Время, вперед! 2 серия / Time, Full Speed! film 2

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Part Two
I will repose, I'll close my eyes
to see this big world nevermore:
And they will bury me in a mountain
Where there is a lot of iron ore.
And on the mountain a plant will seal me safe:
My poor daddy, you'll look in vain
for your son's grave.
Saenko! Zagirov!
Where have you been?
What is going on?
Everyone came but you.
For shame, it gonna be a very important shift for us.
Let's go!
You missed last shift - but not today!
Hey, it's you I'm talking to.
Are you crazy?
Everyone's going to work.
Some shock workers.
Hey, come here.
Kiss my know what.
Don't be stupid, you, hooligan.
Don't you have your own head?
He's like tagging you by a rope.
Don't you offend my pal,
my bosom friend or else
I'll knock the wind out of his offenders.
- He should play off. - Gimme the money.
You should play off, use your chance.
Saenko, we'll carpet you,
we know your like.
I couldn't care less, okay.
You got me?
You should be conscientious.
Discipline means discipline,
in a Bolshevik-like way, okay, Zagirov?
- Oh, come on. - Saenko.
Hey, buddy, let's go.
- Where to? - Come on,
let's go and show what enthusiasts we are.
Right you are, guys!
- Wipe out your disgrace! - Get lost!
- Don't let us down! - Scram.
- So, will you come? - Piss off.
- I hope you'll come. - We'll come, don't worry.
Put up the samovar!
Guys, come here!
Gee, what a cute planking.
I'll now gonna try it out.
Smetana, let's do it, the two of us!
Stick to the right. Who made this planking?
- The holy ghost. - The hell I believe you.
It was your idea!
It's a parquet of a planking! We'll work with a swing now!
'Train leaving 17 p.m. I'll explain everything to you'
- I won't make it. - You will.
- No. - You will. Go!
Easy, easy!
There is a traveling circus come to sector 3.
I saw an elephant, it was gobbling hay.
And his mouth is delicate like a jug.
Oh my.
I teased it. I mean the elephant.
- I won't make it. - You will.
Kostya dear.
Why bringing a circus to a construction site?
For cultural pastime.
They better admire animals than play spot.
- As clear as that. - Yes.
And the kids will be glad, too.
Our Party cares for both kids and the working class.
Right: kids.
- I won't make it. - You will.
You must.
Because it's early morning.
It's okay.
- Early morning. - Hey.
Let's go away from here.
Hey, you sleep-heads.
- What? - Ah, here is another one.
Come on.
- When you guys have time for this? - No, please.
- Why did you come then? - Easy!
You're not the first one, nor the last one.
Don't come in, wait there.
In the face of imperialism...
Dear comrades!
We, rank-and-file
of our authoritative shift...
- Don't paw me. - ...of sector six.
We pledge in front of
international proletariat
to break a world record
upon a world record!
May reporters
from the central paper witness this:
we voice our staunch...
Stop your slogans, let's go to work.
- Hey! - How it goes, Ischenko?
It's a long story. What time is it now?
Three minutes to sharp.
Ah, the planking.
- Allocation ready? - Yep.
Catch it, Nastya!
Guys, listen to my command:
take your place, stand by your cars!
Stand by your machines!
- We need hands for gravy. - Wait!
Saenko, Zagirov!
You take care of the gravy.
Prove us you're shock workers!
Wipe out your disgrace!
What's going on?
Hi, Khanumov.
Don't 'gee' us!
We are no horses or your property.
- Stop trembling. - You refuse to work?
Where are our construction boots?
I'm not gonna lose my last pair of shoes.
We shall discuss it after the shift.
I don't have no special boots, okay.
Go to work, we shall talk after he work.
- No? - No.
Speak only on your own behalf.
I answer for both of us, right?
Yeah, we need them boots.
So, you refuse to work,
in front of the team?
Special boots!
May I end in prison...
It's not a typical phenomenon, you know.
Of course, it's just an incident.
They shoved off their shoes at the flea market.
Time's pressing.
Stop squabbling!
- Saboteurs! - Yes or no?
He's with me! Special boots!
You want make a laughing stock out of us?
You wanna screw everything
on this important day?
You've no shame.
No boots - no working.
May you choke on it!
You creep.
Wait, Stepan.
- To hell with them. - Let them go.
- Who says 'nay'? - We all say 'ay'!
Get lost! We shall discuss it tomorrow.
Time, time.
See you later, alligator!
I'm an honest guy, but he's walking away
in someone else's shoes.
- To hell with them. - Some circus.
- Let's start. - Take your places.
Let's go.
Nice gravy.
At last they bring nice gravy.
- Take your places. - Load it!
- Being in a stew? - Not yet.
The next one!
Load it.
Spare your strength.
- Too hot? - Oh yeah.
Margulies, you promised not to interfere.
You disturb our process!
Go away.
25 batches during 31 minutes.
In half an hour we may have a break.
To look at you.
Grey shoes painted white, how stupid.
Did you receive my note? I was all nerves.
Grey shoes painted white!
- Why such a rush? - Don't ask me.
I don't understand myself. I'm going crazy.
- How hot it is here! - Don't leave.
- I'll come back soon. - Why are you leaving?
...in August or September.
June, July, August, September. What time is it now?
- Five clock. - We've six minutes left.
Don't leave.
Help me with this suitcase and don't be stupid.
- How hot is here! - Don't leave.
I'll call you, I'll write letters to you.
I can call you every day.
Take a seat.
And I, too.
Let me look at you.
What's wrong? You feel bored here?
I could set you up in an American cottage.
There is a wonderful air there.
It's because of your daughter?
Klava, don't be silly.
You can bring Vera here.
What's going on?
Excuse me,
mine is the upper berth.
May I?
How things going at your sector?
We fight, we work.
25 batches in the first half an hour.
What does it mean?
It means we might make 400 batches a shift.
Glad to hear this.
Do you smoke?
Our managers don't believe it's true.
They say it's impossible.
I nearly fought them because of you guys.
Look, Klava.
A lot of kids admire living here.
They're healthy and chubby.
You can't understand: she is my child.
Vera is weak and sickly.
And the climate here is awful.
A usual continental climate.
Don't be stupid. I must take her to the seaside.
They have tickets to Gagry.
I'll take her to Gagry.
As for me...
Look what became of me.
If I don't have some rest, you know...
I'll lie on the sand...
I'll come back soon, I promise.
In September, or maybe in October.
September, October...
The train is leaving.
Non-passengers, please leave.
Let us not be melodramatic.
Sit down, my dear and only buddy.
Leave me alone.
- Tut, tut. - It's my treat.
We're no slaves, eh.
Sit down.
Wait a minute.
Go away.
And you, too.
Cover me with this cloth.
Wait, I'll have a shave.
Let go of me.
You don't look like a Tatar at all.
Hurry up there.
Hey, the baby's crying.
- For shame. - Do you understand me?
Come on.
You spoiled the picture!
Drink, Tatar.
Don't hurt my feelings.
Being squeamish?
Please, no fighting in my parlor!
Stop torturing me!
Drink, you Tatar mug!
I don't call you a Russian mug. We're equals.
No, you son of a bitch.
We aren't equals.
I bought you for a ten, bag and baggage.
You are my slave!
You dog!
I will kill you!
Dinner break
I now know what you are!
Beating a shock-worker?
You're even worse than a rabid dog!
I'll need more cement.
Seventy five.
Good evening.
Sitting here aloof to everything.
There is a story.
Our American wizard used Edison to sit like this
with his pupils, around an electric bulb.
It was going on, and they would sit and watch it.
They wondered about how long it would go on.
It meant 362 hours of sleepless sitting.
Seventy six.
You are a poet, Foma.
No, I'm an American engineer.
How do you like this: it's quite a different thing, eh.
Let's go and have a dinner, mister Edison.
Stop gazing at your bulb, or else they'll clos
the canteen. Your bulb won't go down without you,
that Lenin's bulb is shining bright:
you did a good work making it shine.
Okay, a twenty minutes' break.
Twenty minute or maybe longer.
Let's check on the moulding process first.
During dinner we can leaf through the magazines.
They've nice advertisements, everything.
The moudling process is going on all right,
go and have some grub.
Be quick: tempo, tempo!
Tell me, Foma, how much dollars do you have in the bank?
18 thousand 227 dollars and 95 cents.
Means you can buy any of these things?
And in ten years you will have 200 thousand?
What next?
You'll have two cars, two houses,
two throats, two you know what.
Is that what such a clever person was born for?
It's all your 'red propaganda', you know.
Don't dodge my question.
A bit more dollars - and you will have a new bourgeois.
I would offer you a vacation of chief engineer
in a construction company.
I've full hands here.
A good salary and a nice boss
not caring for your political sentiments.
You're a nice sport, Foma.
Stay here: we'll elect you to the city council.
We'll make you a congressman.
- I'll stay here. - I'll stay there.
Georgiy, where have you been?
Ah, showing a foreigner around?
You know what's going on here?
Margulies and his escapades!
It's not construction - it's some French revolution.
I heard about this.
Take them to the village, then come and pick me up.
Watch where you are going!
I'm on duty today: what's going on at your sector?
- What's going on? - What do you mean?
Let's go to your sector.
You're welcome to.
Foma, go to the canteen,
and buy us a dinner.
I'm all ears.
What's going on at your sector?
- What do you want to know? - The situation in your sector?
I won't have dinner again.
The situation with the plant is like this:
brickwork - 87 per cent.
- Excavation - 117 per cent. - What else?
I haven't eaten today. Treat yourself.
Candied fruit, I bought it in the canteen.
It's very yummy.
I think such experiments
with concreting can only bring harm.
The way you handle foreign machinery
is... well... risky.
I'll skip a stronger expression.
You mean sabotage?
Yes, it's an in expression today.
Do you say this to me as a duty manager?
No, as a deputy chief of construction.
- You forbid us to work? - No.
I'm against strong measures.
- So, you permit us? - Neither this nor that.
How do I take your words?
As your senior comrade I suggest you reconsider
your decision.
I don't need your advice.
I can even order you to.
I'm not going to obey your orders.
I'm only answerable before the Party.
As you please.
A monocle?
- Indeed, a monocle. - What did you say?
How queer. I say,
this idea of yours
smacks of opportunism.
Let us skip this demagogy. What else?
David, 154 batches in three hours.
- I bet on my father. - Not now.
Excuse me, but with such tempo we'll run out
- ...of cement in two hours. - Not now, Mosya. Go.
We are talking! We are busy.
Of course, I'm sorry.
- 'tis great! - Later.
- Sorry, I must go. - To get some cement?
Yes. Any questions?
No, thanks.
This Kharkov give you no peace. This is sheer
petty ambition.
It's all right with me if it helps us in our work.
I'm not against facts of ambition at my sector.
- I warned you, okay? - Yes. yes.
- Raining? - Cats and dogs.
- What? - Everything is okay.
- Tell me. - Later.
Everything is okay.
Dancing session!
Wash off the dirt! Water cannon!
Water cannon? We are short of cement!
- We can't go on! - Gee, it's slippery!
Great! Good!
Meet our hero: Margulies, sector six.
- Wash it! - Of course you this writer,
- I needn't mention his name. - Wash it off!
Pull the hose!
Flush it!
Hefty guy!
A real athlete!
Guys, come and take a shower.
It's our foreman, his wife's in labor.
People want to come here.
How many?
172 batches.
173 batches,
Do the counting.
For chrissake,
we'll need 40 barrels of 'Volsky 000'!
- 40 barrels! - And now
- Is Korneev there? - Hovering over me.
He's just come.
He's lying! I've been sticking here for over an hour!
I work by the plan.
You had your daily ration, I've no more!
First you say you have no more,
and then - presto - you have everything!
Stop your demagogy!
I'm no juggler for you!
Stop sloganizing!
You are a juggler! Because
you turn everything into a circus!
- Hi, Pierre! - Hi Jean!
You promised me a bonus for good work.
I've given out all bonuses to the best workers.
- I've no more. - Look for it better.
- You'll find some. - I said - I've no more.
- And here? - Go ahead!
All right.
If you wish, you will find it.
You wish - you find.
Working with a swing?
Some climate.
The next one!
We've run out of cement! We need the cement!
This is the last barrel!
How many?
Just silly games.
Yes. Kharkov.
Send someone to sector six.
Let them make a resistibility test.
Do it officially - a committee
and representatives of the public.
I'll come there too.
Craving for glory, eh.
The next one.
The scoop!
The next one.
The cement!
We need the cement!
No cement!
You wrote anything new, Slobodkin?
Some new poem?
Okay, listen.
Things incomprehensible to each other told:
Pal, I am just twenty against your 30 years old.
You are not a youngster, to sing about war.
Relax, my dear Kolya, Let me try once more.
Winds from all directions on the battle-scene
The clatter of the squadron, hoofs and tambourine.
On the green grass fell we from somewhere afar,
Me - a war reporter, you - a commissar.
To the left - a hill, to the right a hill,
To the left - your foot, to the right - my heel.
A saber, a revolver, in-between - a map,
On top of it - a cap.
Matches and tobacco in a rucksack torn...
Not bad.
No wonder: it's Bagritsky.
I thought 'twas you making progress.
You kidding: for two hours on end I was swearing
in the dispatcher's office.
And am doing this every blessed day.
How you doing?
I've two tickets to the circus. Let's go?
Stop! Hey!
Where have you been?
Wives come and go, and we stay.
By the way:
they'll serve pasta and steak.
- How many? - 292.
I told you it would be all right.
The next one!
The scoop!
Come on, Egor.
We beat Kharkov!
We won!
Spying on us, Khanumov?
Go ahead, write things down,
they may come in useful.
No big deal, I'll make it in good time.
The scoop!
The scoop!
They did 301!
- What? - 301!
Poor Kharkov.
- We won! - Yipe!
- Don't worry. - Yes... no...
Not to worry, we did it.
I will come.
Look lively, guys.
The last batch, guys!
Come on.
A five minutes' break!
So, do you give in the banner?
No rush, foreman.
- It will be mine. - First catch our hare.
Wow! Shura - a messenger of our victory!
I like your efficiency.
And once more it's your poor luck.
But why?
- Look here. - Okay.
Photographer, take a historic picture.
One minute.
- What about us? - Stick closer.
Say 'cheese'.
Don't try our patience.
'Kharkov's record broken...
'by workers of Kuznetskstroi...'
It must be some mistake.
'who came up with an unprecedented figure of 402'.
'And we still sitting in a galosh'.
We're too late.
Too late.
It's a shame.
Stop it, people are looking. Shame for you.
We still have time left.
What's going on, foreman?
Last time we were late with it, too.
- Lucky. - Who is lucky?
I am.
Because to command means to predict things.
No strangers here, please.
Please, leave the place.
- Relax. - Mosya.
Come on.
We shall beat Kuznetsk!
Zagirov is an honest person!
The next one!
The next one!
Zagirov is an honest person!
Come on, work.
You fool! Card-player!
Yo, fool!
Come on, fool,
to look at you!
Hey, fool!
Look lively, fool!
Spare your heels, fools!
Go, the next one!
Look lively!
No water!
No water!
No water here!
- Where is water? - Go and check.
- It's not running. - Hold this.
- What's the matter? - Who turned it off?
The water stopped running out of a sudden.
- For no reason at all. - Try once more.
Who is in charge of water?
- Once more! - Yes!
'tis some mysticism!
Damn this famous hq.
- Didn't I tell you. - Quiet.
Quiet, everybody.
- Who is in charge of water? - Semechkin.
Where is Semechkin?
Where is Semechkin?
What's all this noise about?
I'm down here.
- You in charge if water? - Yes.
- Water! - Everything is all right.
Everything is all right.
They are already installing it.
- Installing what? - The meter.
- What meter? - Water meter.
Tut, shock-workers,
you break world records and forget about economy.
It was my order.
Order about what?
To install a meter. It'll work in 40 minutes.
- We are it, guys. - It means economy.
You mean you ordered to unbolt the tubes?
Yes, means ruble economy.
Have the tubes bolted up - now!
No way. I'm in charge of the water pipe.
You fool!
You idiot! We need the water now!
No swearing, comrade Margulies.
Where are you going?
Bolt up the pipe.
First install the meter.
Put that fish down!
Bolt it up, we need the water!
- Don't do this. - Do it.
I said - no.
- Shut up, youngster! - I beg your pardon.
Do it, show some reason.
I forbid.
Have your snacks, install the meter.
What on earth is going on?
Having your snacks, eh.
There are hooligans down there.
- What's going on? - Do you know me?
You're the chief of sector six.
- Take the offender. - Which one?
- That one. - Get out.
You've no right to!
I'm a member of the emergency hq.
- Put him in the firemen's shed. - Yes, sir.
Get out, now.
I'll write about this to the local paper.
Semechkin, stop playing a fool.
I give in, in the face of violence.
Take your places!
Let's go.
- It's violence. - Let him out in an hour.
Bolt the pipes up.
We've been bogging down for fifteen minutes.
Now they won't make it.
All right, though I kept this for myself.
Connect the two levers - the one for
lifting the scoop and for taking up the water.
Ten seconds of economy per each batch.
Drink my blood, I'll beat ye all the time.
My guys are better than yours.
Load it.
Gee, a real military council.
- Indeed. - And the reporters, too.
- Nearing to the end? - The last cube.
- Well... - My signature.
And here, too.
Your signature.
- Where? - Here.
Who else?
I wish you luck.
Drop by in a week for the results.
- Long time he did this. - Meanwhile - do worry.
- Do worry, Korneev. - Don't try to bully me.
It's a normal concrete:
the water and cement proportions.
There is no reason to be pessimistic.
How your writing is going on here?
My biggest problem is to remember names.
- Did you see the dam? - The dam?
- You should see it. - Are you from the dam?
He is our chief engineer.
Oh, stop it.
Take the pictures of the best ones.
It's a Shrovetide of a work here.
- Exactly. - A carnival in Nice.
They are coming!
That bald devil!
Those devils.
- What? - 410.
Did you hear that? 410!
- Well? - Groovy!
Guys! We did beat Kharkov!
We did beat Kuznetsk!
We won!
Dear comrades!
It's midnight!
The end of the shift.
- Kill the engine! - Yes, sir!
Ischenko, catch it.
It's your day of glory today.
You broke a world record! 'tis mighty serious.
So, my congratulations.
You are a number one here for today.
- Oh, come on. - 415 batches.
You beat Kharkov and Kuznetsk
in a matter of one day! Nice figures,
the best foreman, for the time being.
A short-lived holiday, Kostya.
Catch your hare first.
Take your places!
Stand by your carts!
Take your spades!
Run the machines!
Come on!
You gonna croak like this.
You will.
What time is it now?
The canteen will open at eight.
What about a sleep?
I wish I took a good sleep.
Let's take a walk.
Just a bit.
You are a camel.
The guys are right calling you a camel.
Shura dear.
Did they give you the tickets to the circus?
No, why?
I see.
How old are you?
I am old.
Tell me.
I'm very old. I'm 36.
You're not old:
you're a youngster.
- Being sleepless? - Oh, come on.
What are you doing here?
Taking some fresh air.
You know, I do feel like a youngster.
I relive all my childhood sensations here.
Say, we are walking
among these huge objects,
noises, smokes, lights, emotions.
- But maybe you don't care. - No, I do care.
Maybe you're a poet?
And you'll write a poem for my banner?
- You're a dum-dum. - You're another one.
What do you think?
You think I don't understand? But I do.
Everything used to seem bigger,
but now you outgrow things,
I mean not a skirt or a blouse.
The whole big world seems too tight,
not the way it used to be when I was young.
You, old lady.
Of course, I'm not too old, but not young either.
Will you take me for a wife?
And you?
Based upon Valentin Kataev's novel
Directed by Michael SCHVEITZER, Sofia MILKINA
Photography by N. ARDASHNIKOV, Yu. GANTMAN
Production Designer - A. FREIDIN
Music by G. SVIRIDOV
The Cast:
Inna GULAYA as Shura Soldatova
Tamara SEMINA as Olya Tregubova
Serghei YURSKY as Margulies
Leonid KURAVLEV as Korneev
A. YANVAREV as Ischenko N. FEDORTSOV as Smetana
R. MURATOV as Zagirov V. ZOBIN as Mosya
T. LAVROVA as Klava Ye. KOPELYAN as Nalbandov
Yu. VOLYNTSEV as the writer I. YASULOVICH as Vinkich
V. SERGACHEV as Semechkin Thomas BIGSBY as - B. Oya
V. SEMENOV as Sigov B. YURCHENKO as Filonov
Ye. KHARITONOV as Slobodkin
Translated by Svetlana Kormashova