TLC Jewellery Auction 2011

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We're here at the 2nd annual jewellery auction at the New Dowse Gallery in Lower Hutt.
Tonight promisses to be a great evening with some of NZ's leading jewelers and carvers donating artwork
as well as work from our own students and graduates.
My name is Hanne Eriksen Mapp and I'm a tutor in the jewellery department.
Could you tell us a little bit about what tonights auction is in aid of?
It's fundraising for jewellery tools for the jewellery department at Taita.
Could you tell us a little bit about the kind of equipment you are fundraising for?
For the casting equipment we need a burnout kiln, a centrifugal casting machine,
and we would like to have mold making equipment so we can make the mold and inject the wax into the mold
so the students can do much more intracate work. And also they can also multiply them.
So you've had donations from all over the place?
Pretty much. We's had some from Nelson, Christchurch, Wellington and from here.
And the students have donated peices. People have been very generous.
How did this all come about?
We had a student last year who has now moved way up north, Natalie Haylley.
She started it last year. And it was a great success.
And the students decided they would like to carry on and try it again this year.
Thats fantastic.
And there are some very lovely peices under the hammer today. I'm really proud of the students.
The students have made a fantastic effort producing work for this exhibition and organizing this exciting event.
Can I get you to introduce yourself.
Hello my name is Rani Stiggsdottir.
And you're a student here at TLC?
Yes I am. I'm going to finish Stage Two at the end of this term.
Cool. You've donated a couple of pieces to tonight’s auction haven’t you?
Yes I donated a Mayan skull with feathers, and a snail ring.
I donated that at the last minute because I had 3 of them and though "why not?", It's too a good cause.
So are you guys looking forward to what you're fundraising for this year?
Yes. I defiantly am, because most of my stuff I cast or carve in wax originally so for me it will be really exciting to do it myself.
We are on $250, going once...going twice...sold"
At $125 with the man at the back, a regular bidder, now he can't take everything off us
so can we have a bid at $150 please?
$150 to the lady in the purple, you just got there in time, but we've got a couple of other bidders
so I'll put it to $180, any takers at $180?
I've got $180 over there the woman in the black.
$200 have we got $200 ladies and gentlemen? I'll take $200. A nice good solid $200?
There we go $200. Careful! When you scratch your head, you almost bought something you didnt want!...
So were on $250. Going once...Going twice...That's the final piece... sold!
Well ladies and gentlemen I think a round of applause for all the winners of the auction here tonight.
From the students of the Diploma Advanced class we have a very special thank you to Hanne Eriksen Mapp.
From all of us who benefit from your patience, your knowledge, your guidance and your inspiration
we have a little thank you for you.
And most importantly of all, thank you all for coming and supporting us with this fundraising event.
Your generosity and support ensures that ourselves and all the future jewellery students of TLC
will only be limited by the boundaries of our own imaginations and not by the equipment that we have to hand.
And so this brings to a conclusion our special evening. Drive home safely and enjoy all your new works of art