University of Alaska Anchorage Campus Tour part 1

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Hi I'm Kent Spears and I came to UAA from Canada to study Sociology.
And I'm Yulia Suslova I came from Russia and my major is Accounting.
Yulia and I both work here at the University Center;
I work in the department of International Student Services.
And I'm working in Admissions Office.
It's our pleasure to welcome you to the University of Alaska Anchorage.
I'm standing in front of the offices of Enrollment Management
in the University Center.
Where you will do much of your business with the University.
Here you'll find the offices of International Student Services, Admissions,
Accounting, Registration, and the Advising and Testing Center.
The University Center is connected to the campus through
the Seawolf Shuttle which runs every thirty minutes.
My name is Cristina Gaina, and I have come to UAA from,
the beautiful country of Moldova to study Economics.
This coming semester I'm planning on living in the residential area,
and probably be a resident advisor like last year.
To help students enjoy all that UAA has to offer,
as well as how to be successful in meeting all their educational goals.
Lee Gorsuch commons is where we are now, is part of the UAA residential complex.
Serving as a social gathering and information center.
Many of the commons facilities include the residential dining facility,
which is known as Creekside Eatery.
The Bear Necessities, which is a convenience store.
The student housing office, a computer lab, a fitness center,
three class and conference rooms, and the resident's mail room.
Other amenities in the commons include a fireside gathering, we are here now.
A recreation area with a large screen television, games, and a pool table,
as well as the Cama-I Room, devoted to Alaska Native activities.
Student staff members are available to assist residents at the Commons front desk,
from 8 AM to 12 midnight on Monday through Friday.
And 10 AM to 12 midnight from...on Sunday and Saturday.
Behind me you see the main apartment complex also known as MAC
The six buildings of the main apartment complex is located
just west of the resident halls.
And offers apartment style living for 296 students.
Each apartment has four single bedrooms, a kitchen,
a bathroom, a living room and storage area.
North, East, and West Halls are the three resident halls in UAA housing community.
Opened in 1998, the three halls house approximately 200 students each.
In single, double, and four person suites, with one bathroom per suite.
On each floor rooms are clustered on two wings, and
feature common area lounges for studying and socializing.
Coin operated laundry room facilities, computer labs,
and a student staffed service desk.
Most bedrooms are single rooms housing only one student.
You may ask, why live on campus?
Living on campus is convenient, economical, and fun!
There are support services, activities, and
countless conveniences of living in university housing.
Including the new Welcome Pie Catch from International Student Services.
Which will get you through your first night, as well as
your first shower, as you settle in.
We look forward to welcoming you to UAA and Anchorage.
Hi I'm Kwon from Korea; I came to UAA to study
and work as a graduate assistant,
with one of only fourteen globally accredited
project management programs in the world.
Project management is part of the Engineering Science and
Project Management department which is located in the University Center.
Effective project management has become essential
management process in virtually all areas.
All business and industry, including engineering, construction,
oil and gas, mining, communications, and much more.
In the engineering department this is one of the state of the art classrooms,
we use for lectures here in Anchorage, and also
to broadcast distance delivery throughout the world.
My name is Teresa Liu and I'm from Taiwan, I have not chosen a major yet.
I would like to introduce you to the Admin and Fine Art buildings,
where many important programs have their offices.
This is the Admin building, where you can find the office of UAA's Chancellor,
as well as the Languages program, the English program,
and the International Studies program.
You will also find classrooms here, and you
will find that both the Admin and Fine Art buildings
are a convenient Seawolf Shuttle ride from the bookstore or the University Center.
Next we'll see the Fine Arts Building, which houses disciplines like
art education, art history, ceramics, drawing, painting,
photography, and sculpture. Are you feeling creative?!
My name is Gor Galstyan and I've come to Anchorage from Armenia.
My major is in International Studies, I also work at the UAA Campus Bookstore
where you can buy your textbooks, UAA clothing, and accessories.
International Student Association also holds its Passport Series here
once a month during spring and fall semesters.
I'm Enke and I came to UAA to study Economics from Mongolia.
Welcome to the Student Union, which is in some way half
the center of campus life here in Anchorage.
The Student Union is a multi-use facility
with an information desk as its core.
You will find the Den, the South, and the North cafeteria.
And a quiet study room, the student lounge, game and
TV room, computer labs, meeting rooms, and Parking Services.
You can eat at Subway, the Union Station Cafe,
or grab a snack at the information desk.
You can also rent outdoor gear, to enjoy Anchorage's big wildlife
in the Outdoor Gear Rental Shop.
If you are interested in journalism, the office of
the UAA student newspaper is housed here,
and many student activities take place here throughout the year.
Hey! My name is Marko Cheseto, and I am a student
and an athlete from Kenya my major is nursing.
Hi! My Name is Kangogo K. Alfred, and I am a student
and an athlete from Kenya, my major is nursing.
My name is David Kiplagar I was a...student athlete at UAA,
currently a graduate assistant, my major is Public Administration.
Welcome to the Wells Fargo Sports Complex!
Realizing that recreation is also an important part
of the educational process, the Wells Fargo Sports Complex is available
for students, faculty, staff, and public for individual and organized recreation.
Opened in 1978 the center houses a gym, swimming pool, ice rink,
fitness center, jogging track, and dance studio under one roof.
Designed as a spine to provide a comfortable walk through
from one side of the campus to another.
The complex has open viewing to all activity areas.