120321 Weekly Idol Ranking: Onew (sub)

Uploaded by Onewthings on 30.05.2012

Note: 개념 translates to 'concept' but this is a very misused word in Korea. When someone says you have 개념, it means you have a conscious mind. I think better translation is 'ethical'. It can also refer to one's manners.
Idol who is ethical even in the bones 3rd
Dalsherbet Ahyoung votes "He has good impression and the best greeting manners"
Dalsherbet Soobin votes "He's sweet and looks gentle"
A man who is kind even in his name: Onew
(Can't hear because of the mcs humming)
Idol who has modesty and manners
He has the habit of covering his mouth when drinking
mc: Oh that's different
When he hands over the mic, he does it so that the other person can grab easily
Onew's trademark is 'folder bowing'
Doesn't matter when where and who he meets, his back automatically folds
- Onew's automatic reactive greetings
He greets every staff he sees
mc: Really, he has nothing to (can't hear) when it comes to greeting, right? [Greeting angel Onew]
mc: Greeting is important