Steampunk DIRIGIBLE DAYS EP 4 - "Hierophant Unbound" webseries episode four

Uploaded by DirigibleDays on 11.12.2012

Your the one wanted to be on this boat, Agent Cornell
you will deal with the accommodations I gave you, I don't care what else you've got on me
that's the feeling of six barrels against your skull
don't try that again
I've got my eye on you
welcome aboard the S.S. Beatrix
at the height of the
Victorian Age, an asteroid crossed our orbit
it did not collide with the Earth
but with cursed luck, our planet did not
miss debris in its wake, millions perished
however Earth was reshaped, and the skylands lifted
by the strange aetherite ore in the meteorites
eventually, civilization rose again
this is the year 997
and adventure is inescapable in these Dirigible Days
don't worry, Humbolt
you'll get your cargo
anyways, to cut a long story short...
what was that? are you under attack?
Josie says we'll be in Drogeda in 6 days, fall back to rendezvous site B
Engineering, what the hell was that?
Captain! Look, I walked into a mess down here. Number 2 engine's acting all wackadoo, I don't know what's going on.
what do you mean
we just had that engine repaired before we left Dali.
what do you mean "what do I mean?" I know these Marc 4's like the back of my hand
I don't think Josie had anything to do with this
I'm gonna be down here all night, my hands are tied
look, I got to go
captain to the brig
brig? Agent Cornell?

what is going on?
is everything all right?
Oh yeah, everything's fine!
the ship's falling to pieces and there's a madman on the loose!
I'll have to get back to you
Captain Dunbar, I presume?

I recognized your voice, a voice of command and power
as captain of this vessel you are not unlike the blind idiot god, Azathoth
lord of all things
except you're not quite blind, are you?
the stars
are in the phase of the eye ritual
so it would seem, my dear captain
you really do have you eye on me

Captain to the bridge...Josie
good morning, captain, I hope you'll find you're sufficiently bandaged
sorry about the engine
I needed a diversion to keep your little engineer occupied
Strega, where's Josie?
what have you done with her?
Josie, my dear sweet Josie? She's a bit tied up at the moment
she's not going anywhere until we reach our destination
SANTIAGO: If you hurt any one of my crew STREGA: Hold your tongue captain, or I may take that as well
I despise this technology, I shall join you in a moment
I wish you hadn't left me Josie
but I think you secretly regret your decision
is that why you brought me here
perhaps Cthulhu
has been talking to you in your dreams
the only regret I have is not killing you when I had the chance
I'll see you hang for what you did to me and my family

as it is said
in the ancient grimoire
mankind will become as the old ones
free and wild and beyond good and evil
all men shouting and killing and reveling in joy
the breath of Cthulhu protects me and your bullets have no effect on my
Yuggothian apparatus
you have a fancy outfit for someone who claims to hate science and technology
science is attempting to destroy the etherial
Cthulhu and I will make sure things go the other way
this technology may be blasphemy
but I'll use it to achieve my goals
spoken like a true
you're as hypocritical as the rest of them
I for one enjoy antibiotics, astronomy, plumbing STREGA: surgery?
you know, most of my followers are dead murdered by Woe Claw
I could use you, although I'm not
convinced you will join our cause. You don't have the dreams
you don't hear the call
no, you're not worthy
you will, however, make a potent sacrifice to Cthulhu once we reach R'leyh
for some reason
I think you better rethink
your plan!
you two are more trouble than you're worth
it's time for me to bring you to salvation and divest you of your lives