The Lodger - Ep: 3

Uploaded by TheLydiaBennet on 20.07.2012

Lydia: So I'm still here. Sucks, I know.
And no luck giving Mary the entire life makeover she so desperately needs.
Whatever. But I was snooping through her artwork the other day
and I found something kind of surpri-
Mary: I think someone's in the attic.
Lydia: What? No... someone in the attic, why would you think that?
Mary: I-I heard singing from the ceiling.
Lydia: Was it good?
Mary: Lydia, focus! Someone. in. the attic.
Lydia: Mmm... that sounds like divine intervention.
Maybe you're being called to a higher purpose!
Or it might be aliens - it's probably aliens.
Mary: No, this is serious, I-we need to call the cops.
Lydia: Ok, fine, it's just John.
Lydia: John, umm, he's this guy who answered this flyer that I put up about renting out your attic.
Mary: I'm sorry, you did what now?
Lydia: It's just for a couple days, I'll totes split the money with you!
Mary: Do you even know who this guy is?
I mean - why does he need to hide out in my attic?
This screams "international jewel thief."
That would be exciting, harboring a fugitive!
Also, illegal.
But totes hot, am I right? Plus, he seems like a decent enough guy.
Oh my God, Lydia!
You know who else seemed like a 'decent enough guy?' Charles Manson.
Lydia: Ew - I know you like his music, but he is way gross.
Mary: That's not the sa- never mind.
You need to get this John guy out of here before my parents get home and kill us both,
if he doesn't first.
Lydia: I am just trying to make some money so my family doesn't have to live on the streets...
[Sigh] Ok fine, I'll make him leave.
Mary: And if he tries to murder you while you're up there,
try to scream really loudly so I know to run, ok?
Lydia: Dramatic much?
Mary: I did not complete my intense studies on Baroque art
just to get murdered in my sleep by a strange man sleeping in my attic.
Lydia: Wow, you have no sense of adventure.
Mary: Just fix it!
Transcribed by: Sarah Frook Written by: Rachel Kiley