WBAK - master swordplay and pee breaks in "Kendall the Knight"

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NARRATOR (SINGING): We make videos based on what they say.
It's written by a kid.

MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Could you tell us your name
and age, sir?
KIERNAN: My name is Kiernan, and I'm seven.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): So who's your favorite type of
character, or hero, or person to be?
KIERNAN: A knight.
A knight.
NARRATOR (SINGING): If you could create a knight?
What would you name your knight?
KIERNAN: Kendall.

He's the top of the best knights.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): He's The best of the best.
KIERNAN (OFFSCREEN): He's not the best of the best.
He's just the best.
He fights bad guys.
And after that, they be friends, and then they have
peanut butter and jelly.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Who is the main bad guy that
Kendall the Knight fights?
KIERNAN: Zornmetal.
His armor looks a little like Kendall's, but it has little
screws on it.
And when he bends his foot, there's a big, blowing fire
around his ankle.

Once, Zornmetal was walking, but then Kendall
spotted him by spying.
Zornmetal didn't know that he was there.
But he did know some things was following him.
He looked up at the castle.
It was big.
No, it's a bird.
It was Kendall.
He jumped out of the sky.
They looked at each other like there was no doubt about it
that they wanted to fight.
He said one word, "You."
Pointing the sword at Zornmetal but Zornmetal didn't
even blink.
It was a fake.
It was cardboard!
Zornmetal moved, he got him, right in there.
And he said, you have faked from my phony, you.
And then he was alive.
He pulled out his sword and striked,
striked, striked, striked.
And they fought, fought, fought, fought.
There was no stopping.
But there was a stop when they had a water break.
One hour later, he got up.
And Zornmetal was asleep.
He was sleeping like a baby.
And then, all of a sudden, his metal came up.
He opened his eyes and striked.
He had strong, muscular muscles, like
he had to go pee.
With one word, he said, get away, I know you're coming
back for a revenge.
But then it wasn't over.
Kendall had to go pee.
So he left the cardboard and then he went into the castle.

He go peed.
It's so simple.
And he went back.
His cardboard had got defeated.
He was crying.

He look at Zornmetal, and striked him.
And then he trapped a pet wasp, his pet wasp,

It stinged the armor, and it flew apart.

And its poop could drop on the castle and then it explodes.
And all knights said, huh, I've got to go pee.
And then they lived happily ever after.
ZORNMETAL: Good fight.
KENDALL: Not as good as these sandwiches.
KIERNAN: The end, sir.
ZORNMETAL: Reminds me of mom's.
KENDALL: Your mom's?
ZORNMETAL: My mom's sandwiches, yeah.
KENDALL: I think I killed her.
ZORNMETAL: That was you?
KENDALL: Mrs. Zornmetal Yeah, I blew her head off, remember?
KENDALL: There was bats that came out.
ZORNMETAL: What're you going to do, man.
She was drunk.
KENDALL: She was drunk?
ZORNMETAL: It doesn't matter.