Edit an Inserted Image in a Drawing

Uploaded by Autodesk on 25.05.2010

I have this image inserted in my drawing but I would like to remove the tree. I could edit
the image in an image editor and re-import it. Or I could use some of the image tools
in AutoCAD. Here’s how.
I’ll select the frame and use the Image contextual ribbon. I’ll adjust the fade
of the image a little and leave the brightness and contrast.
I’ll select Create Clipping Boundary and create a new rectangular boundary for the
image. If I make a mistake I can edit the clipping boundary using grips or I can remove
the clipping boundary and start over. With the arrow grip I can Invert the selection
to show the image outside of the clipping boundary.
I can Hide or Show the image as well. On the Insert tab I’ll display the frame
for editing but turn it off for plotting. I removed the tree and now my drawing is ready
for my presentation.