad. A Father!
IF you don't want to end up like Han Joon-Soo, study harder!
Hey, what are you?
I am Byeol Kim.
You're in the middle oF class. Go back to your seat!
No, this is selF-study.
I can selF-study at home. So I'm going home.
Who transFerred someone like you here?
Go back to your seat now!
What you're asking us to do is Forced-study, not selF-study.
And it's against the law.
I'll File a complaint to the Board oF Education.
Isn't this clearly a violation oF the education guidelines?
And sir, please make sure you enunciate R From L,
and P From F correctly.
Be quiet!
36 bottles of beer on the wall,
You take one down, and pass it around,
35 bottles of beer on the wall,
You take one down, and pass it around,
Won't you take some, too?
Thank you.
For what?
Thank you For making Byeol go back to school and being nice to her.
Nah, I always give her such a hard time.
People don't understand those
who are a little different From them, you know?
- Teacher, I have a question. - Sure. What is it?
I know a little bit about the Pythagorean theorem.
So I looked through some books,
but I couldn't really prove it.
How can I prove the logarithm between
x=mm-nn, y=2mn, and z=mmnn?
Just a quick question on this prooF theorem.
You don't need to know this in middle school.
- Teacher! - Oh dear!
Letter ofVoluntary Resignation - Byeol Kim
So she dropped out oF school,
then one day, suddenly insisted on going back to school.
I couldn't Figure out what had gotten into her...
It was because oF you. You're a handsome Fella.
Be good to my daughter, okay?
What a good looking kid, eh?
Cheer up! I'm here for you,
I'll always be on your side - Byeol
Now, that's a real Family.
I miss Joon-Soo!
Hey stop right there. Hold it!
Oh my goodness. What are you doing?
Hey, you! Come here boy.
Who says you could run around here? Walk slowly.
Look what you've done. Be careFul next time, okay?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Make sure you walk on your tiptoe.
- Mommy. - Oh, I'm really sorry.
You, get over there.
- Ugh, so cold. Yick. - Whew, I'm so sorry.
How many kids did you bring here?
Obviously they're not disciplined to be out in public.
What did you say?
Hey, accidents happen. They're just kids.
Who are you to bring up my kids' discipline?
Who do you think you are raising your voice to?
I can raise my voice iF I please. How old are you anyway?
I asked you First. How old are you, how old? Huh?
- Come here, I'll show you. - Oh goodness... Get off me!
Ma'am, please calm down. We can talk it over.
- No need to get physical here. - Sweetie, stop it. STOP.
Bring it. Out oF my way!
Sergeant Han?
Sissy boy?
- Salute! - Salute!
Honey, he's my senior From the marines. Sergeant Han!
Korea Construction... CEO?
Wow, that's great. I knew you'd make it.
You were always so driven. This is great.
Hey, you know... I'm sorry about earlier.
It's okay. Sometimes you step in dog poop.
Anyway, don't worry about it.
What's taking Byeol so long?
Maybe she went to see Woo-Rahm?
She'll be here soon, I guess.
Woo-Rahm? Do you have another kid?
Oh no... We don't. Sit. Sit down.
My daughter, who is a high school senior,
has this Friend who had a baby.
They don't know who the mother is.
And For some reason, his parents are not around.
So my daughter goes over to babysit sometimes.
- Just to help out... - You know.
What? A high school senior has a kid?
What in the world is going on?
A student has a baby even without a mother?
His parents are even worse.
No discipline whatsoever! None!
Mom... Dad... Your son is suspended again.
I didn't beat up anyone. I didn't smoke at school.
They just told me not to come. Because oF your grandson.
Just because he may distract other students,
they told me not to come.
Man, seriously. You guys can't even call once?
Don't you miss your own son?
What about your grandson? What has he done wrong?
What has he done wrong?
I miss you guys.
Who are you?
Me? Who are you?
Do you live here?
No, I'm just babysitting.
Baby? Whose baby is it?
The owner oF this house.
Oh, you crazy old man. I'm gonna...
Okay, he's coming.
Hey, let's get going!
- I'm coming, I'm coming. - Okay, okay. Hurry up!
Just because you got suspended doesn't mean
that I can be late For the exam, alright?
Okay. Come here. Come to daddy.
By the way, what kind oF job is it?
That's none oF your business. Good luck on your exam.
Let's go.
Where do you get the appetite?
Who is she?
What are you talking about?
Who did you get knocked up this time?
Aren't you a little old For this now? Making Joon-Soo's little brother, huh?
You crazy old Fool!
Teacher, I'm sorry, I really don't know anything,
Hey, at least Fill in your name, you Fool.
Ahh, my name...
I knew it.
You, lazy bum. Wake up, Kim Byeol!
Sleep. Sleep tight...
This is an English exam.
Shouldn't you at least write this in English?
Don't you even know that?
Sleep. Sleep.
Come on, man. No.
Not with that baby.
Sir, please. I'll make sure he doesn't get in the way.
No! Really!
Ma'am, I can really do a great job here.
You can't work in the kitchen with a baby.
Get outta here. Quick!
This isn't the place For babies.
Get going, now!
I'll do anything. Just let me do it.
No, I can't let you work here. What can you do here with a baby?
Come on, I said, no.
You can't come to work with a baby.
Sir, I can assure you. I'm really good at this.
I said NO!
Sir! Sir!
I'm a high school student, and I have a baby.
It would be hassle For me to work here, right?
Why do you ask? You know that, already!
- How much is the milk? - 50 cents.
What about the chocolate milk?
God Damn!
God damn!
You ain't the only girl in the world, you!
Hey, what are you doing?
You, hold it right there. I said stop!
Hey, you! Bring me back my wallet!
Wait, taxi!
Go, go! Hurry!
Let's go!
Excuse me. I'm looking For a student named Han Joon-Soo.
- Are you the baby's mother? - Pardon me?
How long have you been starving the poor kid?
I thought my nipples were coming off.
Is she the mother?
Oh geez. No!
Breast-feed him, okay? It's best For the baby.
Han Joon-Soo!
Excuse me, baby's mom?
How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not his mother!
Ask anybody. You totally look the part.
Look at you. A pickpocket...
I told you, it was a mistake.
A mistake?
I had no choice.
And, I did give the wallet back to the owner. So it's over.
Are you out oF your mind?
Are you testing my patience, huh?
Go home. And I really am sorry.
Han Joon-Soo!
Sorry to put you through this.
Daddy shouldn't be like this.
- Can I get a carton? - OF which cigarettes?
Nah, I'll just take another can oF Formula.
It's milk time. Excited?
By the way, that baby... Whose is it?
Whose could it be? It's yours.
Well, he's mine, dad.
There was...
There was this girl I used to date.
And she just left him with me.
I really wanted to give him away.
But it wasn't so easy.
Look at the poor thing.
Imagine how sad he'd be when he realizes that
he had no parents?
I did my best... my very best to raise him properly...
It's okay. I understand how you Feel.
These past Few days must have been hard on you.
Now stop crying. A Father doesn't cry.
First, we get you back in school.
For the time being, your mom and I will take care oF the baby.
So please stop getting in trouble.
Thank you, Father.
Okay then. Stand up.
Ready For a round?
Your mom doesn't know where we are.
Do you have a cold?
No, I'm okay. I'll just take some medicine.
- Are you sure? - Oh, I'm Fine.
I said I'm Fine. Just go to school. Go!
- I'm going now. - Okay. Go.
Hi, sweetie.
Sorry to have put you through so much because oF my Family.
Don't mention it.
It is unacceptable For a student to have a baby.
It is even worse to bring the baby to the school.
Other students might learn. Learn!
I'm really sorry.
However, sir...
Teachers should never,
under any circumstances, kick a student out oF school.
They should remain inside the school.
You must not kick a student out oF the school, on to the streets.
Just because a student happened to have a baby,
you suspended him For that?
- Father. - Let go.
Excuse me, Mr. Han.
Then, is it acceptable to you For a student to have a baby?
At this school, we must consider other students.
That's why we just Followed the school policy.
- School policy! - Mr. Vice Principal!
I told you there aren't any rules against babies in the school policy.
There... isn't?
It's not even school policy, and you suspended him?
I'm going to report this school to Board oF Education.
- Father... - Let go oF me.
Your phone is ringing.
What happened? How sick is he?
Well, he just spiked a Fever.
So? How is he?
They're still running some tests on him.
Guess we'll have to wait.
Why did you insist on babysitting him when you have a cold?
What did I say this morning? Didn't he catch it From you?
IF anything happens to him, it's going to be your Fault.
How dare you speak to your mother like that!
I'm sorry, Father.
Parents are all the same, young or old.
IF the kid is sick, I Feel the pain, too.
I think I should've been in pain rather than the kid is in pain...
Don't stay too angry at your mom.
Your mom is all smiles, but she went through a lot.
You and I gave her so much grieF.
I put her through so much.
Joon-Soo is suffering from pneumonia,
How hard it must be for such a tiny baby!
A mom's heart is torn to pieces, Wonder when he'll get better,,,
The doctor says we'll know after tonight,
Hope he can pull through this,
God, please give him the strength,
(Daddy, I'm in pain, They say it's pneumonia.)
I'm sorry, mom.
Have you eaten?
Why so blue?
Give it.
Hey, hang in there, man.
Look at me. I'm doing okay, aren't l?
I'm sorry.
About what?
Sorry, I couldn't raise him by myself,
I just came in from the States for a bit,
But I'm leaving again, soon, Please take good care of him for me,
What's this?
You bastard!
Get up! Get up!
IF you're human, iF you're a Friend...
you couldn't have done that.
Say something! Why would you do that?
I'm so sorry. I should be killed.
You crazy Fool. Is that all you can say?
Listen, man. I, too, wish
I was born into money like you,
and do whatever the hell I want. You know?
But no, I can't. Screw poverty.
I had to give up my Friend, Friendship,
and even my own baby. See?
Cut the BS, and raise him well.
It is my last wish as a Friend.
Hey, you're here.
Let's go.
Go where?
Come on, hurry. They Found his real parents.
I'm coming, Woo-Rahm. I'm coming.
Joon-Soo, are you up?
I'm going to school.
- Joon-Soo, what about breakfast? - Joon-Soo!
I'm okay.
Poor thing. He did try his best as a Father.
I know...
Hey, cheer up!
Look over there. See?
First rank: Kim Byeol
How can you have no Flaws in your grade?
I have not once, in the past 3 years seen him take second place.
You're awesome, For real!
Woo-Rahm is out oF the hospital.
Don't you want to go?
I think he misses you a lot. He's all Fussy.
He Found his real dad. What's he got to be Fussy about?
You're a coward.
You know who misses Woo-Rahm the most,
and whom he misses the most right now.
- It's you! - What do you know, huh?
Do you think I miss him?
Who put me through hell?
Why would I miss him?
Well, you know...
He is... Woo-rahm is...
Why don't you just shut up, okay?
Hey, Han Joon-Soo!
Your kid is leaving the country tomorrow For an adoption. Alright?
I think sending Woo-Rahm overseas for adoption may be worse than
abandoning him to Joon-Soo,
It must be hard, but think about it,
Woo-rahm, have a good liFe there. Okay?
There, you must Forget daddy and grandma, and live a good liFe.
Mom, I just wanted to watch Woo-Rahm grow up, you know?
At Joon-Soo's, I really thought they'd take good care oF him.
I'm at the airport,
If he leaves now, we may never see him again,
Don't you think you should at least say goodbye?
Let's not leave any regrets,
(I just went through that whole hospitalization, and now adoption?)
(Man, it's a hard-knock life.)
Where were you?
- Hey! - Han Joon-Soo!
Wait. Hold on! Hey, get him! Stop!
Let me go! Let go oF me!
Give me my baby! Woo-Rahm, Daddy's here!
You're not going anywhere!
Give me back my baby! Woo-Rahm!
Give me my baby!
Let go oF me! Daddy's right here!
I thought I'd never see him again,
- Thanks, mom! - See you again, mother.
I'm so Full!
Your mom is really a good cook!
So delicious! These mini octopuses and hot sauce... yum.
Joon-Soo, I owe you man. I will do my best to raise Woo-Rahm.
Why are you the only one raising him? He's my son, too!
(What? Are you guys still fighting over me?)
This week, he's staying at my place.
Then, shall we celebrate these two dads with a beer party?
Alcohol reduces the white blood cell count,
which deteriorates the immune system...
and impaires judgment, which can result in second and third Woo-Rahm!
Fine, I get it. Forget it.
Why don't you and Gi-Seok go get some soda?
Oh, okay. Let's go.
Hey, hurry back!
You were pretty cool today.
Great! My mom doesn't have to have a single dad as a son-in-law.
What are you talking about?
- I've got something For you. - What is it?
(What? You got served, dad.)
When Joon-Soo's Mom was a senior in high school
I'm sorry, I think the baby should be raised by you,
His name is Han Joon-Soo, Young-Sook,