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Uploaded by hanimourra on 24.01.2010

Hi, I'm Hani Mourra from Easy Online Video Markeing Tips.
Today's video, I'm gonna talk about and answer a common question that people have been asking me a lot
lately. the question is
what video camera do you recommend for online video
my first answer is,
Use what you have.
If you have a webcam, go ahead and use that.
If you have a digital camera that can film movie clips 0:00:22.820,0:00:23.609 use that.
if you have a camcorder, use that.
so, whatever equipment
you already have
go ahead and use it. it just gonna work fine online
and then, people tend to ask me a follow-up question, and say, "Hani, what if
I don't have any equipment?
What do I go out and buy?"
So what I tell them is
Invest in what is called a pocket-size camera
And the reason why they call it a pocket-size, is literally,it fits in your pocket.
they're small, compact and light.
the three pocket-size cameras I recommend are
the Flip Mino HD
the Creative Lab's Vado HD
and the Kodak Zedi 8.
These cameras are all comparable.
and they're all perfect
for online video
all three cameras have a USB cable built in to the camera
so you don't need to carry any cable with you. You slide the notch.
and the USB connector is there. then you plug it into your computer.
they also all have software for doing basic editing.
built into the camera
so when you plug the camera in
the software comes up
you choose a clip
and you can do basic editing
once you're done editing,
you have the option of directly sending your videos to YouTube or to Facebook
and to other websites.
So that's really, really convenient.
The bottomline is
don't let the camera equipment hold you back
from recording online videos
Use what you have.
Or invest in a small, inexpensive pocket-size
by the way, these cameras range between a hundred and two hundred dollars
and, get your videos out there
by the way, if you haven't noticed
I'm due for a haircut.
And that hasn't stopped me from recording my video today
So don't let anything come in your way in recording your online video
I'm Hani Mourra from Easy Online Video Marketing Tips.
Thanks for watching this video.
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