Jaws (2/10) Movie CLIP - Get Out of the Water (1975) HD

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Hey, Marty, l know you got a lot of problems downtown,
but l got problems at the house l wish you could take care of.
l've got cats parking in front of the house --
[ Screaming ]
And that garbage truck next to the office has got to be moved.
l need a red zone. It's a simple thing you could take care of.
Honey, would you come here a minute, please ?
Are you okay ? Yeah, l'm fine.
lf the kids goin' in the water is worying you --
No, no.
lt's all right. Let them go.
lt's cold.
We know all about you, Chief.
You don't go in the water at all, do you ?
That's some bad hat, Hary.
Chief Brody, you are uptight.
C'mon... that's it.
C'mon. [ Yelling And Laughing ]
# Oh, do you know the muffin man #
#The muffin man The muffin man #
Pippet !
Pippet ! C'mon, Pippet !
Pippet t
Did you see that ? Yeah.
[ Grunting ]
[ Yelling ]
Get eveybody out ! Get out !
Get them out !
[ Screaming ]
Michael, get out of the water !
[ M a n ] Take it easy. It's gonna be all right.
Alex ?
lt's gonna be okay, nOW.
Alex ?