Lightwalker: The Highest Technology Dental Laser System

Uploaded by FotonaLasers on 07.03.2011

Dental medicine has entered a new era
the widest range of dental treatments can now be performed
everything can be done and now with only one device.
Neck, shoulder, back and joint pain are a thing of the past.
We've come to a turning point in laser dentistry it's going to redefine the relationship between
the doctor and the patient
We are proud to present our new system solution
and our functional, easy-to-use laser technology.
We are introducing the highest technology dental laser system offering supreme clinical results
and unmatched simplicity of use.
LightWalker was developed in close cooperation with top-level dental experts and is therefore
well suited to meet every need and desire of modern dentists.
LightWalker dental laser systems have many advantages
that can be used for extremely precise treatment of soft as well as hard dental tissues.
Because Fotona lasers drill faster than any other available technology
procedures are shorter. If you prefer, you can also change the speed to suit your personal
The no-contact way of working means there are no vibrations and patient feels no pain.
LightWalker enables simultaneous disinfection.
What is more, the laser protects the healthy part of the healthy part of the tooth
it automatically slows down when it reaches healthy tissue.
LightWalker surpasses the existing laser systems.
By developing LightWalker we made a very special dental tool with multiple application possibilities.
LightWalker can operate on two different wavelengths and offers a variety of preset and adjustable
The range of applications
is virtually unlimited.
LightWalker is an ideal tool for periodontal and endodontic treatment
in periodontal treatments, Nd:YAG laser energy is directed into the tooth pocket
to removes the diseased epithelial lining, then the Er:YAG is used to remove
microbial biofilm and calculus from the root surface
and finally, the Nd:YAG seals the pocket with a stable fibrin clot
the surface heals without complications and post-operative pain for the patient.
In endodontics the Er:YAG laser creates photoacoustic shock waves within
the cleaning solutions introduced in the canal to clean and debride the canals and subcanals
then the deeply penetrating Nd:YAG laser wavelength is utilized to disinfect dentinal
The procedure is minimally invasive and much more efficient than traditional methods.
is the ideal tool
for dental surgery.
With LightWalker you have more control over incision, no sutures,
bleeding is minimal, and the tissue heals much faster.
Even more, LightWalker is an excellent tool for conservative and cosmetic dentistry.
For implantology – LightWalker is a scanner-ready system
and it can also be used for performing aesthetic procedures.
With LightWalker
it feels like the whole universe
is at your fingertips
but at the same time, controlling it is very simple,
often intuitive.
In only three steps you can start working
the key word is simplicity - you have access to presets for over forty applications.
LightWalker’s innovative solutions are amazing.
The perfectly balanced articulated arm is virtually weightless in the hand
the Wireless footswitch makes controlling the device much easier, avoiding cable tangles
the spray water reservoir is readily accessible
the handpieces are extremely light and easy to use
LightWalker automatically detects the Nd:YAG handpiece and sets the right
The system has an easy-to-use touch screen with an adjustable tilt.
All this
contributes to ease-of-use
in all dental applications. This is one of the features that makes LightWalker so unique.
The development of LightWalker is based on 45 years of our experience in laser
LightWalker projects this in every aspect:
VSP Technology, Max Mode
Energy Feedback Control
QSP pulse mode, are just some of the technologically superior laser elements that guarantee
LightWalker will lead the way in laser dentistry. But what we are really excited about is that the new
system is the first dental laser that is scanner ready, so with LightWalker practitioners
will finally be able to “walk the light”.
In your practice, LightWalker brings a completely new approach to the way you work; unlimited
with great results.
I would definitely recommend LightWalker
to any practitioner who wants great results,
the best technology and the greatest ease-of-use.
The new Fotona laser system LightWalker
starts a new era
in laser dentistry
bringing treatments that are extremely comfortable for the patient
and easy for the dentist to perform.
All this
at the touch of a button.