Memorize! Don't Spell! ASL Fingerspelling Practice (ASL subbed)

Uploaded by lllCarolll on 14.05.2010

Are you new at signing? Or fingerspelling (FS)?
Or maybe you're experienced but understanding FS is still hard?
Ok, I will help you today
First, let's talk a little about FS
Those are the 3 Cs that I learned in ASL class
Those three Cs help you to recognize what one is FSing
But now we're not going to use them
You'll have to practice catching on each letter
Memorize them and make a word out of them.
I noticed that English-speakers tend to spell out each letter like A.P.P.L.E.
Okay... Let's try with a long word
I got lost.
Okay, so... What do we do?
English writing and speech are not the same
Of course not!
They're very different
That's why English has a game called Spelling Bee
Some other languages don't need it, like Spanish
Spanish writing and speech are mostly the same
It's easier to spell the words that way
So I am mostly talking to English speakers
You tend to spell each letter when you're reading a FS. Don't
Think about talking in slowmotion like this
A...pp...le OR Aaaappplllleeeeeeee OR Mmmmiiissscccooommmuni...
For me, it's easier that way, because the pattern is smooth
For me, it simplifies memorizing the flow of the word.
I tried to spell when reading a FS, M.I.S.S... I couldn't
I couldn't because the pattern was choppy and I lose track
I need it to flow.
My mental voice would be pronouncing slow, following the FS speed
You try that, okay?
Now, I will begin to FS weird stuff
You are to recognize the letters and form them into words.