José's Million Hearts™ Story

Uploaded by CDCStreamingHealth on 22.05.2012

Male Speaker: My name is Jose, and I'm 55 years old.
[music playing]
Male Speaker: I had a stroke about nine years ago.
[music playing]
Male Speaker: In my family, the strokes occurred mostly
on my father's side.
My father had a stroke, his sister had stroke, and then
I had a stroke, all within weeks of each other.
I just started feeling like somebody was going around
my body, turning systems off.
I had a tingling sensation in my leg,
and it couldn't move anymore.
I had a tingling sensation in my arm, and all of the sudden,
my arm couldn't move anymore.
And then I just passed out.
Over the next couple of days, I really couldn't
talk much at all.
I couldn't move either arm, I couldn't move either leg,
you know, eventually, I got control of one side of my body,
my left side, but I still wasn't able to talk much at all.
When I transitioned to my house, I was still in a wheelchair.
Myself, you know, my wife, my children, my mother, my friends,
we all chipped in and developed a plan where I would
be receiving therapy one way or the other for about five or six
hours a day, and that was when I started to see faster results.
I was gradually able to learn how to walk again, my arm
started being able to move again,
I could start to speak more fluently.
[music playing]
Male Speaker: Dancing with my wife.
Going to my daughters graduation.
Sharing with my friends again.
Male Speaker: Me.
[music playing]