Operation Interception

Uploaded by wwwICEgov on 10.02.2011

I'm here to announce that ICE Homeland Security Investigations agents nationwide,
working jointly with NFL security investigators and numerous law enforcement agencies, have siezed a record total,
of 36,273 items of counterfeit Super Bowl related merchandise and other counterfeit goods
with an estimate retail value of three million five hundred sixty two thousand, four hundred fifty one dollars
This ICE operation dubbed Operation Interception has been ongoing for the last year here in Dallas and was expanded nationwide January 1.
With special emphasis not only in Dallas but also by our HSI offices in Pittsburgh and Milwaukee which covers Green Bay.
The International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition estimates that counterfeiting costs U.S. businesses two hundred to two hundred fifty billion dollars each year and is accountable for the loss of more than seven hundred and fifty thousand American jobs.
We will continue to work together throughout this week's event and beyond. When the winning team's apparel will no doubt become a hot commodity, to identify, arrest and criminally charge counterfeiters and to seize any counterfeit merchandise we find.
Trademark infringement, stealing this intellectual property, ultimately robs industry of profits which can translate into robbing them of jobs. So there is certainly an impact for our economy.
And then finally we also know that many of the same organizations that traffic in counterfeit merchandise also are involved in other more serious organzed criminal endeavors such as drug smuggling, human smuggling, fraudulent documents.
So for all those different reasons it makes good sense to focus on these schemes and to disrupt and dismantle the enterprises that are behind them.