Commencement 2012

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[ Music ]
>> Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Pasadena City Colleges,
87th Annual Commencement Exercises.
[ Pause ]
[ Music ]
Ladies and gentlemen, [background music] the faculty
of Pasadena City College.
[ Music ]
Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud
to present the Pasadena City College class of 2012.
[ Noise ]
[ Inaudible Discussions ]
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[ Inaudible Discussions ]
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[ Applause ]
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>> Good evening.
My name is Ashley Jackson,
Pasadena City College Student Body President.
Please remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.
[ Pause ]
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God,
indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
Thank you.
Please remain standing for the National Anthem.
[ Pause ]
[ Music ]
Oh, say, can you see by the dawn's early light.
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
through the perilous fight, o'er the ramparts we watched were
so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air.
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say, does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave, o'er the land
of the free and the home of the brave?
>> All right, all right thank you Anne Marie.
Good evening everyone.
What do you say we get this graduation started?
[Applause] [Noise] I am Mark Rocha President
of Pasadena City College.
I have the high honor of being the first
to officially congratulate the class of 2012.
[Applause] All right, please be seated
and direct your attention to the video screen.
If ever any of us [background music] ever thought
that we cannot change the course of history
and that this world cannot be changed then we only need
to look at the lesson and the model
of Jackie Robinson and Matt Robinson.
[ Music ]
>> Walking around
and [background music] seeing the kinds of students
that live here, as I was telling you a president
that it's both energetic and hopeful is the world
that I want to live in.
[ Music ]
>> All is tenderness and laughter for forever after.
>> Happy now and happy hence and happy ever after
[ Music ]
So from one Jack [background music] to another Jack we would
like to present to you the replica jersey.
[ Applause ]
[ Music ]
>> As a symbol [background music]
of your academic achievements you may now signify
that you are a graduate of Pasadena City College
by moving your tassel from the right to the left.
[ Applause ]
[ Music ]
All right, congratulations to the class of 2012.
Now make sure you have those tassels on your right.
Okay. Today-- tonight it is all about the class of 2012.
This is your moment in the spotlight
to celebrate your achievement,
the award of your associate's degree, your certificate
from Pasadena City College.
Now we do have some business and a little bit of speechifying
to do before we get to that important business.
Let me introduce to you the very important people who are part
of our celebration tonight seated on the stage
and in the first row starting with the members of the Board
of Trustees are-- let me go to the speakers for this evening
who will be introduced in more detail later in the program,
Dr. Karen Sims Gallagher from USC.
Dr. Gallagher.
[ Applause ]
And on your left in the second row on stage,
the 2012 recipients
of commencement special recognition,
Dr. Jackie Jacobs [Applause] The community recipient,
Mr. Anthony Portantino representing the 44th Assembly
District [Applause] Mr. Edward Martinez as the President
of the Academic Senate [Applause] And seated next
to Mr. Martinez, Dr. Tooktook Thongthiraj, the recipient
of the Risser Award for distinguished teaching.
[Applause] And now, the members of the Board of Trustees,
President of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Geoff Baum.
[Applause] Trustee Bill Thomson.
[Applause] Trustee Linda Wah.
[Applause] Trustee Dr. Anthony Fellow.
[Applause] Trustee Jeanette Mann.
[Applause] Trustee Berlinda Brown.
[Applause] The executive team in the college administration,
Ms. Bobbi Abram the Executive Director of the PCC foundation.
[Applause] Ms. Gail Cooper District General Counsel.
[Applause] Mr. Bob Miller Vice President
of Educational Services and Administrative Services.
[Applause] Mr. Dwayne Cable Vice President
of Information Technology.
[Applause] And Dr. Robert Bell, the Vice President
for Instruction and Student and Learning Services.
[Applause] Two very special introductions,
our student speakers, a Pasadena City College summa cum laude
graduate and a valedictorian speaker for the class
of 2012, Haebitchan Jung.
[Applause] To his left the student speaker
of the Omicron Mu Delta Volunteer Honor Society
Daniela Rueda.
[ Applause ]
And finally, the Associate Student Body President whom you
met Ms. Ashley Jackson.
[Applause] I would also like to introduce
in the first row the faculty who will be reading,
Dr. Lawrence McGill and Ms. Rosemary Scott who carry
out the fine tradition
of reading the names of the graduates.
Thank you.
[Applause] And now, it is my pleasure to present
to you the students who earned the highest academic honor
of this year and are the summa cum laude students of the class
of 2012 signifying that they have completed their studies
with a grade point average of 4.0.
[ Applause ]
They're here on your right and as I ask them to stand
as I announce their names.
Hai Shun Fung [phonetic].
[Applause] Clara Brunanien [phonetic].
[Applause] Maya James [phonetic].
[Applause] Marianna Nespoli [phonetic].
[Applause] Ya-Ling Yu [phonetic].
[Applause] Shi Teng Yu [phonetic].
[Applause] And Lin Yuan [phonetic].
Congratulations [Applause] A Pasadena City College has a long
history of excellent faculty and staff who make this one
of the finest institutions in the United States of America
and we are very proud of the work they do
with all of our students.
So, with the faculty librarians and counselors please rise
and accept our recognition, faculty.
[ Applause ]
And please let us recognize everyone
who put this wonderful celebration together,
all of our maintenance staff, trades,
professional, clerical staff.
Let's give them a big round of applause.
[ Applause ]
And finally, with all of our administrators
and academic managers please rise and accept our recognition.
[ Applause ]
>> Okay graduates class of 2012.
Now, okay, brief instruction, final instruction
and now I'll come back to you a little bit later in the ceremony
after we have awarded you the degrees.
Now first of all please make sure again,
right hand tassel on your right.
That's important, okay?
And here's why it's important because tonight
after the graduation you'll return your robe
but you're going to keep that tassel
and you have your wonderful family and friends,
perhaps your children with you tonight
and you're going to keep that tassel.
And when they're celebrating and congratulating you tonight,
you let them touch that tassel because when they touch it,
it will imbued with magical properties
because that tassel you will keep for the rest of your life.
I want you to take that tassel and I want you to put it
in your special safe place.
Put it in your keep sakes.
And as you travel life's road, your ups and your downs,
I want you to go back to that tassel and put your hand on it
with its magical properties and know that every single one
of us back here at PCC faculty, staff, students, administrators,
trustees will be rooting wherever you go.
[ Applause ]
>> Trustee Baum has honored me with the privilege
of introducing tonight's commencement speaker Dr. Karen
Sims Gallagher has been the dean of the USC Rossier School
of Education since 200, USC.
As the dean she is responsible for nearly 100 faculty members,
120 staff members and close
to 3,000 students pursing their graduate degrees.
The mission of the USC Rossier School is
to improve urban K-12 education.
Under Dean Gallagher's leadership her faculty built a
completely revolutionary online program.
It includes live interactive course work,
social media networking and face to face classes
with live video streaming.
Then these students go out into their community schools
for their student teaching.
In less than 3 years this program has graduated over 1000
of the best prepared K-12 teachers in the world
and from all over the world.
This fall she and faculty will launch the USC Hybrid
High School.
A brand new charter school in downtown Los Angeles
where students who might, otherwise,
dropout can have access to school 12 hours a day,
7 days a week and year round.
As Dean Gallagher likes to say,
"USC Rossier is not your grandmother's school
of education."
As a USC alum myself and a member of the board
of counselors of the Rossier School I am honored to introduce
to you, Dr. Karen Sims Gallagher.
>> Go on.
[ Music ]
>> Thank you for that very kind introduction
and for highlighting some of the innovative programs
that the Rossier school has.
Faculty, staff, friends, platform party, graduates
and your families, I am delighted to be here tonight.
It's a true honor to speak to you.
I live in Mount Washington which is just down the 110.
So I feel like I'm actually coming and talking
to a neighborhood gathering.
I'm also a PCC parent.
My son, Sean [phonetic] attended Pasadena City College a few
years ago.
And let me start by telling you I know I'm between you
and the reason you're really here tonight.
But tonight I want to tell you a bit about my own journey
and how it relates to what you've been through.
PCC and the USC Rossier School of Education have common
and critical missions in urban education,
to build educational environments
where every student regardless
of personal circumstance is able to learn and succeed.
USC and PCC also have deep and ongoing ties.
Over the last decade over 1200 PCC graduates have gone unto
attend and graduate from USC and I know many of you
who are here tonight are coming to USC in the fall.
I'm enormously proud as you should be
of what you have accomplished, many of you if not most
of you have done it under circumstances
that were less than ideal.
And now since I'm at a research university I'm all
about collecting data so I hope you don't mind I'm going
to take a poll.
And all you have to do to participate
in this poll is raise you hand.
So question number one, please raise you hand
if you were the first one in your family to go to college.
Okay, let's see, that's everybody, okay.
[Applause] So am I.
Okay, question number two.
Raise your hand if you work during the same you were going
to school.
>> All right.
>> All right.
[Applause] So did I.
How many of you work more
than one job while you're working your way through school?
So did I. How many of you were raised
by a single parent or a guardian?
[Noise] [Applause] Okay.
And how many of you have siblings who were kind
of distraction while you were trying to study?
[Laughter] I did too, okay.
And how many of you are parents yourself and struggle
with childcare while in school?
Okay, all right.
Okay, that's enough data collection I think.
You get the point.
The reason that I'm enormously proud of all of you today is
because I understand exactly what it took for you
to have reached this day, to have achieved this goal.
Our stories, yours and mine are not so really different.
And as we know life is not necessarily fair.
You have to go with a hand you're dealt.
So with your permission I would like to share two lessons
that I have learned on my own path to finishing college
and to building a career which is more satisfying and rewarding
than I ever could have imagined.
Lesson one, rally the troops, get the support you need.
When I was 10 and lived in a very blue collar neighborhood
in Seattle, my father died.
We had no family in Washington and my mother turned
to our community, to our neighbors, to our church
and to the schools to help her raise two small children.
She took her first job in a mail room of an insurance company
and my brother, Jeff and I become latchkey kids
with the mothers of the neighborhood watching over us.
You've heard the phrase, "It takes a village."
Well in my neighborhood the families, the parents got us
into scouts, they got us into after school clubs,
they got us to sports.
And whenever there was a father-daughter
or a father-son event,
one of our friend's fathers has always included my brother
and me.
And my teachers and counselors took me under their wing
to help me on my path to college.
Once I got to college at Western Washington University,
I restocked books in the library and served desserts and salads
in the dormitory commence to help pay my way through college.
Years later when I was in graduate school
in Indiana I found my self relying on friends for the use
of an apartment for me and my young son when my husband moved
to another city for work.
Another friend stepped up to baby sit
at important while I was working on my dissertation.
The point is, don't be timid about asking for help
at any age or at any stage.
Okay lesson 2, make it public.
I am a big believer in stating my goals out loud.
From an early age I said I would go
to college even though I didn't quite know what that meant.
I was not going to embarrass myself by not making it happen.
It took lots of small scholarships
and my working two part jobs but I did get my bachelor's degree.
I also said I would major in political science,
a kind of weird idea for a woman in the late '60s.
I was one of only three women in a large department.
But once I said it out loud I could hardly switch
over to another major.
I also said I was going to be lawyer.
So, okay, not everything I say out loud actually comes to pass
but you do get the idea.
I also said out loud to my mom that I wanted to get my PhD.
My mother was really quite baffled.
But she had learned by then that if I said it as an
out loud goal I probably would do it and I did.
So make it public, say it out loud also known
as putting your reputation on the line.
Over the years my family and I had moved
around the country seven times each time moving
for a better career opportunity.
And now I'm the dean of the USC Rossier School of Education.
Our school like your is truly a place
where it takes a village to succeed.
And we are saying it out loud means we will live
up to our promises to innovate, educate and transform education
for a new generation of students.
Students like you, from incredibly diverse regions
of the world, from rural and urban communities
and every conceivable background.
Some of you are teenagers, some of you AARP members,
I think that's just remarkable.
And hundreds of you fit the same profile that I fit
when I was a college student.
Thankfully, you're all much more savvy and connected
and knowledgeable about the world than I was so I know
that you will succeed and reach your highest personal goals
and particularly if you say them out loud.
So let's get started right now.
I'm going to give-- I know you have multiple goals,
I'm going to give you about three seconds to think of one
of the goals like get a job, get married, pay off my loans,
whatever, and then on the count of three, we're all going
to say them out loud at the same time.
So get ready, that's everybody but particularly graduates.
Okay 1, 2, 3.
[Inaudible Remarks]
>> Honor graduates.
>> Great, you've just said a goal out loud.
Keep that promise you just made to yourself.
I know it wont be easy but also don't forget to ask for help.
I wish each and every one
of you a fulfillment of all your dreams.
Congratulation to you on this remarkable
and your remarkable accomplishment.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
>> I want to at this time thank you Dr. Gallagher.
I want to at this each time to make a special,
the most important introduction on this stage
and it's a little bit of a personal introduction.
Our student trustee, Alex Soto has just completed his service
as a member of the board of trustees.
And this young man has exemplified the best
of the class of 2002 in every way, shape and form.
Let us give it up for Alex Soto.
[ Applause ]
[ Pause ]
[ Music ]
>> And here's the graduate.
[ Music ]
[Inaudible], Alonzo, yeah!
[ Music ]
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
[ Inaudible Remark ]
>> Graduating class of 2012, there's anticipation among us
that this speech would be a five minute talk
about how amazing we are.
It will begin with me congratulating all of you
and your endeavors at Pasadena City College and segue
into how our determination, courage,
and hard work will lead us to success.
And as it is fitting, it will end with a quote
from the Buddha, well one of our presidents
on a dollar bills just to make it sound official.
We anticipate this speech to proceed
in this manner 'cause we have expectations
of how a valedictorian speech should be.
This expectations loom over us like a shadow whether they are
from family or from school.
Now from these expectations arise our deepest desires
to just stop following once established
and assert our own individuality and our uniqueness to standout.
We know this 'cause we always expect the next new thing.
We look for the next YouTube sensation, the iPhone 6,
the cure for cancer, and the newest fashion of clothing.
So we tried to address a certain way and color our hair
from black to blond, and try to present a valedictorian speech
that never been presented before.
We wish to be original and fresh to escape this old pattern
of being because our survival depends on it
in this world of expectations.
Some of us will be entering the workforce right
after graduating from PCC.
But to get that job, we will have to compete
with another 200 applicants who are not only equally capable
or who look exactly like us and hold the same credentials.
So all of us here, future musicians, dancers, teachers,
biologists, or actors, all of us have to suffer from the fact
that we're no less different than those sitting next to us.
In fact, future actors here today realizes more than anybody
because before we even enter that audition room,
we see hundreds of equally talented
and handsome people competing for that one role,
and then we sort of freak
out for looking ourselves in the mirror.
When Morgan Freeman,
one of America's most beloved actors said that, "All my life,
all my life, as far as I can remember, I saw my first movie
when I was six years old and since then, I wanted to do that.
I wanted to be part of that."
Well while he knew what he wanted when he was just a child
and believed that acting was always easy for him,
he could not land a major role in the movie
until he was 50 years old.
And so I ask, how many of us have the courage
to pursue something for 50 years even after realizing
that we will fall and continue
to fail long before we even reach our goals?
This is a vexing question for all of us,
but Morgan Freeman shows us an answer and that the true measure
of success is not by how much we succeed but by how much we fail.
Only through failure can we arrive at success
because failure is a first part of success.
We will have to work hard for what we seek and along the way,
we will fall, blunder, and cry, but we still have to push
through because if we never fall,
then we never learn to rise.
So it's not by how we dress or how we cut our hair
in a hipster way that makes us unique.
Rather, we differentiate ourselves
from those sitting next to us by how much we have tried
and how much we have failed because the more we try,
the more we truly stand out.
But graduates of PCC, all of us have tried so hard just to get
to where we are now, crushing courses, killing each other
to the death with our parking spot,
and pulling [inaudible] pass and finally,
petitioning for our AA degrees.
We've all been there before
and in no way could we have done what we did
without sleeping a couple of times.
So although we might not realize it we are ready
for the next chapter of our journey because by now,
trial and error is a natural part of our lives.
I would not have gone to where I am here right now
without the support and the encouragement from those
who I consider very special to me.
I want to think Professor Bronstein for her wisdom
and the hardest course I've ever undertaken
at Pasadena City College.
[Noise] Professor [inaudible] for showing me that I can break
through my own expectations, and lastly,
Mrs. Tamiya Cousins for her love and joy.
Also, I want thank my friends Ryan, Alex, Melody, Patrick,
Katrina, and everybody else
who had been just a tremendous support during my
academic career.
And lastly, I want to thank my mother because she's my pride
and joy who always be with me no matter how many times I fall,
and will always be there for me.
My name is Haebitchan Jung, I am your valedictorian speaker,
and I want to fully congratulate all of you in your endeavors
at Pasadena City College.
Thank you.
[Foreign Language]
[ Applause ]
[ Pause ]
>> I'm not going to lie.
At this point, I really wish I would have taken speech 1
instead of speech 10.
[Laughter] So much for getting around public speaking, right?
Good evening graduating class of 2012, President Mark Rocha,
members of the board, distinguished faculty and staff,
esteemed friends and family.
My name is Daniela Rueda.
I am the Vice President for Business Affairs
with the Associated Students, and I have the honor to speak
to you tonight on behalf of Omicron Mu Delta.
So what exactly is Omicron Mu Delta?
Omicron Mu Delta or OMD is an honorary service society
that dates back to 1927.
It is the oldest organization on campus and originated
because it was felt that while there were several organizations
that recognize excellence such as the Alpha Society
for scholars, the Players Club for actors, the Letterman's Club
for athletes, there was no organization
that recognize a combination of scholastic achievement
and distinguished service to the college.
Thus, OMD was established here at Pasadena City College
for the purpose of recognizing not only students
but the faculty and staff who have rendered and all
around service to PCC.
I am privileged to be here this evening,
not because I hold up 4.0.
Had I actually graduated within two years,
maybe that would have been the case, but in any case,
although I have excelled academically, I am here tonight
because just like every single one of you, I too decided
to take full charge of my future and let absolutely nothing get
in the way, not even the prospect
of finding parking during the first week of semester
like Haebitchan Jung mentioned.
During my time here at PCC, I've learned a great deal
of things outside of the classroom.
I now know how to navigate the quad
without being caught by petitioners.
I know that I can get free food if I vote in the Associate
of Students Elections.
And I know that no matter how many times I think I have it
right, I always fall short of that 5-dollar minimum.
[Laughter] Out of the many things that I have learned,
serving others is definitely one
of the main contributors towards being able
to achieve my personal and educational goals.
It is certainly the reason why I'm standing right here
right now.
Tonight, as I speak to such an inspiring audience,
I want to share my story in how the simple act
of serving others shaped my past, my present,
and without a doubt, my future.
At the onset of my time at Pasadena City College,
just like so many, I wasn't sure
as to what direction I should take.
Unsure of what I wanted to do.
Unsure of how my life will play out.
I came here from Columbia out of a graduating--
a high school graduating class of 30 students.
In Columbia, the ability and even the possibility
of realizing your dreams and aspirations are very dissimilar
to what we possess here.
As I transition from a place where my dreams were limited
to geographical boundaries, I realized in retrospect
that I had also carried a mentality
that was limiting in itself.
The uncertainty of my own potential became a constant
reminder of how much more remain for me to learn about myself
as well as to the culture that I was still adapting to.
As I continue this struggle, I couldn't help
but question my lack of self-confidence.
I mean, I knew I could be a good sister,
I could be a good student, I could be a good daughter,
but could I be the person that I've envisioned myself to be?
That I was designed to be?
That I long to be?
The question then became whether or not I was going to be able
to live up to my own expectations,
and it was at that moment, the moment when I reflected
on my attributes, on my potential, on my ability
to be everything that I wanted to be.
The moment when I decided to no longer question
but to accept my capabilities,
that was the moment my life changed.
I embraced this newfound conviction with great enthusiasm
and before I could even realize it, I saw the rarest
of opportunities before me.
I saw the opportunity to give back to Pas--
not only Pasadena City College but to all community colleges
in California by spearheading a statewide fundraiser called
Hands Across California.
I soon realized that the positive impact wasn't only
for my community or for those students--
or for those generations of students to come.
But that it actually transcended towards making me grow
and learn more about myself as a person, a student,
and as an active member of our community.
Now fast forward to 100 units later.
Yes, 100, a position with student government
and countless hours of sleep deprivation,
I find myself here before you and it is all thanks to PCC.
Being at Pasadena City College, an institution
that takes great pride in bridging the gap
between a wishful future and a thriving present,
I realized that I'm in a place that fosters many opportunities
for people to get engaged with their community,
engage with their surroundings.
The very definition of a community college is
that of a place that has the over arching goal
to provide for its members.
It was my determination
in taking every single opportunity despite institution
had to offer that made so many of my dreams become a reality.
And that's the message that I want to share with you tonight.
Whatever your passion is, wherever your heart leans,
follow it, embrace your own potential and actualize it.
Continue to take full charge of your future
and make sure you let the world know you're there.
Let this moment mark the culmination of a challenging
yet fulfilling chapter in your life and move forward
with the conviction that you have what it take
to lead everlasting impressions.
Congratulations Class of 2012.
[ Applause ]
[ Cheers ]
>> Good evening, my name is Geoffrey Baum and I'm President
of the Board of Trustees
of the Pasadena Area Community College District.
I was-- as I was thinking about tonight, I turned to a source
of wisdom that I think is profound, Facebook,
and I saw a posting that a friend put up.
It said something like, "People are created to be loved.
Things are created to be used.
We get into trouble when we flip it
and we love things and use people."
And this ceremony is an expression
of the love this community has for each and every one
of our graduates, each and every one of you.
We also want to use this occasion to show our love
for two very special community leaders.
Please open your programs to page 6
and you'll see our Special Recognition Awards
and you can learn a little bit
about these two very important people.
If I could ask our assemblyman, Anthony Portantino,
to please stand and be recognized.
There is no more passionate advocate for you, the students
of this college, than our own assemblyman,
the great Anthony Portantino,
and he is being recognized this year
as the Community Special Recognition Award recipient.
Please congratulate Assemblymember
Anthony Portantino.
[ Applause ]
Next, I would like to ask our beloved doctor,
Jacqueline Jacobs to please stand and be recognized.
[ Applause ]
A true champion of both education and civil rights,
Dr. Jacobs and her husband marched with Dr. King
and she has set an example for both and served both PCC
and the Pasadena Community in the decade since and we were
so honored to recognize her
with our Campus Special Recognition Award.
Please honor Dr. Jacqueline Jacobs.
[ Applause ]
It is my pleasure to express the genuine appreciation on behalf
of the Board of Trustees and the residence of this district,
for the great dedication, the hard work, commitment
and special support shown to Pasadena City College
by these generous members of our campus community
and the community at large.
Thank you very much.
[ Applause ]
[ Cheers ]
>> Good evening everyone.
I'm Edward Martinez, Associate Professor in Counseling
and President of the Academic Senate of Pasadena City College.
It is my pleasure to be here with you this evening
and to have the opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments
of the graduates and our outstanding Pasadena City
College Faculty and Staff, and at this time
to introduce the recipient of the Risser Award
for Distinguished Teaching.
I would like to ask Tooktook Thongthiraj to stand.
[ Applause ]
[ Cheers ]
Tooktook Thongthiraj is the recipient of the Risser Award
for Distinguished Teaching at Pasadena City College.
The selection process includes a requirement
for strong support of student success.
I am pleased to present this honorary to you this evening.
Please join me in warmly applauding the many fine
accomplishments of Dr. Thongthiraj.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Okay, we're getting close.
[Cheers] Those graduates who are receiving administrative honors
and those who have been made permanent members
of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society can be recognized
tonight by the gold stoles they are wearing.
I would like to ask all those students to stand
and be recognized by all of us
for their outstanding achievements.
[ Applause ]
Dr. Rocha, upon the recommendation of the faculty
of the college, I present to you the candidates for the Associate
of Arts and Science degrees
in the Community Education Center candidates
for the high school diploma.
>> All right.
[ Applause ]
>> Board President Baum, I have the special honor of presenting
to you 1,604 candidates with the Degree of Associate of Arts
and Associate of Sciences from Pasadena City College.
It is also my privilege to present 67 students
who have been recommended by the faculty
of the Pasadena City College Community Education Center
as candidates for the high school diploma.
I certify that upon the completion of their programs
of study, these candidates will have satisfied the requirements
of the state of California
and of the Pasadena Area Community College District.
>> Thank you, Dr. Rocha.
Together with my colleagues on the Board of Trustees,
by virtue of the authority vested in me
as duly elected representative of the residents
of the Pasadena Area Community College District and President
of the Board of Trustees, it is my honor to--
on behalf of the board to award you your diplomas and degrees
and to confer upon you all the rights
and privileges appertaining thereto.
Please allow me and my colleagues on the Board
to congratulate you on having reached this important milestone
in your quest for new knowledge and skills.
We look forward to knowing
that your accomplishments here empowered you to make important
and positive progress in each of your future endeavors.
Pasadena City College's faculty, staff, administrators
and members of the Board of Trustees are very proud
of your accomplishments.
Congratulations and best wishes
for a successful future and life ahead.
[ Applause ]
[ Cheers ]
>> All right, all right.
That's all right, okay.
Because you know what?
We're there, we are there.
At this time, President Baum and I will move
to the front section of the stage.
And I'd like to ask the first row of graduates to stand
and approach the stage
to receive their degrees and diplomas.
[ Applause ]
[ Cheers ]
>> Okay, thank you.
[ Noise ]
Ling Yuan [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Caitlin Yu [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Mariana Nespoli [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Maya James [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Claire Hunanyan [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Haishun Charlene Fung [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Cheers ]
Zitong Yu [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Good bless you.
Danny Fields [phonetic].
>> Congratulations.
[ Applause ]
[ Inaudible Remark ]
Nazarene Lawrence Sabak Pei [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Haebitchan Jung.
[ Applause ]
Patrice Salsberry [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Cheers ]
Alexandra Odonio [phonetic].
>> Odino [phonetic].
>> Odino.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Daniela Rueda [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Marie Sheen Chow.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Brittany Wiyoya [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Crystal Hartsfield [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Inaudible Remark ]
>> Matilda Restripple [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
You count for me.
Melissa R. Sparrus [phonetic].
[Applause] Marisol Pineda [phonetic].
[Applause] Alfonso Martinez Lopez [phonetic].
[Applause] Lee Ming Liu [phonetic].
[Applause] Megan Rodriguez [phonetic].
How do you do?
Ricardo Martinez.
[ Applause ]
[ Inaudible Remark ]
Escale Juarez [phonetic].
[Applause] Christopher O'Motto [phonetic].
[Applause] Maria Victoria Oriana [phonetic].
[Applause] [Cheers] Nilda Judith Villalba [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Magdalena Sebarios Lopez [phonetic].
[Applause] Julia Joque [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Tan Taingac Tran [phonetic].
[Applause] Denee Mojica [phonetic].
>> Jeremy Joshua Blaire [phonetic].
[Applause] Edgar Arenas [phonetic].
[Applause] Molly Lynette Canfield [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Angela Busillo [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Lisa Chu [phonetic].
[Applause] Francis de Abrego Paz [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Victor Aquino [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Oscar Figueroa [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Daniel Lugo [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Sarah Carentino [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Ana Lucia Marie Castro [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Jennifer Carillo [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Bethel Hale [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Stephanie Esmeralda Cordero [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Sabrina Nuyen [phonetic].
>> I've lost count.
Nee Quinn [phonetic].
[Applause] Robin Phontale [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Marina Panderos [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Phyllis M. Tanner [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Patience Mary Uchulu [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Alejandro Salgado [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Esteban Magallanes [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Maria Paz Manso [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Laura Ann Ugalde [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Courtney Trask [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Diandre Darnell Thomas [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Francisco Salcedo.
[ Applause ]
>> Carlos A. Pena-Ruiz [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Sean Thomas Martin [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Terry Husambu [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Jennifer Holasios [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Amy Elizabeth Palacios [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Edelia Salgado [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Adrianna Roxas [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Janet Rodriguez [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Martha Isabel Melgar [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Nelly Walker [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Diana Caleen Campos [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Ju Fang [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Yi Nan Lee [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Christina Werocan [phonetic].
[ Pause ]
Channa Boon Kim [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Din Lang Hei [phonetic].
[Applause] Anna Lopez.
[Applause] Rhiana Mogoy [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Winnie Chat [phonetic].
[Applause] Jacquelyn Marie Dickens [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Chanta Touch [phonetic].
>> That's 20.
[ Noise ]
Edwin Giovanni Angel [phonetic].
[Applause] Lorena Corona [phonetic].
[Applause] Oh-oh.
Cristina Cantor [phonetic].
[Applause] Lourdes Angel [phonetic].
[Applause] Jessica Hooks [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Laura Isha Deshaun Harmon [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Michelle Ally Espinoza [phonetic].
[Applause] William Anthony Locket [phonetic].
[Applause] Lorrie Joe France Brennan [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Mary Joe Turner [phonetic].
[Applause] Loanne Nuyen [phonetic].
[Applause] Ping Nim [phonetic].
[Applause] Jennifer Tang [phonetic].
[Applause] Bindook Nuyen [phonetic].
[Applause] Julie Zanelli [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Arthur Anthony Martinez.
[ Applause ]
Michael C. Rolands [phonetic].
[Applause] Gin Wang [phonetic].
[Applause] Mickey So [phonetic].
[Applause] Hero Sukida [phonetic].
[Applause] Kelly Tran [phonetic].
>> Bing Shua Wu [phonetic].
[Applause] Muhammad Lur Adeen [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Marcella Hadia [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Elizabeth Anne Sanchez [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Crystal Leticia Moran [phonetic].
[Applause] Emmanuel Martinez Reyes [phonetic].
[Applause] Patrick William Waters.
[Applause] Nicole Strands [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Lisa Ann Haskin Olsen [phonetic].
[Applause] Man Yi Leung [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Jomar Backla [phonetic].
[Applause] Alaine Christian Abolante [phonetic].
[Noise] Elizabeth Cortez [phonetic].
[Noise] Fatima Chavez [phonetic].
[Applause] Thomas Cella [phonetic].
[Applause] Oscar Arviso [phonetic].
[Applause] Amanda Gardner [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Michael A. Francis Jr. [phonetic].
>> Anthony Vincent Campos [phonetic].
[Noise] Ramir Anthony de Castro II [phonetic].
[Noise] Brittany Horton [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Myra Lopez [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Rosa Altamerano [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Catherine A. Castro [phonetic].
[Applause] Dominic Gentos del Gracias [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Brenda Patricia Tale Ibanez [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Ashley Bainum [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Alexandra McNulty [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Ruben Carlos Ortiz [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Alexander Pedro [phonetic].
[Applause] Anglaez Valdez [phonetic].
[Noise] Martin Rosas [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Louie Jorque Maccano [phonetic],
Machano [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Gracia Martinez [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Patricia Perez.
[Noise] [Applause]
Jennifer Quintero [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Isabel Miranda [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Thomas Moreno Morato Jr. [phonetic].
[Applause] Monica Topete [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Roxanne Ramirez [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Erica D. Pickens [phonetic].
[Noise] Fredrick Martinez [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Sunny Marie Serato Ulmos [phonetic].
>> Raul Kitchie Patlon Martinez [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Janina Nunez [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Gabriela Moreno [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Juja Sedge [phonetic].
[Applause] Grace Noveli [phonetic].
[Applause] Ken Chan [phonetic].
[Applause] Jung Deng [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Ziomara Lara [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Claudia Elizabeth Campos [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Maria Esquivel [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
>> Ashley Nicole Knight [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Stefan Chapman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Malin Hambaksumani [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Kathleen Atienza Kanta [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Janille Mendoza Bacud [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Crystal Grace Dugai [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
June Furodera [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Andrew Gomez [phonetic].
[Applause] Blake Guererro [phonetic].
[Applause] John Henry Guyer [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise]
>> Edgar Gallastanian [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Ceasar Armando Callejas [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Clayton Skylar Baird Davis [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Tonisia Lacey [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Marissa Martinez [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Zuley Saldania [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Andres Hernandez [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Ronicka Z. Weaver [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Alejandro Llanez [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Tiffany Lao [phonetic].
[Applause] Trinidad Rodriguez [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Jacquelyn Partida [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Christopher Yeck [phonetic].
[Applause] Natasha Agripina Nicholson [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Rebecca Munoz [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Lilian Magania [phonetic].
[Applause] Guadalupe Villa Grana-- Garana [phonetic].
[Noise] Carlos Morales [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Nicole Jang [phonetic].
[Applause] Annie Ringat Tran [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Dejon Ramon Witlock [phonetic].
[Applause] Jamie W. Ramos [phonetic].
[Applause] [Inaudible Remark]
>> Jennifer Tai [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Chao Tang [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Robert Lofthouse [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Austin Johnson [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Andrew Arcebedo [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Maria Elena Parra [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Wendy Ventura.
[Noise] [Applause] Meroth Highly [phonetic].
[Applause] Jeniffer Monet Arguellas [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Lydia Rose Hammond [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Lynn Cam Lao [phonetic].
[Applause] Nan Ha [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Pamela Nadine Hernandez [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Corey Green [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Monica Dian [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Andriana Festecian [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Dean Lance Reyes Bustamante [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Allen Chen [phonetic].
[Applause] Chao Dong [phonetic].
>> Brian Parabat De Ramos [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Rudy Guiterrez [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Jose Marical Aleman [phonetic].
[Applause] Han Zou [phonetic].
[Applause] Zee Yao [phonetic].
[Applause] Ming Jang [phonetic].
[Applause] Kendrick Thame [phonetic].
[Applause] Mary Souders [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Natalie Torres [phonetic].
[Noise] [Laughter] David Matthias Mead Mendee [phonetic].
[Applause] Colleen Sam [phonetic].
Christopher John Manes [phonetic].
[Applause] Kinzie Elizabeth Stewart [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Jacqueline Staros [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Janina Escalante [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Sarah Perez [phonetic].
[Applause] Isamar Munoz [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise]
Gabriela Rodriguez [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Yin Wong [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Sarah Sotto [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Kimberly Michiko Otello [phonetic].
I get it. Steven Jason Stagerbald [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Elizabeth A. Nelson.
[Applause] [Noise] Marsha C. Granelle [phonetic].
>> Gustavo Lukin Jr [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Young Hoon Jung [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Mariella Jalicas [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Lynn Charters [phonetic].
[Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Matthew Paul De Loromeia [phonetic].
[Noise] Lynn Freedman [phonetic].
[Noise] Grace Limos [phonetic].
[Noise] Santiago Tecunto [phonetic].
[Noise] Freddy Cabarete [phonetic].
[Noise] Rim Calli, Calla [phonetic].
[Noise] Gene Cullett [phonetic].
[Noise] Violet Jotasepian [phonetic].
[Noise] Yadira Isley [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Alice Herrera [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Kevin Scott Klimelenty [phonetic].
[Noise] Linda Kritchfield [phonetic].
[Applause] Mark Loubach [phonetic].
[Noise] Rebecca Rose Ollers [phonetic].
[Noise] Stephania Banuelos [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Timothy Porter [phonetic].
[Applause] Damian Santamaria [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Aileen Solemanian [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause]
>> Brittany Scolan [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Michelle Martinez.
[Noise] [Applause] Jelly Weslowski [phonetic].
[Noise] John Zaetunian [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Jose Rangel [phonetic].
[Noise] Shacene Renee Montano [phonetic].
[Noise] Flor Utreras [phonetic].
[Noise] Evelyn C. Martinez.
[Noise] [Applause] Stewart Francis White Junior [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Walter Tikas [phonetic].
[Noise] Logan Thomas [phonetic].
[Applause] Nagam Weeby [phonetic].
[Noise] Georgianna Yasumura [phonetic].
[Noise] Mary Ann Snadderly [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Lindsey Reed [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Jamie White [phonetic].
[Noise] Jasmine White, thank you very much.
[Inaudible Remark] Steven Solis [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Eric-- Erica Brion Lowry [phonetic].
[Applause] Danny Johnson.
[Noise] Rebecca Elizabeth Demaree [phonetic].
[Applause] Marlyn Castillo [phonetic].
[Noise] Kimberly Hope Contado [phonetic].
[ Laughter ]
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Nobelko Shibara Gunderson [phonetic].
[Noise] Vincent Beletto.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
>> Mary Lou Giniling Aclan [phonetic].
[Noise] Reina Marie Hernandez [phonetic].
[Noise] Pei Lee [phonetic].
[Noise] Tuck Cheng [phonetic].
[Noise] Julie Bayesdofer [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Diane Durazo [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Shobo Lyn [phonetic].
[Applause] Kevin Choi [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Jessie Foster [phonetic].
[Noise] Lou Rey Gustin III [phonetic].
[Noise] Sarah Denise Jordan [phonetic].
[Noise] Valeria Gallatsi [phonetic].
[Noise] Ivan Gallatsi [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Gabriel Sanchez.
[Noise] [Applause] Melissa Sanchez Gonzales.
Melissa Sanchez Gonzales.
[Noise] Alexis Yah [phonetic].
[Noise] Derrick Tah [phonetic].
[Noise] Anne King [phonetic].
[Noise] Xilong Yu [phonetic].
[Noise] Ho Shon [phonetic].
>> Danny Zou [phonetic].
[Noise] Wenwen Zou [phonetic].
[Noise] Asterid Heart [phonetic].
[Applause] [Noise] Nancy Wong [phonetic].
[Noise] Kin Bao Tang [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Xin Tang [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
Koan-- Kuan Tang.
You get it?
[Applause] Joanna Stading [phonetic]?
Stading. Thank you.
[Noise] Elizabeth Sebastian.
[Noise] Elizabeth Rain Nilander [phonetic].
[Noise] Sharon Pan [phonetic].
[Noise] Berry Diana Selenas [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Ariana Eickle Ruiz [phonetic].
[Noise] Angelica Dominguez.
[Noise] Zi Owen Yang [phonetic].
[Noise] Ting Gian Chow [phonetic].
[Noise] Jing Liao[phonetic].
[Noise] [Laughter] Stephanie Jay Cachon [phonetic].
>> Edissa--
>> Dialo [phonetic].
>> Dialo. Veronica Bariga [phonetic] [Noise] Amad
Didan [phonetic].
Felipe Gustavo Alanzo [phonetic].
[Noise] Junlong Lin [phonetic].
Star Garcia [phonetic].
[Noise] Lora Ashley Hubbleson [phonetic].
[Noise] Nashley Kaizerman [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
David Barrera [phonetic].
[Noise] Ruben Junior Haro [phonetic].
[Noise] Andromeda Legorikta [phonetic].
[Noise] Jessica Jordan [phonetic].
[Noise] Elizabeth Lopez [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Inaudible Remark ]
Josephina Jennifer Gutierrez [phonetic].
[Noise] David Blancas Gomez [phonetic].
[Noise] Canaco Dacana [phonetic].
[Noise] Eri Tsubaki.
[Noise] Shuji Maruyama.
[Noise] Michael Austin Jr. [phonetic].
[Noise] Jack Michael Jess [phonetic].
[Noise] Jennie Wesislow [phonetic].
[Noise] Joseph Ian Torado [phonetic].
[Noise] Rosa Narizh [phonetic].
[Noise] Andrea Patrice Rightbond [phonetic].
>> Ashley Nicole White [phonetic].
[Noise] Luz Mediala Perez Aubreau [phonetic].
[Noise] Gloria Nerez Alvaringa [phonetic].
[Noise] Jerardo Rodriguez [phonetic].
[Noise] Exehiel G. Simpao [phonetic].
[Noise] Christine Tang [phonetic].
[Noise] Tereza Marie Marchan [phonetic].
[Noise] Did I get that?
Did I get it right?
[Inaudible Remark] Belen Sanchez [phonetic].
[Noise] Michaela Rodriguez [phonetic].
[Noise] Manny Blanz [phonetic].
[Noise] Legion Zhao [phonetic].
[Noise] Miguel Angel Arphan [phonetic].
[Noise] Sandra Patricia Cabajeros [phonetic].
[Noise] Gabriel de Alba [phonetic].
[Noise] First letter?
Just-- is it J?
[Inaudible Remark] Just so-- yeah.
I got it. Sooner or later here.
Jasil Ariano [phonetic].
[Noise] Donji Lee [phonetic].
[Noise] Yeben Joe [phonetic].
[Noise] Francisco Andrew Bets [phonetic].
[Noise] Leanne Kanyas [phonetic].
[Noise] Tanya Yasenya Espinosa [phonetic].
[Noise] Sarah Alexandra Flores [phonetic].
[Noise] Gabriela Chavez [phonetic].
[Noise] Dulce Guttierez [phonetic].
[Noise] Manuel dela Cruz [phonetic].
>> Pierre Ladia Ramos [phonetic].
[Noise] Daniel Douglas [phonetic].
[Noise] Keren Cortez [phonetic].
[Noise] Elizabeth Lopez Monteano [phonetic].
[Noise] Jesse Alexander Jeron [phonetic].
[Noise] Janice Henderson-- Janice Henderspon [phonetic].
[Noise] [Laughter] Terrisa Marie Carpland [phonetic].
[Noise] Yeman Amanda Tall [phonetic].
[Noise] Tracy Si [phonetic].
[Noise] Jali Yang [phonetic].
[Noise] Wenyan Fe [phonetic].
[Noise] Francis Salazar [phonetic].
[Noise] Candy May Sito [phonetic].
[Noise] Stacy Jolgado [phonetic].
[Noise] Michael Nyuen [phonetic].
[Noise] Mathil Eva Ringkon [phonetic], okay, okay.
[Noise] Tolong Tenkenyi [phonetic].
[Noise] Elizabeth Anne Elaine Nanos [phonetic].
[Noise] Christian Monjoi [phonetic].
[Noise] Elizabeth Louis Ziller [phonetic].
>> Nemali Umesha Manukular Antar Anthna [phonetic].
How was it happen but did I make it all right?
>> Yes. [Noise]
>> Paul Sinacar [phonetic].
No A in the-- [Noise] Elizabeth Ayala [phonetic].
[Noise] Good.
You see? I love this guy.
Brian Kentas [phonetic].
[Noise] Zeddier Andres Romo [phonetic].
[Noise] Michael Gwen [phonetic].
[Noise] Chelsey Nicole Morel [phonetic].
[Noise] Halley Condon [phonetic].
[Noise] Mark Louie de Basierto [phonetic].
[Noise] Katrina Nicole Espino [phonetic].
[Noise] Edwin Castro [phonetic].
[Noise] Rachel Allen [phonetic].
[Noise] Aaron Cheni [phonetic].
[Noise] Yvette Anthony [phonetic].
[Noise] Carol Anne Calfman [phonetic].
[Noise] Clevos Busi [phonetic].
Deanna Andablo [phonetic] [Noise] Jema
Guerrero [phonetic].
>> Oh my gosh, it's you.
>> Congratulations.
[Noise] Kyla Lyn Garcia [phonetic].
[Noise] Courtney Gutierrez [phonetic].
[Noise] Laruel Camerar [phonetic].
[Noise] Brian Sentron [phonetic].
[Noise] Rosario Andrare [phonetic].
>> Michael Anthony Estrada [phonetic].
>> Lucas James Gibson.
[Noise] Erliwati Tanggono [phonetic].
[Noise] Crystal Foo [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Abraham Neshiwat [phonetic].
[Noise] Anna Mariela Gonzales [phonetic].
[Noise] Amanda Perez [phonetic].
[Noise] Melanie Van Oh [phonetic].
[Noise] Amy Mofarrej [phonetic].
[Noise] Abigail Soto [phonetic].
[Noise] Dahlia Quintero [phonetic].
[Noise] Ingrid Vanessa Via [phonetic].
[Noise] Shad Cirus [phonetic].
[Noise] Teresa Eurkides [phonetic].
[Noise] Amadoog Gedee [phonetic].
[Noise] Herwy Tam [phonetic].
[Noise] Ming Yu Wei [phonetic].
[Noise] Showen Wu [phonetic].
[Noise] Samantha Pineda [phonetic].
[Noise] Antonio Pineda [phonetic] [Noise] Desiree
Torres [phonetic] [Noise] Kimberly Carolyn Mercado.
[Noise] Monica Saldana [phonetic].
>> Jason Moreno [phonetic].
[Noise] Angus Quanine Leung [phonetic].
[Noise] Cassandra Lu [phonetic].
[Noise] Thelma Cruz [phonetic].
[Noise] Eric Lee [phonetic].
[Noise] Michael Franco [phonetic].
[Noise] Sophia Arethsa de Luna [phonetic].
[ Pause ]
Nestle Ulesa Herrera [phonetic].
[Noise] Lily Debrasini [phonetic].
[Noise] Victoria Lynette Shaney [phonetic].
[Noise] Adrian Prius [phonetic].
[Noise] Lawrence Gandara [phonetic].
[Noise] Oscar Ernesto Flores [phonetic] [Noise] Shu Ting
Lee [phonetic].
[Noise] Jacqueline Ipe [phonetic].
[Noise] Rebecca Maria Erajeta [phonetic].
[Noise] Sandra Alicia Hernandez [phonetic].
[Noise] Kahei Chun [phonetic].
[Noise] Raymondo Buendia [phonetic].
[Noise] Ana Leticia Isadoro [phonetic].
[Noise] Gina Lara [phonetic].
[Noise] Keryn Melin Quezelian [phonetic].
>> Quezelian.
>> Quezelian [phonetic]-- Goozelian [phonetic].
>> Thank you.
>> We got it.
[Inaudible Remark] Samantha Rose Smith [phonetic].
[Noise] Where'd that one come from?
Jefferson Strauss [phonetic].
[Noise] Thomas Augustine Rillorta [phonetic].
[Noise] Sheena Payton [phonetic].
[Noise] Susana Pondo [phonetic].
[Noise] Marisa Ratanasere Wong [phonetic].
[Noise] Damon Snell [phonetic].
[Noise] Antoine Gian Morris [phonetic].
[Noise] Sosie E. Sarafian [phonetic].
Did we get it?
[Laughter] [Noise] Samantha Wickershom [phonetic].
[Noise] Maria Martinez [phonetic].
[Noise] Kimberly Zaragoza [phonetic].
>> Tiffany Valiketh [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Ashley Michelle Taylor [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Elisha Wright [phonetic].
>> Well, they're making a fuss on that one.
>> Juan Rodrigues [phonetic].
[Noise] Christina Shire [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Beatrice Medina [phonetic].
[Noise] Juan Carlos Aguilar [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Myra Badioul [phonetic].
[Noise] Erma Zaratsua [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Juan Amezcua [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Hile Dela Cruz [phonetic].
[Noise] Diether Dela Cruz [phonetic].
[Noise] Allen Giovanni Cardenas [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Rabit Keith [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Damian Allen Echols [phonetic].
[Noise] Jose Luis Luz [phonetic].
[Noise] Eric Gonzales [phonetic].
[Noise] Yuran Liu [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Rudy Christopher Gonzales [phonetic].
[Noise] Janet Herabucho [phonetic].
[Noise] Alex Derris [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
>> Nico Buhamnes Beltran [phonetic].
[Noise] Jerry Debrize [phonetic].
[Noise] Mussa M. Kigulo [phonetic].
[Noise] Nei Khu [phonetic].
[Noise] Feng Kweun Kai [phonetic].
[Noise] Sabrina Waley [phonetic].
[Noise] Shozica Morioca [phonetic].
[Noise] Stephanie Munoz [phonetic].
[Noise] Diane Barilla [phonetic].
[Noise] Olivia Montellano [phonetic].
[Noise] Henry Mar [phonetic].
[Noise] Stephanie Mangrom [phonetic].
[Noise] Crystal Mendoza [phonetic].
[Noise] Marlyn Vital [phonetic].
[Noise] Loquai Wong [phonetic].
[Noise] Sylvie Mae Mae Woo [phonetic].
[Noise] Jessica Mejia [phonetic].
[Noise] Lazaro Nora [phonetic].
[Noise] Aron Ing [phonetic].
[Noise] Ernesto Mesa [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Nancy Araceli Wong [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Jose Alfredo Sanchez Perilla [phonetic], Perera [phonetic].
[Noise] Andrea Eleanor Vargas [phonetic].
[Noise] Marisa Rosales Dela Rosa [phonetic].
[Noise] Fong Tran [phonetic].
[Noise] Elizabeth Orosco [phonetic].
[Noise] Yeun Winnie Heu [phonetic] [Noise] Lin
Wu [phonetic].
[Noise] Ernesto Claver Corona [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Laughter ]
Chu Chia Cao [phonetic].
>> Yeah.
>> Priscilla Ramirez [phonetic].
[Noise] Jesus Gaona [phonetic].
[Noise] Shook Ying Chan [phonetic].
[ Pause ]
>> Wynn Lin [phonetic] [Noise] Angelina Flores [phonetic].
[Noise] Michelle Fernandez [phonetic].
[Noise] Samantha Antoinette Nicole Bennett [phonetic].
[Noise] Essence Barnes [phonetic].
[Noise] Stephanie Culture [phonetic].
[ Pause ]
Richard Sedanio Cruz [phonetic].
[Noise] Majid Ali [phonetic].
[Noise] Congratulations.
[Noise] Salvador Alamo.
>> There's our man.
>> Miguel Angel Gallaga [phonetic].
[Noise] Shi Jin Chen [phonetic].
[Noise] Bee Tin Lee [phonetic].
[Noise] Jerry Day [phonetic].
[Noise] Alejandro Moreno [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Inaudible Remark ]
Dorothy Semacula [phonetic].
>> Congratulations.
>> Hawaii Lee Von [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Annie Teng [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Zandro Pollard [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
Rodolfo Reynoso Lagunes [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Christian Jay De Guzman [phonetic].
[Noise] David Rodriguez [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
Sumu Tu [phonetic].
[Noise] [Applause] Alexander Majid [phonetic].
[Noise] John Rex Cruz [phonetic].
>> Vanessa Wynn Rogers [phonetic].
[Noise] Nancy Della Hernandez-Ortega [phonetic].
[Noise] Tanya Marie Grego [phonetic].
[Noise] Stephanie Savaleta [phonetic]--
two cards, that'll work it.
Kimberly Saldan [phonetic].
[Noise] Larry T. Watch [phonetic].
[Noise] Julie T. Luong [phonetic].
[Noise] Carry Ann Kadohiro [phonetic].
Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia, no.
[Noise] Russmore Leo Barte [phonetic].
[ Noise ]
[ Laughter ]
Oh, boy. That was a good one.
So are we done?
>> Yes, I think.
>> You lead the way?
>> Okay.
>> Sure.
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
>> And there.
>> Am I done?
>> Thank you.
Great job.
All right, all right.
Wait a sec, wait a sec, wait a second, wait one second,
I just remembered something.
It's Father's Day on Sunday.
Let's give thanks to all of our fathers and mothers and all
of our family and friends who came to congratulate us today.
[Applause] All right, now
that we have blown your dinner reservations.
We're going to get to the most important part.
Graduates, we have now come to the time
when the symbolic acknowledgment of your graduation
and commencement occurs.
Graduates, will you please rise facing the stage.
Now, hold on, hold on.
According to long standing academic tradition,
candidates for graduation are required to wear the tassel
on their cap on the right side.
You are now recognized as having completed the requirements
for your degree or diploma.
Conferring of your degree or diploma has been conveyed
by the President of the Board Trustees,
and you have been publically recognized by name.
As a symbol of your academic achievements,
you may now signify that you are a graduate
of Pasadena City College by moving your tassel
from the right side to your left side.
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
All right, congratulations.
[ Noise ]
Now remember, this is a good time to bring to your attention
that you have automatically become members
of the Pasadena City College Alumni Association.
And those tassels I told you about,
they have a little GPS in them, okay?
Because you guys look like you're going to be successful,
we're going to track you down, good for you.
This was also a good time to bring to your attention
that this entire ceremony has been recorded,
and can be ordered on DVD.
And lastly, we want to thank everyone who has had a hand,
we've got our great concert band, our jazz band,
everyone who helped to put this great celebration together.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
All right, final instructions, when we're marching out of here
and we're going to celebrate, with the recessional
of the graduates, we will bring to a close the formal part
of this year's commencement ceremony.
Now, please let me especially emphasize
that this is a formal recession.
Everyone in the stage is to stay in place until all of the people
on the stage, the faculty
and the graduates have completely exited the stadium.
Once the recessional has concluded, we invite all of you
to join the graduates to enjoy complementary refreshments,
live music, and to continue the celebration
of your accomplishments in the quad, they're waiting for you.
Now that the graduates and faculty are on their way
to the quad for the reception,
it is time to join the rest of them.
Thank you and good evening.
Congratulations to the Class of 2012.
[ Noise ]
[ Applause ]
[ Music ]
[ Noise ]
[ Inaudible Remark ]
[ Music ]
[ Singing ]
[ Music ]